Vol. 33 Issue 5

Oct 21, 2016


Most Suitable Candidate

A complicated love letter to Hillary Clinton's pantsuits

Arts, Oct 21 2016

by Kelton Ellis

“Fashion! Turn to the left./Fashion! Turn to the right.” —David Bowie, “Fashion” (1980) Fashion matters. Though it’s tempting to think of …



She Shall Inhabit the Streets

Walking and Watching in the Arab World

Features, Oct 21 2016

by Isabelle DeBre

In Assia Djebar's novel Fantasia, an Algerian woman walks alone through the streets of Paris. She screams. But her cry is …

What I Need to Tell You / What I Need You to Know

Features, Oct 21 2016

by Isabelle Doyle

Italicized text is taken from the Obsessive Compulsive Inventory, a self-report questionnaire that is used to measure the presence of and …



A Restoration

Metabolics, Oct 21 2016

by Joshua Kurtz

The telling of history necessitates a well-functioning set of teeth. The thing about teeth is that they are required to collaborate; …


Taking Action Towards Community Safety

Inside the movement to end racial profiling in Providence

Metro, Oct 21 2016

by Jack Brook

From the center of Burnside Park came the brash blasting of trumpets, the pounding of bass drums, the snapping of snares, …

Playing Around

Olneyville’s Manton Avenue Project transports students to the stage

Metro, Oct 21 2016

by Rachel McMahon & Reilly Blum

Two sister birds stand on the stage of AS220’s blackbox theater. The elder sister, Redy Red, tells her younger sister, Flicky …


Week in Creeps

News, Oct 21 2016

by Will Tavlin, Liz Cory, Dominique Pariso & Eve Zelickson

FRIGHT NIGHT Children of the night and survivors of the early aughts emo phase, take heart. Instead of sitting on your …

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Colombia's would-be peace deal

News, Oct 21 2016

by Nicolas Montaño

On September 26, media attention shifted to the city of Cartagena on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. There, 15 heads of state, along …

Science & Technology

From Science to Society

A word with Michelle Nijhuis

Science & Technology, Oct 21 2016

by Eve Zelickson

Michelle Nijhuis is an award-winning science journalist whose pieces, which have been featured in the New Yorker and National Geographic, offer …

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