Vol. 35 Issue 5

Oct 20, 2017

From the Editors

When I told a friend about my new job as a queer archivist this week, she noted that archives seem to be a Hot New Queer Thing. Perhaps this title is a depressing oxymoron which dooms the practice, but it’s undeniable that archives are IN. She’s not wrong, but despite my shamefully trendy aspirations I actually am more a librarian than an archivist. As such, my days are now spent largely skimming dusty boxes of queer novels double my age, professionally ‘judging by covers.’

These boxes contain overwhelming, gooey, sloppy, restorative camp: an epic about an alternate universe ruled by lesbian forest elves where dance is currency; tales of the undying demigod sons of Aphrodite who walk the streets of the ’70s village cruising… for prey; a story of a gay detective who teams up with his archeologist boyfriend to bust a pollution conspiracy lead by an alien CEO. There is much to be said of the value of queer camp, and after one month on the job I am not qualified to say much of it. Still, even for those of us who haven’t read Sontag or Isherwood, the radical and healing potential of not taking ourselves seriously will quickly become apparent after an hour in the company of some trans cyborgs and a queer serial killer or two.

– ZK


After Warhol

Expanding curating practices at the RISD Museum

Arts, Oct 20 2017

by Marly Toledano

In contemporary depictions of museum, galleries are often conceived of as very sterile spaces. Manicured white walls like those at New …



Sound and then Fury

The azaan in the Islamophobic West

Features, Oct 20 2017

by Sheena Raza Faisal

In a video posted on Twitter on September 13, White Woman A stares wide-eyed into her selfie-cam. The azaan plays loudly …

El Pueblo Unido

Lessons from the Chilean student movement

Features, Oct 20 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: police brutality Santiago de Chile, 2013. I clearly remember the first time I was arrested: it was a day …


Reading Comprehension

Literary, Oct 20 2017

by Kasturi Pananjady

Inspired by Arundhati Roy content warning: sexual harassment A Note to a Safety Presentation by a Commissariat de Police de Paris …


Spaghetti Masala

Learning (from) recipes

Metabolics, Oct 20 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

I’m planning to make a batch of dal this weekend. The fall weather in Providence makes me want to stir something …


Unidos por Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican efforts in Rhode Island after Hurricane Maria

Metro, Oct 20 2017

by Mariela Pichardo

Belen Florez’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing last Tuesday. Nearly every five minutes, the screen of the cordless phone of JP Foley …

Mt. Hope is Pokanoket

Metro, Oct 20 2017

by Students, Alumni for Po Metacom Camp & the Progressive Student Organization

TheIndependentreceived this joint statement by Students and Alumni for Po Metacom Camp (SAPMC) and the Providence chapter of the Progressive Student …


Week in Bittersweet Bites

News, Oct 20 2017

by Signe Swanson, Anna Hundert & Julia Tompkins

A Star Dies in “Holy Wood” Hugh Hefner is dead. He died of chronic old age on September 27 at the …

Emerging Borders

Independence struggles in Kurdistan and Catalonia

News, Oct 20 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

In the weeks leading up to the October 1 Catalonian vote on the region’s independence, tens of thousands of people flooded …

Science & Technology

Treat with Respect

Paths towards recovery in Rhode Island's opioid epidemic

Science & Technology, Oct 20 2017

by Nora Gosselin

content warning: drug-related death, addiction Say you’re locked in a room with a glass of water. The water has a small …


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