Vol. 36 Issue 8

Apr 06, 2018

From the Editors

I romanticize air travel far too much. When I'm slogging through school and work, I fantasize about the departure and arrival screens listing countless distant cities I may never get to see, the microscopic white waves breaking in slow motion from miles above the ocean's surface, the allure of going somewhere far enough that you have to hurtle through the atmosphere in a vaguely bird-shaped metal capsule to get there.

In reality, of course, flights are rituals of discomfort and humiliation, from the heartlessness of security and customs lines to the chilly, dry air that seems to make everyone uglier the moment they set foot on the plane. Waiting to board a delayed early morning flight back to Providence last week, I deliriously ordered a double-stacked cheeseburger and 24-ounce cold brew for breakfast, both of which I forced myself to consume to the point of nausea in the terminal—I'd spent too much money on them both to let them go to waste.

This week, I'm happy to stay within the bounds of where my feet can take me.

– JA


Night of the Four Moons

Crumb, Lorca, and Harmony with Space

Arts, Apr 06 2018

by Seamus Flynn

Every US president since the 1970s has announced some new plan to send humans back into space. Besides ‘inspiring millions,’ those …

Irona Pop

The strange popularity of Randy Newman

Arts, Apr 06 2018

by Ben Bienstock

I think it’s going to rain today The lyric might be understood any number of ways. Though the promise of rain …


Grave Goods

The possessions of the passed

Body, Apr 06 2018

by Eve Zelickson

Last month I called my grandma hoping to plan a trip up to Gladstone, Michigan to visit her for Easter. At …



White Dreams and Soiled Memories

Features, Apr 06 2018

by Jorge Palacios

content warning: sexual violence I walk outside and am met with morning dew in the grass and morning crust in my …



Literary, Apr 06 2018

by Emerson Tenney

My slanted strides put pressure forward Air in the space where we fog (our windows) collapsing downhill Letter paper folds over …


Who Counts?

The end-to-end census test in Providence County

Metro, Apr 06 2018

by Julia Rock

It is no small task to count the nearly 326 million people who live in the United States and its territories. …

Leaving the Dungeon

Rhode Island sex workers and the prospect of a union

Metro, Apr 06 2018

by Katrina Northrop

The one-story wood framed building, located just a few blocks from the Rhode Island State House, used to be home to …


Week in Facebook

News, Apr 06 2018

by Julia Rock & Graham Straus

Analog Apology Much to the surprise of everyone, Mark Zuckerberg apologized to humanity last week for the harm he has caused …

Strike While the Iron is Hot

The Oklahoma Education Association and the fight for a livable wage

News, Apr 06 2018

by Kion You

On Monday, April 2, an estimated 30,000 Oklahoma public school teachers converged on the Oklahoma Capitol, coinciding with a walkout that …

Science & Technology

In the Mind of the Mall

Consumer mazes, online and off

Science & Technology, Apr 06 2018

by Emma Kofman

I got lost trying to go see what it’s like to get lost in an American mall—the hallmark of teen movies, …


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