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Features, Oct 30 2015

by Katherine Long

The day I returned from Tajikistan, I ate half a Reuben. I put the other half of the sandwich in my …

A House Divided

Arts, Nov 14 2014

by Katherine Long

It's a leisurely 20-minute walk—25 if there's traffic at the Ledra Street checkpoint—between the two Museums of National Struggle in Nicosia, …

Meditations on Fusion

Science & Technology, Oct 24 2014

by Katherine Long

"Music is like a drug; whoever acquires the habit can no longer devote himself to important activities. We must eliminate music …

Spinning Off, Tuning In

political satire in the Middle East

News, Apr 25 2014

by Katherine Long

Comedian Bassem Youssef has often been called “Egypt’s Jon Stewart.” Youssef’s El Bernameg (literally, “The Show”), broadcast online and on Egyptian …