Vol. 35 Issue 3

Sep 29, 2017

From the Editors

This morning I rode a motorcycle for the first time. Rode, not drove—less empowering, still liberating, thanks to the way fast wind feels on skin. The late night motor gangs parading down Thayer may have hurt the vehicle’s cred around here, but if you ignore toxic masculinity, something euphoric persists: adrenaline, speed, open air. A thrilling dilemma: wear a cyborg-like helmet or face the possibility of death.

Motorcycles may deserve more than a rubbernecker’s glance, but meanwhile other forms of transportation made headlines this week. The Mayor of London banned Uber—a beacon of hope that governments can hold corporations accountable for their flouting of regulations and degradation of labor. Saudi Arabia reversed its ban on women driving—a beacon of hope for women whose position as passenger has long stymied their salary and independence.

In our own Rhode Island, RIPTA and the Rhode Island Division of Planning partnered to launch a series of public workshops this week on “long-term transportation strategies”—in particular, investment in selfdriving cars by 2040.

Personally, I’d prefer to look like a cyborg than be driven by one. Rev up, comrades.


– ID


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Science & Technology


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