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Strangers Among Us

Story for a dweller, a stranger, and a daughter

Literary, Apr 12 2018

by Wen Zhuang

Land’s end. But there’s water, O my heart. And salt on my tongue. The end of the world. This is not …

Head-to-Toe in All American

The paradigm of the exemplary immigrant

News, Mar 09 2018

by Wen Zhuang

A clear voice amid the static: “I will be rewarded. I worked my hardest and I will be rewarded.” The pronouncement …

Sun-less Sunset

On the Collected and the Collective

Arts, Feb 16 2018

by Wen Zhuang

“One day, I’ll have to put it all alone at the beginning of the film. He told that if they don’t …

Mark My Height, I'm Taller Than I Was Yesterday

Occult, Feb 09 2018

by Wen Zhuang

1. Recollect Picture: She’s seven. Seven, and her eyes are in high-gear dashing left right left right, interspersed with some ups …