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Cookie's Junk Shop

Metro, May 02 2014

by Vera Carothers

On the side of Route 3 in Exeter, RI is a low building painted tongue pink with white trim. A sign …

Your Worst Nightmare

the Red Bastard and bouffon clowning

Arts, Apr 25 2014

by Vera Carothers

At first, we see only his wagging tongue, set in a chalk white face with red-rimmed eyes. Playing striptease with wicked …

A Week of Confusion

News, Feb 28 2014

by Vera Carothers, Sebastian Clark & Alex Sammon

Asking “what’s happening?” is often a mindless exercise in small talk. It doesn’t demand an answer. But this time, when you …

High Water Mark

a history of Olneyville

Metro, Oct 30 2013

by Vera Carothers

flooding in the '80s, Olneyville THE RIVER The river, 18 miles long, scrawls a child’s shaky letter “U” through the heart …

Getting Good Governance

A Very Brief History of Providence's Library Reform Movement

Metro, Apr 19 2013

by Vera Carothers

[start hero] [end hero] There is a big red sign with Providence Community Library written in white block letters. Inside, the …

In the Hall of Mirrors

Fernando Pessoa Today

Arts, Mar 01 2013

by Vera Carothers

[start hero] [end hero] Fernando Pessoa was the author who tried to write the author out of writing. His works were …