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Late Lunch

Arts, Apr 15 2016

by Maya Sorabjee

On the third and fourth floors of an old revival building in the southern tip of Bombay lives an institution so …

Week in Rebranding

News, Mar 11 2016

by Maya Sorabjee & Piper French

Black is the Meanest Color Stand before his Cloud Gate in Chicago and watch your reflection twist across its curved surface, …

Humble Abodes

In Conversation with Charles Simonds

Interviews, Feb 19 2016

by Maya Sorabjee

In his 1976 fictive ethnographyThree Peoples, New York-based sculptor Charles Simonds imagined the building practices of three civilizations governed by different …

Week in Puns

News, Apr 17 2015

by Dash Elhauge, Malcolm Drenttel, Maya Sorabjee & Zeve Sanderson

Asset Management Fee Structure for Municipal Pensions “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can’t hit what your …

Culture Shock

A Short Timeline of Controversial Art

Arts, Apr 10 2015

by Max Genecov, Joshua Kurtz, Eli Pitegoff, Erin Prinz-Schwartz & Maya Sorabjee

To simply be offensive in one’s artistic practice is to engage in a hollow act of provocation. It is to be, …

Week in Roads

News, Mar 06 2015

by Maya Sorabjee & Tristan Rodman

No Beef Let me paint you a quick portrait of modern India. In my neighborhood there’s a housing colony that has …

Artificial Giants

India's Troubling Memorial Plans

Arts, Jan 30 2015

by Maya Sorabjee

I was once given directions, drawn on a paper napkin, to a longstanding Bombay secret. It took me eight months before …

Week in Horticulture

News, Apr 25 2014

by Alex Sammon, Maya Sorabjee & Emma Wohl

Have you had your head in the ground all week? Or, um, up in the clouds? Indy News is here to …

Kya Item

body politics in Bollywood

Arts, Apr 04 2014

by Maya Sorabjee

The set is doused in red light. Men are spread out across the floor, lounging on cushions, downing drinks, waiting for …

The Art of Deduction

Arts, Jan 31 2014

by Maya Sorabjee

In the last week of 2013, a federal judge ruled on Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate, relocating Sherlock Holmes and his …

Back to the Wall

Banksy's October in New York

Arts, Oct 25 2013

by Maya Sorabjee

Graffiti has served as the humble origins for many well-known artists. American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, famed for a prolific neo-expressionist career, …

Cover to Cover

Hipgnosis & the fate of album art

Arts, Oct 03 2013

by Maya Sorabjee

AN INFLATED PIG FLIES OVER a disused power station; two men shake hands, one with a burning arm; a fleet of …