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UPLOADING CULTURE: Variability and Immateriality in Video Art

variability and immateriality in video art

Arts & Culture, Sep 04 2012

by Jordan Carter

The walls of the Whitney are hijacked by moving images in the museum’s summer 2010 exhibition Off the Wall: Part 1—Thirty …

The Theory Monster: Fame + Foucault = Gaga?

fame + Foucault = Gaga?

Arts & Culture, Sep 04 2012

by Jordan Carter

The Theory Monster Fame + Foucault = Gaga? Britney Spears is my secret vice, but I’m proud to blast the Lady. …

Promise In The Present

faith and skepticism in Carol Becker’s micro-utopias

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Jordan Carter

Last Thursday, Carol Becker—writer, scholar, and Dean of Columbia University School of the Arts—gave a talk on micro-utopias to a micro-sized …

What Will The Museum of the Future Look Like?

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by by Catherine Grenier & translated from the French by Jordan Carter

The definition of museum:The 20th century museum of fine art was at once a museum, a generator of exhibitions and art-related …

Art and Everyday Life

Arts, Oct 27 2011

by by Jordan Carter

Since when did artists drive around in armored trucks? Mel Chin’s Operation Paydirt/Fundred Dollar Bill is a socially engaged art project that …

BLINDFOLDED BRUCES: Artistic Secrecy and The Bruce High Quality Foundation

Arts, Apr 08 2010

by By Jordan Carter

In an increasingly commercialized artistic era in which MoMA can purchase immaterial art objects—Tino Sehgal’s undocumented performance piece, The Kiss, and …

From The Editors

From the Editors, Mar 04 2010

by Jordan Carter

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics came to a close this past Sunday. Over the course of about two weeks, national pride …

The Theory Monster

Jordan Carter, Feb 04 2010

by By Jordan Carter

Fame + Foucault = Gaga?Britney Spears is my secret vice, but I’m proud to blast the Lady. She’s smart, arguably edgy, …

An Artistic Sandstorm Through the Middle East

museums and cosmopolitics

arts & culture, Nov 12 2009

by Jordan Carter

While sitting at the desk of his RISD office two years ago, the now ex-president of RISDRoger Mandlereceived atelephone call from …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Jordan Carter

The rising generation of African American youth is maturing in front of a media-driven society that actually displays a "hero"--a president …


Science, Mar 05 2009

by Jordan Carter

They call him Mr. President. No, it is not Morgan Freeman or Dennis Haysbert, the other black men who only portrayed …