Vol. 33 Issue 8

Nov 11, 2016

The Indy Stands in Solidarity

This Tuesday, the United States elected Donald J. Trump as its 45th president. Many people—though not most—voted in support of his …


A Distance From The Moon

Coded empathy in Moonlight and American Honey

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Will Weatherly

Early in the film Moonlight, released this past week, a young boy named Chiron asks his mentor Juan how he can …

Performing Intimacy

A conversation with Rashaun Mitchell

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Zack Kligler

As Rashaun Mitchell speaks to me over the phone I can make out below his voice the faint familiar hum of …



The Good Death

Reframing the burden of medical death in America

Features, Nov 11 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

cw: racial violence and erasure The Order of the Good Death was formed in Los Angeles in January 2011, by the …



Who Sets the Table?

Food infrastructure and food justice in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 11 2016

by Joshua Kurtz & Sylvia Brown

A few hundred feet from Brown University’s boathouse in India Point Park is the future site of EatDrinkRI’s Central Market, a …

An Interview With Governor Gina Raimondo

On her politics and priorities, past and present

Metro, Nov 11 2016

by Katrina Northrop

Under the vaulted ceilings of her office in the Rhode Island State House, Governor Gina Raimondo lays out her political priorities …

Providence, The Day After

Metro, Nov 11 2016

by Jack Brook

+++ The day after the election, Mary Piñeda, 28, worried about whether or not she would be able to stay in …


How We Are Feeling This Week

News, Nov 11 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia & Marianna McMurdock

How I Feel I like to think that I came here because I wanted to and not because my country expelled …

Science & Technology

Forward Thinking

Inclusion and diversity in STEM

Science & Technology, Nov 11 2016

by AS & PH

The practice of science is not only analytical, it is subjective, emotional, and creative. Our approach to science is influenced by …

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