Forced Into the Light

How doxxing and technological authoritarianism threaten transformative movements

Metro, Dec 04 2020

by Jefferson Bernard & Kuno Haimbodi

It’s not uncommon to find commotion on the portion of I-95 that runs through Providence. On the night of October 12, …


Una bahía Narragansett para todos

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 6 de noviembre del 2020 Traducción por Emma Madgic Dos veces al día, Monica Huertas, una …


El debate acerca del último voto para cambiar el nombre de Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Osayuwamen “Uwa” Ede-Osifo

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 6 de noviembre de 2020 Traducción por Effi Holston advertencia de contenido: discusiones sobre la violencia …


Un presupuesto de justicia para Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Leela Berman

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 9 de octubre de 2020 Traducción por Nell Salzman El 22 de septiembre, al pie del …


El defectuoso plan de “Multi-hub” de RIDOT enfrenta oposición pública

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Amelia Anthony

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 16 de octubre del 2020 Traducción por Carlos Betancur En cualquier día, Kennedy Plaza está llena …


La lucha de Providence por escuelas sin presencia policial

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 30 de octubre del 2020 Traducción por Lindsey Maher advertencia de contenido: brutalidad policial, tiroteo escolar …

The Power Move

The case for line-item veto in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 13 2020

by Leo Gordon & Peder Schaefer

Paying Little League umpires. Repairing leaky, all-male social club roofs. Buying shuffleboards and installing hair dryers. For decades, members of the …

This Is My Home

How COVID-19 shed light on the homelessness crisis in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 13 2020

by Nell Salzman

Teisha Miller was without stable housing for nearly two years, but never saw the homeless crisis get as bad as it …

Out of Reach

An examination of injustice in our housing system through the lens of Source of Income discrimination

Metro, Nov 13 2020

by Ruthie Cohen, Lauren Fung, Emmie Lau & Gabe Mernoff

The booming voice of Malchus Mills crackles through the phone as he recounts his experience searching for housing in Providence. Mills, …

Roman Bronzes as Settler Colonialism

Archaeologists and classicists for monument removal

Metro, Nov 06 2020

by Justin Han, Amanda Brynn, Samuel Kimball, Kaleb Hood & Abby Wells

In late 2019, Brown’s Public Art Committee proposed to relocate the University’s Caesar Augustus monument to the Quiet Green and have …

What's in a Name?

The debate surrounding Rhode Island’s latest vote on a new title

Metro, Nov 06 2020

by Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo

content warning: discussions of anti-Black violence and mentions of racial slurs directed at Black, Latinx, and Asian communities In 2000, a …

Consider the Port

A Narragansett Bay for all

Metro, Nov 06 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Twice a day, Monica Huertas, an environmental justice activist from South Providence, makes the long drive down Allens Avenue to pick …

The Lotus Pepper

The making of food truck home cooking

Metro, Oct 30 2020

by Olivia Mayeda

At six years old, Young Nguyen tucked herself into the underbellies of a shrine. A heavy, cement Buddha guarded her from …

Counselors Not Cops

The fight for police-free Providence schools

Metro, Oct 30 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

content warning: police brutality, school shootings, and suicide As early as the 6th grade, Jayson Rodriguez saw police officers arrest, tackle, …

Déjà Vu en el Distrito Escolar de Providence

Dos décadas, dos informes

Metro, Oct 22 2020

by Alicia Mier

Nos complace anunciar que, con el objetivo de hacer nuestro trabajo más accesible para las comunidades hispanohablantes de Rhode Island, estaremos …

The Crux of the Coop

Examining elements of Rhode Island’s progressive coalition

Metro, Oct 22 2020

by Bilal Memon

Over the summer, every Friday afternoon like clockwork, I received a text from a friend asking me to go canvassing with …

Don't Throw Riders Under the Bus

RIDOT’s flawed “multi-hub” plan faces public opposition

Metro, Oct 16 2020

by Amelia Anthony

On any given day, Kennedy Plaza bustles with energy. Between the district court, Burnside Park, a skating rink, City Hall, the …

Budgets in Distress

Unpacking unexpected funding cuts to R.I.’s most at-risk communities

Metro, Oct 16 2020

by Leo Gordon

At the end of July, Rhode Island slashed funding for the Distressed Communities Relief Fund in half, reducing the ability of …

Against Austerity

A justice budget for Rhode Island

Metro, Oct 09 2020

by Leela Berman

September 22, at the foot of the Rhode Island State House, mother-of-three Sucely Murillo recounted the abuse she had faced from …

Shaking Up the State House

An interview with State Senate Candidate Tiara Mack

Metro, Oct 09 2020

by Sara Van Horn

On September 8, Tiara Mack won her Democratic primary race for Rhode Island State Senate, beating long-time incumbent Harold Metts with …

A Shut-and-Open Case

Rhode Island’s road back to trial by jury

Metro, Oct 02 2020

by Loughlin Neuert

Bail in Rhode Island for a misdemeanor starts at $100 in cash, and rises quickly from there. The lowest levels of …

