Vol. 34 Issue 10

Apr 21, 2017

From the Editors

Historically, the Indy has been funded by Brown University. Recently, the undergraduate financial oversight board threatened to dissolve its commitment to the printing and distribution of this paper, along with all of other print publications funded by the university.

Brown University is a privately held, multi-million dollar, tax-exempt institution. There is little that holds brown accountable to the Providence community, but we think this paper is a little sliver of that puzzle. We will not let this paper go out of print and we’ve been heartened to know that Indy alums have felt the blow with us.

We love you, we love Providence, and we love this paper.



The Corner of the Beach

Bridging a gap in narrative tactics

Arts, Apr 21 2017

by Anna Bonesteel

Question Watch the following segment for bullshit. Experiment 1A There is a new corner of the beach at the elbow of …


Toe Tags

Ephemera, Apr 21 2017

by Indy Staff

(to our readers: this might look better in the web PDF— find it here!) …


Bad Blood

Haiti and the mythology of AIDS

Features, Apr 21 2017

by Andrew Deck

The Windward Passage spans the distance between Port-au-Prince and Santiago de Cuba. It’s the strait left between the islands of Cuba …

A Spellbound Semester

Race and identity as a Brown girl at a Black college

Features, Apr 21 2017

by Kali Ridley

The professor of my Survey of African-American Music course faced the wall and played the saxophone for the first 10 minutes …

Wearing Your Politics

On fashion as political expression

Features, Apr 23 2017

by Shavon Bell

Confession: when listening to TLC’s hit 1992 song, “Hat 2 Da Back”, I too, often turn my hat 2 da back. …



Small Town Saint

Not much to see, but what you hear makes up for it

Metabolics, Apr 21 2017

by Eve Zelickson

The sky over Downtown Escanaba is the same color as the sidewalk: a perfect match, so that whether you walk with …


Shakespeare (In the City)

How theater is bringing Providence schools together

Metro, Apr 21 2017

by Kion You

In 2008, Martha Douglas-Osmundson and her 14-year-old daughter traveled to London, excited to immerse themselves in London’s theater scene. They watched …


Week in the Munchies

News, Apr 21 2017

by Zack Kligler, Julia Tompkins, Jamie & Chris Packs

KIDDIE MEAL It was 7PM, supper had come and gone, and our hero’s tummy had the rumblies, the phantom taste—his favorite …

Indivisible Labor

Vermont’s migrant farmworkers organize for justice

News, Apr 21 2017

by Piper French

content warning: xenophobia, violent death Patricio Hernandez, Pato for short, lives and works on a dairy farm that sits just off …


Real Black Magic

Reclaiming Black indigenous spirituality

Occult, Apr 21 2017

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber

Black Girl Magic is more than a prominent Black Twitter hashtag, popularized in 2013. It is a real and growing movement …

Science & Technology

Something's Gotta Give

The impending writers' strike and the problem with peak TV

Science & Technology, Apr 21 2017

by Noah Ezer

“West Board and East Council voted unanimously to move forward with a strike authorization vote,” begins television producer, director, and writer …


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