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INDY BLOG, Apr 16 2012


Animal Locomotion

INDY BLOG, Apr 09 2012

by Christina McCausland

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="Woman walking down stairs"][/caption]Today is early photographer Eadweard Muybridge's 182nd birthday, and Google has a doodle in …

So, this is a thing on the Internet

INDY BLOG, Mar 27 2012

by Christina McCausland

Artist James C. Ewart is cataloging all the nipples at the Met. (Previously, re: nudity and the Met). …


INDY BLOG, Mar 22 2012

FRIDAYWhat CheerSepalcureChildish GambinoSATURDAYTwin ShadowCam'ron Glitch Mob …

Barack Obama Loathes the Free Press

INDY BLOG, Mar 14 2012

by Dan Stump

Jeremy Scahill published an excellent article on Monday contextualizing the imprisonment of Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye.  Shaye had previously revealed …

In honor of the unseasonably warm weather...

INDY BLOG, Mar 13 2012

Here's a video of Rick Santorum debunking climate science: …

What We're Reading

INDY BLOG, Mar 02 2012

by Christina McCausland

Friday! Pick up this week's issue for a news quiz, French Film Festival reviews (everybody’s been loving Les derniers jours du …

Rush Limbaugh Tries to Export Painkiller Addiction to College Students

INDY BLOG, Mar 02 2012

by Dan Stump

This morning, the infamous talk show host offered to donate as much aspirin as it takes to rid the women of …

"Analyst" Gen. McCaffrey Hypes Iran War to NBC in Private Briefing

INDY BLOG, Feb 29 2012

Glenn Greenwald posted an excellent article today about the continuing role of Pentagon staff members trained in shaping media narratives.  General …

More Riffs on RIPTA...

INDY BLOG, Feb 28 2012

hmmmm?: I support campus journalism; I support the expression of varying opinion; hell, I even support the BDH opinions for the …

Letters of Note

INDY BLOG, Feb 23 2012

by Ellora Vilkin

Last week, the Indy ran a piece about the John Hay Library's Mel B. Yolken Collection of over 200,000 letters. Phillipe …

American Life League Video Makes Planned Parenthood Seem More Fun than it Is

INDY BLOG, Feb 22 2012

by Dan Stump

In celebration of National Condom Week, the American Life League recently released this shocking report which roundly condemns Planned Parenthood for …

John D’Agata Challenges the Benefits of Fact-Checking

INDY BLOG, Feb 18 2012

by Erica Schwiegershausen

Earlier this month, Harper’s published an excerpt from John D’Agata’s latest book, The Lifespan of a Fact. The book traces the …

Indy Enters The Tube

INDY BLOG, Feb 15 2012

Today, The Indy ventured to WCBTV ABC5 Boston, to record a segment for the Sunday afternoon program Cityline (see: //, I …


INDY BLOG, Feb 14 2012

by Jonah Wolf, I was shocked and relieved to read the New York Times report that, after some debate, canned sardines will retain their kosher …

Lil' Sophists

INDY BLOG, Feb 13 2012

by David Scofield

This one goes out to all you local sports fans. This weekend, the two hardest-hitting high school debate organizations in the …

Rick Santorum's Sweater Vest Could Be Yours

INDY BLOG, Feb 12 2012

by Dan Stump

That's right. For the the small price of $100 or more, you too could own a piece of the charm that …

Alberto Contador Faces Penalties for Doping

INDY BLOG, Feb 12 2012

by Chris Cohen

Last December, the Indy ran a piece on the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador, and the history of doping in professional cycling. …

What We're Reading

INDY BLOG, Feb 11 2012

It's Friday! And our first issue of the semester is out! Go pick one up--it looks great and there are more graphs …

Malcolm Burnley on His Discovery of a Never-Before-Heard Recording of Malcolm X Speech

INDY BLOG, Feb 08 2012

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="409" caption="via"][/caption] The Indy's very own senior editor Malcolm Burnley has been the subject of media attention …

Catwoman Impersonator Pepper-Sprays Ozzy Osbourne Impersonator for Impersonating Ozzy Osbourne

INDY BLOG, Feb 04 2012

by Dan Stump

In one of the most impressive displays of workplace intoxication since Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race, Catwoman maced Ozzy …

Totally Fracked: Gasland Director Arrested at House Science Committee

INDY BLOG, Feb 02 2012

by Dan Stump

Josh Fox, director of the 2010 Oscar nominated documentary Gasland, was arrested today while gathering footage for his sequel, Gasland 2: …

Use Your Molasses!

