Vol. 34 Issue 1

Feb 03, 2017

From the Editors

Hi there. Welcome back. Hope you're staying warm.

We here at The Indy, 65 staffers strong, like to term ourselves an alternative weekly, or an alt-weekly for short. This format has a long, proud history, and we feel good about being a part of that. Some of us enjoy alternative rock; alternatively, some of us boogie to alternative dance. What we don't jibe with are the 'alternative facts' being peddled by the so-called alt-right.

As you flip through, expect no misinformation. Find something? Give us a ring. Or send us a letter. We'll keep our phone lines free!



Electronic Disturbance at the Border

The aestheticization of immigrant rights

Arts, Feb 03 2017

by Joshua Kurtz

Last week, President Trump signed several executive orders that significantly expanded the authority of immigrations officers, banned Muslim immigrants and refugees …

Back in the Culture Wars

On the potential defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts

Arts, Feb 03 2017

by Ryan Rosenberg & Will Weatherly

Less than 24 hours before Inauguration Day, an unnamed source told The Hill that Donald Trump’s transition team had already been …



Marching Toward Inclusivity

Can we have a Women’s March for everyone?

Features, Feb 03 2017

by Roksana Borzouei & Julia Tompkins

“We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us,” reads the Mission Statement for …

Getting Closer

Changing feminisms on a Virginia 'Commune'

Features, Feb 03 2017

by Erin West

It’s 9:00 AM in Virginia. The sun has just started to dry the dewy fields of Twin Oaks, an income-sharing intentional …



The People's Champion

An interview with Dave Zirin

Metabolics, Feb 03 2017

by Colin Kent-Daggett

Dave Zirin is a sportswriter at the Nation, whose work can also be found at the blog Edge of Sports. He …


Rise Up

Providence responds to the inauguration

Metro, Feb 03 2017

by Piper French

On January 21, just after 1 PM, residents from across Rhode Island gathered in front of the State Capitol in response …

Finding Refuge

A new model delivers healthcare and perhaps more

Metro, Feb 03 2017

by Saanya Jain

Omar Bah ran through the Gambian night. Echoes of soldiers shouting and dogs barking came from every direction. The memory of …


Week in Interpretive Resistance

News, Feb 03 2017

by Sam Samore, Pia Mileaf-Patel & Jamie Packs

PUNCH A NAZI, TAZE A COP? There may be many occasions in the coming four years where it seems fitting to …

A Nation, Divided

On executing Trump's unconstitutional immigration ban

News, Feb 03 2017

by Roksana Borzouei

Nisrin Elamin, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University and a Sudanese citizen who holds a green card, boarded a plane back …



Outcroppings from the botanical margin

Occult, Feb 03 2017

by Lance Gloss

Ashes to ashes—all dead in there? I’m at the Brown University Herbarium. Working. Looking at some specimens—dead plants, really. One hundred …

Science & Technology

Skeletons in the Water

The health of Earth's oceans

Science & Technology, Feb 03 2017

by Fatima Husain

Earth’s oceans are much like human bodies. In the quest to maintain homeostasis, our bodies and oceans strive to resolve any …


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