Vol. 35 Issue 6

Oct 26, 2017

From the Editors

It’s Halloween, and our landlords are ghosting us. Our texts/emails about cracks/leaks are heading straight into the ether. We can’t help thinking it’s our fault for signing a lease on some real cosmic baggage. Everyone’s talking about haunted houses these days (see page nine), but what about our creaky threebedrooms, haunted by the three-year-old tahini a previous tenant decided to inter in the pantry? Here are some ghost stories to give you goosebumps before you turn on the heat in November:

1. One of us is still sleeping on the mattress of our roommate’s ex. We know, we know, convoluted. A week ago, a strong wind blew the bathroom window into the toilet. The spooky symbolism of windows and commodes indicates that we need to reflect, cleanse, and let go of some stuff. Sorry spirits!

2. One day over the summer, the man living in the room above one of us pushed his dresser just a little too hard against an exposed pipe by the wall. The pipe burst, unleashing the Niagara Falls from the corner between ceiling and wall and directly onto our bed. We then had recurring dreams about a strange woman appearing in the room and insisting we leave the house for our safety.

3. The person who used to own our building was a plastic surgeon. We assume his practice was a little sloppy because he left a surgeon’s chair in the closet. Last week, when our hot roommate was washing his soft, pristine hands, the ceiling caved in. We feel bad for the botched surgery ghosts, and promise to get uglier roommates. 



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