INDY BLOG, Nov 16 2011

by Jess Daniels

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Image via Ruth Gonzalez"][/caption]There were countless jars of molasses boxed and ready for sale in the Doubletree …

Ah! Sad Monsters

INDY BLOG, Nov 02 2011

[caption id="attachment_5869" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Willie Real"][/caption]In the latest Independent, Jamie Brew interviews Frank Lesser, Brown alum, Colbert Report writer, and author …

History of the Indy Pt. 2: Gillian Brassil

INDY BLOG, Nov 02 2011

Midnight Hour: How did you first become involved?Gillian Brassil: I read The Indy late nights at Jo's, drunkenly doing the puzzles …

Midnight Poet: Mairéad Byrne

INDY BLOG, Nov 01 2011

Pt. 1 of our interview with RISD English Professor Mairéad ByrneBasics:Full Name: Mairéad Clare ByrneHometown: DublinCurrent City: ProvidenceFavorites: Book of Choice: Somewhere between …

Midnight Artist: Rachel Stern

INDY BLOG, Oct 28 2011

Basics: Name: Rachel SternAge: 22Zodiac Sign: LEOHometown: Marion, MAFavorites:Album of Choice: no specific album but I can’t seem to get enough Blossom Dearie …


INDY BLOG, Oct 26 2011

by Justin Kuritzkes

Think about the Occupy movement as a piece of performance art rather than a protest. Many of those involved will think …

Occupation Approval

INDY BLOG, Oct 25 2011

An informal poll underway at Barrington Patch reports majority support for the Occupy Providence protestors at Burnside Park, despite reports that …

As Demolition Begins, Shooters Fights Back

INDY BLOG, Oct 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Just as the Independent's last issue went to press with Muhammad Saigol's reminiscence of the former Shooter's nightclub on the Providence …

Welcome Fête

INDY BLOG, Oct 19 2011

Midnight Hour extends a warm welcome to Don King and Nick Bauta, the like-minds behind Fête . Full interview coming soon... …

ROTC Recommendations

INDY BLOG, Oct 19 2011

Since the return of the Reserve Officer Training Core program to a handful of universities this past spring, ROTC has become …

Joey on Good Morning America

INDY BLOG, Oct 18 2011

by Jonah Wolf

As promised, here's footage of the What Cheer? Brigade (and not, as the meteorologist has it, the What Cheer? Band) performing …

Jonathan Richman at Firehouse 13

INDY BLOG, Oct 18 2011

by Jonah Wolf

"This isn't like other shows," explained Jonathan Richman, with characteristic understatement, partly through his set Sunday night at Firehouse 13. In …

MinEvent Memories

INDY BLOG, Oct 18 2011

In the latest Independent, Lizzie Feidelson writes about the difficulty preserving Merce Cunningham's repertoire after the great choreographer's death two years …

Joey Quit

INDY BLOG, Oct 17 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Maybe by now you've seen this video? Someone in Hanover says it's the internet meme of the week, and it's getting …

Occupy Providence

INDY BLOG, Oct 16 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Images from the occupation protest in downtown Providence's Burnside Park. To start the occupation, the hundreds of protesters  marched downtown. The …

The abortion bill scares me

INDY BLOG, Oct 14 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Today, the house of representatives passed the HR 358 -- the "Protect Life [of an unborn fetus rather than the mother's] …

A History of The Indy Pt. 1

INDY BLOG, Oct 12 2011

by Max Lubin

This week at Midnight Hour convenes a new series uncovering the history of the Independent through interviews with staff, alumni and …

Downtown Boys and Friends at Da Null Hypothesis

INDY BLOG, Oct 11 2011

by Jonah Wolf

On Thursday night I had a concert in my basement. How it happened was like this: my housemate Eli told our …