Vol. 37 Issue 4

Oct 05, 2018

From the Editors

Men of a certain Age, say, the Enlightenment, have often mentioned that certain activities, like sitting on a hillside or eating a small tart, “free the mind to wander.” I want my mind to wander, too, because I feel bogged down by something, and I think maybe it’s the troubles of language. My time and effort spent searching for signs in every word or sentence seems to be getting a bit excessive, and I find myself longing for some opacity—which I think might achieve by giving up this impulse of interpretation.

Yesterday, someone pointed to a sentence that read “the swan is a bitch” and pointed in my direction. It was difficult not to interpret this gesture as an association between myself and the bitch-swan. But in the end, my new strategy saved me some pain. And maybe I will be a swan for Halloween—I have a long neck and so all I really have to do is wear a white dress.

Now, I look at my left palm and, moving from right to left, fold down my pinky, then hold it while I do the same to my ring finger, then my pointer and finally my thumb. But without my intention, my middle finger can only twitch and squirm in its wilting state.

– IR


We Don't Live in That Kind of World

Revisiting Thelma and Louise in the second “Year of the Woman”

Arts, Oct 05 2018

by Mara Dolan & Mia Pattillo

content warning: sexual violence Last week, we hosted a dozen women at our house for a screening of Thelma and Louise. …


Fight to Table

A Pittsburgh international eatery and its politics

Body, Oct 05 2018

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

Dawn Weleski is a Pittsburgher. She talks fast and with a purpose, was “raised on pierogis and pulaski noodles,” and has …



The Burden of Proof

Dr. Ford, #MeToo, and what we ask from survivors

Features, Oct 05 2018

by Tiara Sharma

content warning: sexual assault There were moments in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s questioning last week when I had to close my …

Our Kind of People

Crazy Rich Asians and diasporic representation

Features, Oct 05 2018

by Audrey Therese Buhain

There’s a particular moment in Jon M. Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians that has left me unsettled for the past few days. …



Hotsauce, Honey, and Jam

Metro, Oct 05 2018

by Alina Kulman

It’s the Saturday night championship game for the Providence Roller Derby League, and excitement is running high. “Hips Don’t Lie” by …

The Price of Freedom

One bill’s attempt to reform bail in the Rhode Island Judiciary

Metro, Oct 05 2018

by Ivy Scott

“No human being should be in jail because they don’t have $150,” said Michael DiLauro, Deputy Public Defender of the state …


Week In Denmark

News, Oct 05 2018

by Sarah Clapp, Julia Rock & Liby Hays

BRICK BY BRICK Conservationists keen on toy block reconstructions of Death Stars and Taj Mahals can finally rejoice: Lego is ditching …

Yankees Go Home

US approaches to the Venezuelan crisis

News, Oct 05 2018

by Maya Dayan

“America stands with every person living under a brutal regime,” claimed President Trump in his proclamation declaring National Hispanic Heritage Month …

Science & Technology

War Of Performance

Spectatorship and combat in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Science & Technology, Oct 05 2018

by Miles Guggenheim

This summer, in Kazan, Russia, France’s veteran striker Antoine Griezmann stepped up to the penalty spot to score the first goal …


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