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Buy Me Some Peanuts

the new frontier of cracker jacks

Metabolics, Mar 14 2014

by Nicholas Catoni, Kyle Giddon, Lili Rosenkranz & Zeve Sanderson

Sitting and cheering for three hours is hard work. But stadium food isn’t just about sustenance—it’s about the identity of the …


Science & Technology, Oct 03 2013

by Megan Hauptman, Lili Rosenkranz, Josh Schenkkan, John White & Emma Wohl

A few weeks ago, as we were dragging our fingers through the water and dangling our feet off the dock, a …


Literary, Sep 18 2013

by Lili Rosenkranz

A GARBAGE TRUCK ROLLS BY and I am preoccupied with President Eisenhower’s face, shellacked on posters and trays. Dr. H wears …

The Land Named Lisse

Features, Feb 17 2013

by Lili Rosenkranz

I was 11, they looked like onions, and so I started to cry. I cried because he had even given me …