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Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by Robert Merritt & Annie Macdonald

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What Happens When I Freeze Up

Robert Merritt Visits a Hypnotist

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Robert Merritt

First off, I love my job. Writing the Indy’s ‘Around the Town’ column is a sheer delight. For example, I got …

Massage Therapy

Ephemera, Feb 02 2013

by Robert Merritt

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Interviewing My Hero

Tim Preseley

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Robert Merritt

I met Tim Presley in New York a few years ago while I was pretending to be a reporter. It was …

Hallowed Whisperings

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Grace Dunham, Robert Merritt & Alex Ronan

A while ago, I went to the Met with a boy my age, and also his mother. We were walking around …

Game Camera

observing art through nature

Arts & Culture, Sep 21 2012

by Robert Merritt

About a week ago I opened the freezer door to take out a pizza and found my copy of Keith Richard’s …