Vol. 34 Issue 8

Apr 07, 2017

From the Editors

Last week, I accidentally booked an 11:20PM flight instead of one at 11:20AM. But I'm not the only one who’s been having airplane trouble this week. Two 15-year-old girls were kicked off a United flight last Friday for wearing leggings (#LeggingGate). More seriously, Qatar Airways started lending laptops to business class passengers following the US and UK’s laptop ban on flights from some Middle East airports. I’m not exactly clear on how moving a potential explosive to the underbelly of a plane solves the problem, but at least some have been able to make light of the new laptop regulations. Royal Jordanian Air recently tweeted:

        “Every week a new ban

        Travel to the U.S. since you can

        We are now poets because of you son

        No one can ruin our in-flight fun

        We have good tips for everyone”

Luckily, I will be keeping my feet on the ground for the forseeable future.

– SJ


Black Faces, White Spaces

Reflections on Dana Schutz's Open Casket

Arts, Apr 07 2017

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber

content warning: anti-Black violence On a gray and rainy Tuesday, I decided to make the pilgrimage from my home in Brooklyn …

Beneath Your Bootsoles

Feeling backward at New York City's AIDS Memorial

Arts, Apr 07 2017

by Lisa Borst

content warning: queerphobia Under the pavement at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 12th Street in Manhattan’s West Village, leading to …



Ephemera, Apr 07 2017

by Ethan East

Dear Indy...

Ephemera, Apr 07 2017

by P

I am hopelessly in love with a neoliberal. All of my woke friends disapprove... but something inside is telling me that …


Farm to Bargaining Table

The farmworker fight against exploitation by fast food

Features, Apr 07 2017

by Mitchell Johnson & Erin West

“Wendy’s, escucha la voz del pueblo porque nosotros somos el pueblo y nosotros demandamos justicia,” farmworker Lupe Gonzalo announced to a …


the girls who will train you

Literary, Apr 07 2017

by Signe Swanson

have red nails and paws. have straight hair and red aprons. are getting married. are twenty two. dropped out of beauty …



Dominique Pariso

Metabolics, Apr 07 2017

by Kela Johnson

Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was an early eco-goth. The erotics of the vampire—of men who stalk virginal women—was buried …


Running out of Shore

The future of Providence's seaport

Metro, Apr 07 2017

by Patrick Orenstein

While the presidential election dominated media coverage on November 8, 2016, another item on the ballot in Rhode Island had potential …

In Pursuit of a Living Wage

When working hard isn't enough

Metro, Apr 07 2017

by Jack Brook

Marcia Ranglin-Vassell knows what it’s like to struggle to provide for herself and her family on a minimum wage salary. A …


Week in High School

News, Apr 07 2017

by Sam Samore, Josh Kurtz & Brionne Frazier

LET GRANDMA GO TO PROM Prom is an eternal category, cutting across boundaries of time and space. Prom has no age. …

Politics Down Under

Renegotiating Australian-Chinese Partnerships

News, Apr 07 2017

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

On Tuesday, March 28, after weeks of warming relations with The People’s Republic of China, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull abruptly …

Science & Technology

Chemtrails Over the State House

Objectivity and conspiracy in environmentalist discourses

Science & Technology, Apr 07 2017

by Chris Packs

“Rhode Island is a sovereign republic within the United States of America, they can’t just spray stuff in the sky over …


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