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Week in Companions

News, Dec 04 2015

by Dominique Pariso & Tristan Rodman

Dogs Good Almost every week, there is a new Dog Study. These reports, compiled by some of the finest researchers in …

Week in Phantasms

News, Sep 25 2015

by Jay Mamana, Dominique Pariso & Tristan Rodman

Ladies’ Night There are those who would argue that the ’80s were a day-glo cultural vacuum best left unremembered. But it …

Week in Roads

News, Mar 06 2015

by Maya Sorabjee & Tristan Rodman

No Beef Let me paint you a quick portrait of modern India. In my neighborhood there’s a housing colony that has …

Week in Flesh

News, Dec 05 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman & Alex Sammon

MISSING BRAINS!! PLEASE READ!! Missing: 200 human brains. Where: The University of Texas, Austin, TX. When: Sometime between the year 1987, …

Running Down the Clock

Sports, time zones, and globalization

Metabolics, Nov 14 2014

by Tristan Rodman

All major sports, at their core, are structured by time. Time structure differentiates an NBA game from pickup, performance from practice. …

Major League Literature

Metabolics, Sep 26 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman, Zeve Sanderson & Will Underwood

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (2011) Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding is about baseball in the way Good …

Week in Songbirds

News, Sep 19 2014

by Lisa Borst, Sam Bresnick, Kyle Giddon & Tristan Rodman

KILLING IN THE NAME OF To a culture accustomed to choosing its favorite restaurants by their Yelp reviews—crowd-sourced, grade-inflated, irredeemably unsophisticated …

How New Became New Again

technology and origin myth

Science & Technology, Mar 14 2014

by Tristan Rodman

At the beginning of the world, Camel did not want to work. Every time Horse or Dog or Ox would ask …

Holding Notes

Thinking through St. Vincent and Holly Herndon

Science & Technology, Mar 07 2014

by Tristan Rodman

“Entombed in a shrine / Of zeroes and ones / You know” –St. Vincent, “Huey Newton” Placing two artists on a …

Web Exclusive: Interview with Holly Herndon

Interviews, Mar 07 2014

by Tristan Rodman

Editor’s note: This unexcerpted interview accompanies “Holding Notes: thinking through St. Vincent and Holly Herndon” from Issue 5. The biographical information …

Courtside Couture

A Conversation with James Goldstein

Interviews, Dec 06 2013

by Tristan Rodman

James Goldstein condenses every popular conception about Los Angeles into one human body: He lives in a glass house atop the …

Week Down Under

News, Nov 26 2013

by Joe de Jonge & Tristan Rodman

You can read this as fast as you want, but you're still not going to catch up. It's already tomorrow in …

Offensive Lines

Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito & Black Masculinity in American Sports

Metabolics, Nov 19 2013

by Tristan Rodman

ON OCTOBER 28, JONATHAN MARTIN left the Miami Dolphins. Martin, 24 years old and in his second NFL season, briefly checked …

See You On The Other Side

Arcade Fire and The Virtual Window

Arts, Nov 03 2013

by Tristan Rodman

“Trapped in a prison / In a prism of light”– Reflektor, “Reflektor” “The window opens onto a three-dimensional world beyond: it …

Deep Sea

Literary, Sep 26 2013

by Tristan Rodman

WHEN I FIRST HEARD THAT the deep ocean contained most of the earth’s habitable space, I didn’t really believe it because …

On the Fat Athlete

Metabolics, Sep 13 2013

by Tristan Rodman

“There are two different shapes, one for fitness, one for throwing the ball.” – Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers Some …

An American Giant

Startup, Meet Nostalgia

Arts, May 03 2013

by Tristan Rodman

[start hero] [end hero] American Giant began with an epiphany. “People are tired of products made far away from home—they are …

Painting the Corners

Sports, Apr 13 2013

by Tristan Rodman

I went to my first baseball game at age five. My dad’s friend, who had taken it upon himself to make …

Pitchfork Advance

Spanning Streaming’s Single/Album Divide

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Tristan Rodman

“Physical is best. Touch it. Smell it right after opening the shrink-wrap. Take it off the shelf to show to your …

Danny Brown and Das Racist

Arts, Oct 27 2011

by by Michael Danziger & Tristan Rodman

Danny Brown entered the stage at The Met sporting a Mishka varsity jacket, skinny jeans, Jordans, and an emo combover. This, …