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For Money and Motherland

Media Narratives about Brazilian Corruption

News, Apr 29 2016

by Francis Torres

For God and my family! For the Evangelical Nation! Against the communism that threatens this country! For the military men of …

Burn It Down, Again

The New Mass Movement Against Institutional Oppression

News, Dec 04 2015

by Francis Torres

On November 2, Jonathan Butler, a black graduate student at the University of Missouri, began a hunger strike and promised not …

Off Target Ethics

Drone Warfare and Its Legitimation

News, Nov 13 2015

by Wilson Cusack, Dominique Pariso & Francis Torres

On October 15, news outlet The Intercept released four classified documents that detail the Obama administration’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles …

Week in Posturing

News, Nov 06 2015

by Wilson Cusack & Francis Torres

Let’s hear it for glyphosate! It was high fives all around at Monsanto HQ in St. Louis, MO this June when …

Freedom for Whom?

Speech Acts and Power at Brown University

Arts, Oct 23 2015

by Frances Torres

October 29, 2013. Ray Kelly, New York City Police Commissioner, arrives at Brown for an honorary lecture. Many of my friends …

Week in Transposition

News, Oct 09 2015

by Wilson Cusack, Julia Tompkins & Francis Torres

Bud, Not Buddy For anyone who grew up in the era of the 1978 book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, …

Vultures on the Island

In Defense of Debtors

News, Sep 18 2015

by Francis Torres

Few concepts in Judeo-Christian theology are as emancipating as the Jubilee year. Celebrating the end of seven sabbatical cycles, each seven …

Clipped Wings

Metabolics, Feb 13 2015

by Miles Taylor

Watching the Atlanta Hawks play is like watching chaos. On offense, no one stops moving. The court is a constant whirlwind …