Vol. 37 Issue 5

Oct 19, 2018

From the Editors

As the seasons change, so must the music I spend my day with. Not every song has a season, but the most

affecting ones are impossible for me to separate from

particular times of year. It doesn’t have to have anything

to do with the weather—Kate Bush’s chilly “Wuthering Heights” is about as summer a song as it gets, with a soaring chorus made for July nights.


It can be obvious—the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” is platonic spring—but it isn’t always easy to figure out what season a song falls into. Is Ornette Coleman’s furtive, slick “Peace” the dead of winter or the very last days of May? It’s all subjective, but once I pin a song down, it becomes gospel truth and no one can tell me different. So while the fall air stings my face more and more every day, I’ll stay warm and let Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” guide my way.

– BB


To Be a Composer is Not Enough

The life and music of Julius Eastman

Arts, Oct 19 2018

by Julian Fox

The last known recording of composer Julius Eastman is his performance in 1981 of an original song cycle entitled “Taking Refuge …


On Being Human

Vignettes in healthcare mismanagement

Body, Oct 19 2018

by Christine Huynh

Case Study #1: Pills for Stomach Aches It is almost six o’clock when Ms. A finds her heels dragging themselves lifelessly …


Zoo (Dystopia)

A walk through the Roger Williams Zoo

Features, Oct 19 2018

by Jesse Barber

I have been dreaming about seeing a Snow Leopard. My infatuation with animals started before I was born, when my brother …


My Professor told me that since the Beginning of Time Humanity has been concerned about Daisy

This Poem Has Been Written Before on october 2018 in the united states of america

Literary, Oct 19 2018

by Marly Toledano

Don’t sing love songs, you’ll wake my mother She’s sleeping here right by my side And in her right hand a …


Literary, Oct 19 2018

by Ben Bienstock

I remember when I was Boy and mother was Mother Bells chimed at noontime on streets made asphalt sang songs it …


A Life for a Life

Kristen’s Law and the pitfalls of criminalization

Metro, Oct 19 2018

by Katrina Northrop

On different days, in different Rhode Island towns, Sue Coutu and Anthony Hollins both picked up the phone to the news …


The Face of Fascism

Brazil’s presidential election heads for disaster

News, Oct 19 2018

by Gabriela Naigeborin

content warning: political violence, racism, classism, misogyny, sexual violence, homophobia, transphobia, death, torture Public statements made by Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the …

Week in Stunts

News, Oct 19 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Matthew Mellea & Liby Hays

ACCIDENTAL ALTERCATIONS In a dramatic reveal last Wednesday, Rhode Island’s very own Joe Trillo acknowledged that yes, okay, he may have …

Science & Technology

A Recruit Reads the Fine Print

What does it mean to “change the world” in tech?

Science & Technology, Oct 19 2018

by Jessica Dai

content warning: ICE, policing Job recruiting season at universities is a special circle of hell. Each fall, tech, finance, and consulting …

Weed It and Weep

Monsanto, herbicides, and the corporatization of US agriculture

Science & Technology, Oct 19 2018

by Kayli Wren

“We’ve got to turn back 50, 60 years of the way we’re doing agriculture. But it can be done, and I …

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