Crisis Response To California’s Carceral State

One bill’s attempt to provide alternatives to policing

News, Dec 04 2020

by Rose Houglet

As this summer saw skyrocketing donations to bail funds and widespread uprisings in support of Black liberation, 24-year-old Los Angelean Elizeth …

Week in Chasing Tails

News, Dec 04 2020

by Tammuz Frankel & Belinda Hu

Selling a record-breaking 1.7 million copies in its first week of release, Barack Obama’s A Promised Land is on track to …

Get Your Brits Out

Irish rap and the language of revolution

News, Nov 13 2020

by Alina Kulman

In 2017, Irish rapper Móglaí Bap (a pseudonym) spray-painted the word cearta (‘right,’ in Irish) on a bus station. Bap was …

Week in 21+

News, Nov 13 2020

by Alexander Valenti & Lucas Gelfond

COVID-23 IS COMING Banana bread be damned, Michael Bay is here to make things just a bitlessbearable. TheTransformersdirector, notorious for his …

La lucha por votar como inmigrante estadounidense

La pandemia complica el proceso de votación para los nuevos estadounidenses

News, Nov 06 2020

by Aicha Sama

We are excited to share that, with the goal of making our work more accessible to Spanish-speaking Rhode Islanders, we will …

Week in Swamp Creatures

News, Oct 30 2020

by Bowen Chen, Gemma Sack & Alan Dean

JACINDA ARDERN IS QUEEN. In the past weeks and months, there has been a lot of news circulating regarding the upcoming …

A Broken System Set Ablaze

Seeking safe shelter on the island of Lesvos

News, Oct 30 2020

by Marina Hunt

Thirteen thousand refugees and migrants were uprooted once again when Europe’s largest refugee camp, Moria, on the Greek island of Lesvos, …

Week in Noble Beasts

News, Oct 22 2020

by Nell Salzman & Loughlin Neuert

RACCOUP D’ÉTAT AT THE WHITE HOUSE? Raccoons invaded the White House lawn this week. Though they’ve mostly been stepping on telecaster …

Taking the Pulse of a Polarized Nation

Reflections on the long years of 1968 and 2020

News, Oct 22 2020

by Ivy Scott

In the United States, the election year of 1968 is perhaps better compared to 2016 than to 2020. Both were years …

Week in Furry Creatures

News, Oct 16 2020

by Alisa Caira & Bowen Chen

BABOONS, BONOBOS, AND THE BROS Still nursing a friend zoned–sized hole in your heart? Well, we here at the Indy have …

Imagining Indigenous Futures

The fight to save the West Berkeley Shellmound

News, Oct 16 2020

by Nicole Kim

On September 24, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) released their 2020 list of “America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places,” …

The Paradox of Freedom

Palestine, Kashmir, and the ideological incongruities of Indian nationalism

News, Oct 09 2020

by Anchita Dasgupta

content warning: discussions of state violence and sexual assault On August 5, 2020, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign affairs published a press …

Week in Celebrity Babies

News, Oct 09 2020

by Kaela Hines & Nick Michael

THE GREAT DEBATERS In last week’s presidential debate on September 29, President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden went …

'Tiger Widows'

Understanding Strife in the World’s Largest Mangrove Forest

News, Oct 02 2020

by Rhythm Rastogi

content warning: mentions of PTSD, discussions of trauma and suicide, descriptions of violence In May of 2020, the eastern states of …

Week in American Innovation

News, Oct 02 2020

by Justin Scheer & Erika Undeland

SAD REAX ONLY ;( This Indy staff writer woke up at 7:30 AM and clicked on that wonderful black square with …

A Safe, Healthy, and Full-Priced Campus

Bottom line is, universities are most concerned with their bottom line

News, Sep 25 2020

by Alisa Caira

Risking student lives probably makes sense when you get down to the numbers of it. Yet, now, as thousands of at-risk …

Flammable 'Fornia': A Revelation

When Californication goes a little too hard

News, Sep 25 2020

by Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

Social media is hard. Every single millennial—aging and married in the image of boomers before them—struggles to compete in a Gen …

The Rise Of @blackivystories: Confronting Racism in the Ivy League

An Instagram account pressures the Ivies to take accountability

News, Sep 25 2020

by Aicha Sama

“During an important meeting, someone told me she was glad I straightened my hair because I looked more ‘professional.’” —Brown University …

