Vol. 35 Issue 7

Nov 03, 2017

From the Editors

She told me: you remind me of my daughter. She told me: clean a wool coat with ice cold water. She sat outside of East Side Market, not so much asked me as told me to watch her things. She walked into the liquor store, ostensibly in search of an ATM. She came out with two nips, one of which she downed in front of me, immediately afterwards informing me that she is developing an allergy to alcohol that causes discomfort in her gut and bowels. Then she passed me the other one with the gruff sentiment, “I bought two, I drank one, here’s yours.”

She has beautiful wool coats and is on her way to a condo in Orlando that her sister owns, her sister that owns many condos (but none in Rhode Island). She gave me a candle when I got off the bus—the fancy trolleylike one—and it turned into the lot and we looked at each other like, “It’s happening, drink your nip sister,” and said something that I can’t quite remember. What she said was something along the lines of, “Bless You. Bless this Day. Bless the Moment that We Met. My Daughter is Particular about her Father, you are Particular about Everything, and I Love You.” It reminded me eerily of when I was in a car crash last week, and the first responder picked up the broken side mirror saying, “Let’s clean this up so no dog or Christian cuts their foot on it.”

– MB


The Art of Flower Power

Visual appropriation during the Vietnam War

Arts, Nov 03 2017

by Zak Nguyen

In the late 1960s, American poet Allen Ginsberg developed the idea of Flower Power in his essay “Demonstration or Spectacle as …



PrEP Failure

Drugs and stigma in the ‘post-AIDS’ era

Features, Nov 03 2017

by Mitchell Johnson

content warning: homophobia, racism In February of this year, several media outlets picked up a story about a gay man in …


Pissed Pants Academy

Literary, Nov 03 2017

by Liby Hays

It was the day I met Paula Abdul on an airplane, and she was very beautiful, very glamorous, and she was …


Edges and Borders

New luxury student housing on Canal Street

Metro, Nov 03 2017

by Ella Comberg

Rhode Island is building. New residential projects are popping up all over the state, but the bulk of development is concentrated …

Bringing It Home

Rosa Parks’ house for public history and political action

Metro, Nov 03 2017

by Kerrick Edwards & Erin West

content warning: racism, police violence This coming March, Providence will become a home for a memorial to one of the most …


Week in Royalty

News, Nov 03 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel, Sydney Anderson & Liz Cory

Purple Reign This week’s saddening use of zeugma ([zoog-ma] noun: a figure of speech in which a word applies to two …

Chronicle of a Fraud Foretold

The dilemmas and pitfalls of voting in Venezuela’s rigged elections

News, Nov 03 2017

by Oriana van Praag

"You have a house, and you know there are thieves around. If the thieves are going to break into your house, …

Science & Technology

Five Movies on Small Screens

Science & Technology, Nov 03 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Rear Window (1955) University Building Auditorium I saw this for class. We were supposed to think about the male gaze and …


Super Like

X, Nov 03 2017

by Fabiola Millan


X, Nov 03 2017

by Nicole Cochary

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