Vol. 35 Issue 1

Sep 15, 2017

From the Editors

This summer, we were reminded that a lot can happen in the blink of an eye. It seems like we can’t even get up and put coffee on without discovering Ted Cruz’s porn preferences. A Scaramucci: a period of more than a week, but less than a fortnight. There is life before, and then there is life after; every day we feel like we lose a piece of ourselves, like Microsoft Paint (RIP). 

Over the summer, the Village Voice, an alt-weekly printed and distributed in New York City for over 60 years, announced that it would no longer publish its print edition. The decision came on the tail of over a decade of its weekly peers—largely free, and often with a healthy dose of political skepticism—shuttering, from the Boston Phoenix to Baltimore’s City Paper. For 27 years, the Indy has been humbled by their example. We’ll always believe in the weekly: every week, thoughtfully keeping pace; every week, keeping watch; and every week, a little rarer.



Swimming Through Emotional Worlds

A Conversation with Rachel Glaser

Arts, Sep 15 2017

by Anna Hundert

Rachel B. Glaser is the author of the short story collection Pee on Water (2010), the novel Paulina & Fran (2015) …

An Artist's Contract

Visions toward a more just art economy

Arts, Sep 15 2017

by Jack Manoogian

On May 17th, New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s piece Untitled was bought at auction for $110.5 million. The painting, sold at …



Blood Burden

Pursuing justice for all menstruating bodies

Features, Sep 15 2017

by Mara Dolan

content warning: sexual assault, incarceration, anti-trans violence The tampon tax will not die. In 2015, when President Obama was asked by …


Poems from the Series Postcards for Mira

Literary, Sep 15 2017

by Marly Toledano

“It’s 8:54 a.m. in Brooklyn it’s the 26th of July and it’s probably 8:54 in Manhattan but I’m in Brooklyn” -Ted …


Pins Over Needles

Radical acupuncture in the Bronx and Providence

Metabolics, Sep 15 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

The year 1970 marked the height of a heroin epidemic in the United States. The drug detoxification program at Lincoln Hospital …


The Right to Identify

An upcoming municipal ID program in Providence

Metro, Sep 15 2017

by Katrina Northrop

Entering a public library, opening a bank account, accessing government social services: to many, these processes seem simple. Carrying a card …

Defending DACA

Metro, Sep 15 2017

by Marianna McMurdock, Katrina Northrop & Saanya Jain

What you need to know: On September 5, 2017, President Trump announced his decision to phase out Deferred Action for Childhood …


Week in Lifestyle Improvement

News, Sep 15 2017

by Soraya Ferdman, Eve Zelickson & Nora Gosselin

Aw Shucks Since when has keeping up with the internet age meant automating oyster consumption? I don’t know. But apparently it …

The Storm on the Ground

Local and national reporting on Hurricane Harvey

News, Sep 15 2017

by Isabel DeBre & Chris Packs

Before Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25, panic descended on the Texas coast. “There was a really nasty rumor going around …

Science & Technology

Hard Coding

DNA, digital storage, and the matter of memory

Science & Technology, Sep 15 2017

by Jonah Max

The world is beset by a global hunger for memory. SD memory cards, solid state drives, CD-ROMs, reels of magnetic tape—these …


False Dogs

X, Sep 15 2017

by Liby Hays

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