The Double Public Health Crisis

News, Sep 23 2020

by Neha Mukherjee

On March 18th, 2020, with hundreds of thousands already infected with the novel coronavirus, President Trump released this tweet: “I always …

The Plight and Fight to Vote as an American Immigrant

COVID-19 complicates voting for new Americans

News, Aug 07 2020

by Aicha Sama

The ongoing pandemic has changed the dynamics of voting, making the electoral process even more daunting for new Americans. Because of …

University Students Demand an Equitable Pandemic Response

News, May 06 2020

by Brown U SEPR

On April 21, Brown University announced that it will temporarily house healthcare workers who are keeping the Brown and Rhode Island …

Week in Ghosts

News, May 01 2020

by Alisa Caira

Nowis agood time for ghost stories. One might pass quarantined-induced time digging out old, spooky books from the attic​ ​or recounting …

American-ness, Ever-elusive

What does it mean to be Asian and American in the United States?

News, May 01 2020

by Karlos Bautista

As the number of coronavirus infections and deaths increases in the United States, so too do hate crimes against Asians in …

The EFF and the Anticolonial Struggle

What can students learn from South Africa's fastest-growing political movement?

News, Apr 24 2020

by Iryumugaba Biko

It has been nearly three decades since Black people in South Africa emerged victorious from the bitter struggle against apartheid through …

Week in State Feuds

News, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

States whose biggest beef with each other typically involves passing a pigskin have gone one step further during this global pandemic …

Farm to Quarantine

News, Apr 17 2020

by Gemma Sack

I landed in Spain on March 3, the same day health officials reported the country’s first death from the coronavirus. At …

From Italy to New York

News, Apr 17 2020

by Victoria Caruso

The first six weeks I spent in Bologna were nothing short of a dream: I was studying abroad in the culinary …

Bracing for Crisis

The EU turns a blind eye to overcrowded refugee camps in Greece

News, Apr 17 2020

by Emily Rust

“My name is Omar. I am from Syria. I am in Greece, on Leros island. This is the minor section, next …

Week in Shared Enemies

News, Apr 17 2020

by Alan Dean

Of the many common turns of phrase flipped upside down by the current global pandemic, few have become as utterly meaningless …

Week in Necessities

News, Apr 10 2020

by Alana Baer & Kaela Hines

RED SCARE IN A RED STATE Last week, with 112 votes in favor, none against, and one abstention, the Scottish Parliament …

Week in Wiping vs Washing

News, Apr 10 2020

by Gemma Sack

OUR ANUSES, OURSELVES In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the last few weeks, Americans have begun to …

It's Personal

The Low-Tech Future of the Future of Learning

News, Mar 27 2020

by Asher Lehrer-Small

At Springfield High School in Southern Vermont, the entryway stairs not only lead students inside the school building—they serve as a …

Week in Worship

News, Mar 27 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Alisa Caira

SOYlent Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This time mimics the same long 40 days in which Jesus …

Criminalizing Peaceful Protest

Anti-ICE Activist Sentenced to 30 Days in Bristol County Jail

News, Mar 23 2020

by Sara Van Horn

photograph by Steve Ahlquist content warning: police violence In New Bedford District Court on Monday, activist Sherrie Andre was found guilty …

A Panoptic Education

How Public Schools Teach Us to Watch Ourselves

News, Mar 13 2020

by Adrian Oteiza

What does it mean to fix the very system of public education in America? As engineer W. Edwards Deming said of …

Week in Animal Magnetism

News, Mar 06 2020

by Hannah Gelman & Ricardo Gomez

MUST PAY TO PAW-TY On February 16, crowds of eager New Orleanians gathered in the French Quarter to watch the 28th …

Keeping an Open Mind

A glimpse at the fight to decriminalize psychedelics

News, Mar 03 2020

by Will Allstetter

For most, magic mushrooms carry connotations of hippies, music festivals, and perhaps a previous roommate. But, in recent years, there has …

Race for Ward 1

The Independent's guide to the candidates

News, Mar 03 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Blue, yellow, and white campaign signs mark homes and businesses up and down Wickenden Street in the Fox Point Neighborhood of …

Week in Bureaucracy

News, Mar 03 2020

by Alex Valenti & Ben Bienstock

Antiques Rhode Show From lawmakers’ struggles to understand Facebook during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings to Rudy Giuliani’s horizontally inserted AirPods, we …