Vol. 35 Issue 2

Sep 22, 2017

From the Editors

When a storm is on its way, I can tell from the dull ache I get in the bones that I broke in my left wrist in the mountains a couple of years ago when no one told me that the altitude fucks you up. I’ve been able to sense the exact percentage of humidity in the air, too, with the help of half-mullet. The weather app lies but my bones and half-mullet sure don’t. When the short layer of my hair reaches a particular angle in relation to the long layer, I know that water will be dripping from the bottom of my car, forming a puddle that I will have to put my face into to make sure my car is more a cloud than a volcano or something.

Someone asked me yesterday, “This really seems like a lot of hurricanes, right? More than usual?”

My response is, I do not know but I probably won’t stick my face into my next car puddle. Instead, I’ll try to find a different set of four songs to listen to on a loop for the next few weeks and think about the many hundreds of valedictorians who can’t win at powerball.

– FA


Digital Inheritance

Identity and imagery in the blue light of nostalgia

Arts, Sep 22 2017

by Theia Flynn & Annabelle Chace

ON THE VISUAL IMPACT OF THE E-CARD “Having a great time, wish you were wired!” “Traveling the Net? Miss your buddies …



The Naked Dead

How the Haitian zombie was stripped of its meaning

Features, Sep 22 2017

by Marielle Burt

content warning: slavery, racial violence, sexual violence “Your grandmother has always operated by her own logic.” This is how my father …



No Apologies

Following Representative Moira Walsh's path to the Capitol

Metro, Sep 22 2017

by Caroline Sprague

The Rhode Island General Assembly’s youngest Representative—26 year-old Moira Jayne Walsh—thinks her colleagues have it all wrong when they avoid canvassing …

Keeping Time

Changes at the RI Historical Society

Metro, Sep 22 2017

by Kanika Gupta

Phoebe Bean walked past the library on 121 Hope Street in Providence every day while attending Brown University, yet never had …


Week in the Home of the Whopper

News, Sep 22 2017

by Julia Petrini, Eve Zelickson & Jack Brook

Burger Kremlin? Step aside, loyalty cards. Cryptocurrencies are set to revolutionize reward programs by enabling trading of one’s accumulated assets online. …

Spreading Sanctuary

Queer refugees and the LGBTQ+ asylum process

News, Sep 22 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: anti-queer and trans violence, torture. There is no clear sense of when the raids began. Human Rights Watch suggests …



On radiation, migration, and remembrance

Occult, Sep 22 2017

by Jessica Jiang

content warning: cancer, state violence My mother has a list of rules. Never drink soy milk (the estrogen might interfere with …

Science & Technology

Silk on the Brain

On biotechnology, poetry, and worms

Science & Technology, Sep 22 2017

by Paige Parsons

The domesticated silkworm, bombyx mori, has become more human than its wild counterparts: its silken cocoon inflated to be more lucrative …

Behind the Bag Ban

A look at reusing and recycling in RI environmental policy

Science & Technology, Sep 21 2017

by Ted Catlin

This past spring, two communities in Rhode Island, Newport and Middletown, banned single-use plastic bags. Both bans were passed unanimously by …



X, Sep 22 2017

by Jie En Lee

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