Vol. 34 Issue 3

Feb 17, 2017

From the Editors

It's copy.

The room is disgusting. Beer, sweat and bodily fluids flow as freely as bad puns for headlines and sappy week in reviews.

250 spelling errors have already been missed (points if you find them all!) Blundstorms and Doc Maartens are ubiquitous. Does it smell weirdly of bleach here?

This is our resignation letter.



In Defense of My Dead Clown

And why it is hidden (with permission) in an unopened box in a janitor's closet somewhere on campus

Arts, Feb 17 2017

by Mitsy Albumen

content warning: racism, death, gore I will tell my story as truthfully as possible. I can in no way justify my …




Negotiating time in the clinic

Features, Feb 17 2017

by Julia Tompkins

In February 2015, seven months before his death, the late neurologist and author Oliver Sacks published an essay in the New …



Holding Firm

On the history of custard

Metabolics, Feb 17 2017

by Juan Patrick Soto

The Basics The first flan I ever ate was served with a glass of Pepsi. The grown-ups had coffee and my …


Something More Than Money

A community against Achievement First expansion

Metro, Feb 17 2017

by Marianna McMurdock

In the courtyard that joins Classical and Central High Schools off Westminster Street, Classical student and Providence Student Union activist Jayleen …

Curb Alert

Metro, Feb 17 2017

by Lisa Borst


Week in X-Files

News, Feb 17 2017

by Patrick McMenamin, Chris Packs & Sam Samore

THE DA VINCI POD At a time when it looks like so many fundamental American institutions are at risk, perhaps we …

Attorneys in General

The Attorney General's role in Civil Rights

News, Feb 17 2017

by Piper French

In 1986, then US Attorney for the southern district of Alabama, Jeff Sessions lost out on a judgeship for the US …


Glass Coffins

Body Worlds in the twilight of storytelling

Occult, Feb 17 2017

by Robin Manley

“Love-hate for the body colors the whole of modern culture. The body is scorned and rejected as something inferior, enslaved, and …

Science & Technology

Caring for the Degenerating Brain

Barriers to addressing Alzheimer’s disease in Rhode Island

Science & Technology, Feb 17 2017

by Liz Cory & Anna Xu

In 1994, former president Ronald Reagan was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease characterized by memory and language impairments that …


Foul Comix

X, Feb 17 2017

by Jack Lawler

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