Love is an Empty Theme Park

Notes on this season of The Bachelor

Occult, Mar 15 2018

by Mitchell Johnson

For the past few months, my friends and I watched The Bachelor almost every week. We said we were doing this …

Navigating Happiness

Reaching past self-care

Occult, Mar 02 2018

by Gabriela Naigeborin

One of the threads linking so-called “global cities” together runs through their subway tracks. I always found it soothing to ride …


Occult, Nov 10 2017

by Lena Nygren

I am thinking of you every day. I love you. Do you remember when we planted a red gumball in the …

La Leyenda de la Llorona

Folkloric tales of the weeping woman and her wails

Occult, Oct 06 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

content warning: racial violence In the beginning, we sleep on the hot tongue inside some tropical animal. The sky blooms open …


On radiation, migration, and remembrance

Occult, Sep 22 2017

by Jessica Jiang

content warning: cancer, state violence My mother has a list of rules. Never drink soy milk (the estrogen might interfere with …

Real Black Magic

Reclaiming Black indigenous spirituality

Occult, Apr 21 2017

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber

Black Girl Magic is more than a prominent Black Twitter hashtag, popularized in 2013. It is a real and growing movement …

Beneath the Surface

Imagining a future for the unclaimed dead on Hart Island

Occult, Apr 14 2017

by Dolma Ombadykow

content warning: state violence On March 31, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio backed a ten year plan to close …

The Gilded Rule

Occult, Mar 10 2017

by Signe Swanson

content warning: racism, Nazism “Populists don’t need to be popular. They just have to take power by appealing to an exclusionary …

Glass Coffins

Body Worlds in the twilight of storytelling

Occult, Feb 17 2017

by Robin Manley

“Love-hate for the body colors the whole of modern culture. The body is scorned and rejected as something inferior, enslaved, and …


Outcroppings from the botanical margin

Occult, Feb 03 2017

by Lance Gloss

Ashes to ashes—all dead in there? I’m at the Brown University Herbarium. Working. Looking at some specimens—dead plants, really. One hundred …

Spirit Resonance

Occult, Oct 28 2016

by Kathy Ng

There was once a cook who was much revered for his mastery with knives. Charged to cut up an ox, the …


A conversation with Ronald Lewis of the Low Mountaintop Collective

Occult, Sep 30 2016

by Athena Washburn & Eli Neuman-Hammond

Ronald Kevin Lewis is a theater artist, dancer, poet-performer, and child of god whose group, The Low Mountaintop Collective, is performing …

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Occult, Apr 29 2016

by Liz Studlick

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, was midway through his Sunday morning sermon when seven men seated near the front of …


Faith (and Lack Thereof)

Occult, Apr 15 2016

by Kelton Ellis

I was the youngest evangelical you never knew. No, seriously! Bar those clerical prodigies you may have seen on television, spreading …

The Tutor Wears Prada

Education as Commodity in Hong Kong

Occult, Mar 18 2016

by Natalie Tsang

On a Saturday evening in February, dozens of teenagers line up outside translucent glass doors. Some chatter with their neighbors. Others …

(Dis)remembered Cities

Ancient Indigenous Urbanism at Chaco and Cahokia

Occult, Mar 04 2016

by Robert Weiner

There is a hushed-up story of Native North America, of vast civilizations of enormous complexity and knowledge that spanned this continent …

Bernie Sanders and the Glass-Proof Elevator

The non-issue of a candidate's religion

Occult, Feb 12 2016

by Lance Gloss

If the 2016 presidential race has revealed anything about US politics, it has shown us how little remains off-limits. This, in …

Exorcisms Afoot

Renaming and Reclaiming Spaces of Power

Occult, Dec 04 2015

by Lance Gloss

What is peculiar about ghosts? They are the dead. But there is of course no consensus on what it really means …

Cult of the Kempt

Lawns of the Suburban Imaginary Under Threat

Occult, Sep 25 2015

by Lance Gloss

We mowed them shaggy at college rentals mid-town; tightened edges on the winding subdivision drives; begged the truck to keep speed …

Magic, Magyck, Magick

Occult, Apr 17 2015

by Anne Fosburg, Mika Kligler & Sam Samore

“Bring a small, empty tin-can and a pencil to beat it with,” read the flyer. “It will make an ominous and …

I'm Going Home

singing towards death from The Sacred Harp

Occult, May 02 2014

by Eli Petzold

We have gathered together to sing about death. The sun shines through the windows of the Providence Friends Meetinghouse, brightening the …

Filthy, Rich Scum

Occult, Apr 25 2014

by Julieta Cárdenas

[start hero] [end hero] …

Unfinished Business

ghosts on camera

Occult, Apr 11 2014

by Eel Burn

Time passes differently when you’re dead. An investigation into the temporality of death would make a great documentary, but until we …

Like a Man in the Desert

a woman drinking Jodorowski’s Dune

Occult, Apr 04 2014

by Addie Mitchell

I will present you with some facts about the documentary film Jodorowsky’s Dune: Jodorowsky’s Dune, a 2013 documentary film directed by …

We Were So Grand In The Fish Gut Versailles

Occult, Mar 14 2014

by Jennifer Avery

What is it like to live inside an egg? First there are the countless problems of the brittle porcelain calcium floor, …

Qui Sunt Hi

Hildegaard’s spectatorship and salvation

Occult, Mar 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

“Who are these who are like clouds?” Languorous and melismatic, rising and falling, the resonant, deep voices of men begin Ordo …

The Next Frame

Occult, Feb 14 2014

by Arthur Schechter

The Italian renaissance got its name for a reason. Immense technological leaps and the consolidation of wealth and power resurrected archaic …


notes on the second card of Tarot’s Major Arcana

Occult, Feb 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

We find, on the Tarot card of the High Priestess, a woman, cloaked in a blue mantle, a white cross of …


an astrological opposition

Occult, Feb 07 2014

by Addie Mitchell

When replicated in dozens of directions and multiple dimensions in the natal chart, highly charged poles approximate a circulatory system. The …

LIVING LUNAR: Horoscopes

Occult, Apr 12 2012

Ever feel like your sign doesn’t quite fit you? When people read traits of your ‘scope to you, do you wonder …

Horoscopes 17 November 2011

Occult, Nov 28 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Oh, love. It's all you need. Isn't that right, @YokoOno? Easier said than done, sadly. So while we proclaim to be …


Occult, Oct 25 2011

by by Alexandra Corrigan

Want us to figure out what your moon or rising sign is? Tweet @INDYOCCULT .CapricornGAGA: Money HoneyCapricorns are the most successful …

October Horoscopes

Occult, Oct 06 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

We're here for your monthly horoscopes! Do you want to know your moon sign, rising sign, or have other anxieties we …

Bou Jeloud

Occult, Mar 05 2011

by Brion Gysin

The contemporary rites of pan. …