The Crisis Within a Crisis

The Story of COVID-19 and Evictions in Providence

Metro, Oct 02 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Phoebe Ayres

We’ve just crossed the seven-month marker of the pandemic’s presence in the United States, which means that seven months of rent …

Progressive Percolation

A selection of profiles on the state’s most forward-thinking politicians

Metro, Sep 25 2020

by Morgan Awner, Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo, Lucas Gelfond, Ricardo Gomez, Leo Gordon, Elana Hausknecht, Evie Hidysmith, Rose Houglet, Deborah Marini, Vicky Phan & Peder Schaefer

On September 8, progressive candidates across Rhode Island swept the local Democratic primaries, upsetting incumbent Democrats in a way that made …

When a Dorm is Not a Home

The institutional harms caused by Brown’s Office of Residential Life

Metro, Aug 07 2020

by Mira Ortegon

content warning: sexual assault Paint peeling down the walls, a broken heating system, and mice scampering under the bed. As many …

On Track?

Advanced academics and the pipeline to Classical

Metro, May 01 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

An increasingly broad body of social science research demonstrates that educational tracking—the separation of students by evaluated academic ability—disproportionately disadvantages low-income …

Consider the Lobster (Again)

Climate change puts RI lobsters in hot water

Metro, May 01 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Peter Brodeur was only a few miles away from his home on the Narrow River in Narragansett, a seaside community in …

Lost in Translation

Providence public schools, multilingual pedagogy, and the coronavirus crisis

Metro, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

ENTERING: The language of achievement and deficit Two comprehensive reports researching the conditions in the Providence Public School District (PPSD) came …

A Socially-Distanced 2020 Census

How Rhode Island is attempting to count every single one of its residents

Metro, Apr 24 2020

by Kion You

The United States Census Bureau has historically declared April 1 as a national "Census Day," a time to unite the nation …

Shelter from the Storm

Gov. Raimondo needs to open up hotels, dorms to people experiencing homelessness

Metro, Apr 09 2020

by Peder Schaefer

The front-page headline of the Providence Journal on April 4 proclaimed, in bold type: Raimondo: Stay home, or ‘more people will …

Civic Duty Calls

Contested Civic Education in Providence

Metro, Mar 27 2020

by Marina Hunt

Standing in front of a poster board she had prepared for the Providence Community Day at Asa Messer Elementary, Chloe Feit, …

School District Déja Vu

Two Education Reports, Two Decades Apart

Metro, Mar 13 2020

by Alicia Mies

This is the first installment in the Chalked Up Metro series The year was 1993. The Providence River was still covered …

Chalked Up

Introducing an Indy series on public education in RI

Metro, Mar 13 2020

by Deborah Marini, Ricardo Gomez & Miles Guggenheim

In 1993, the Public Education Fund—a nonprofit organization composed of Providence business leaders, educators, and citizens concerned about local schools—sponsored a …

Healing Through Theater

How a Trinity Rep actor helped Sheila Bentley tell her version of PVD history

Metro, Mar 07 2020

by Clara Gutman Argemí

For Rebecca Gibel, the actor who played Sheila Bentley in Trinity Repertory's fall 2019 production of The Prince of Providence, the …

Muddy Matiello

A look at the RI Speaker of the House’s Abuses of Power

Metro, Mar 07 2020

by Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo

Speaker of the House Nicolas Mattiello, arguably one of the most powerful figures in Rhode Island politics, has been shrouded in …

Detention, Incarceration, Deportation

The Wyatt Detention Center and the national prison-industrial complex

Metro, Mar 03 2020

by Leela Berman

PLACING THE WYATT IN CENTRAL FALLS The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility is located across from a park. A wide expanse …

Sirens, Camera, Action

Policing entertainment in East Providence

Metro, Feb 15 2020

by Miles Guggenheim

The sun is officially down, but a morose blue still lingers in the sky behind Sergeant Michael Rapoza. He’s driving somewhere, …

Molehills Out of Mountains

A close look at Governor Raimondo's 2021 Budget Proposal

Metro, Feb 14 2020

by Deb Marini & Ricardo Gomez

Reading budgets is like eating broccoli stems: miserable! Gina Governor Raimondo’s annual budget proposal, released this past January, is a multivolume …

Taking 287g Agreements to Court

An interview with activist Sherrie Andre

Metro, Jan 04 2020

by Sara Van Horn

photograph by Steve Ahlquist content warning: police violence Late in the summer of 2018, activists from the FANG Collective, a nonviolent …

The Cold Shoulder

A flawed system is endangering RI’s homeless

Metro, Dec 06 2019

by Deborah Marini, Loughlin Neuert & Peder Schaefer

When Harry lost his home in October, he went to one of Rhode Island’s largest emergency shelters: Crossroads Rhode Island. He …

Archiving Activism

Creating a collective memory of radicalism in Providence

Metro, Nov 22 2019

by Kion You

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 26, a group of educators, students, activists, and community members gathered in a basement room …