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Speech: H.D. Davidman

Science & Technology, May 02 2014

by Houston Davidson

H.D. Davidman is running for public office with the hope of defeating D.H. Benjamin of the incumbent party, FTRPRTY (not an …

Sharing for Money

An interview with technology writer Tom Slee

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2014

by Houston Davidson

Technology lingo rings hopeful. Recently, a Silicon Valley-endorsed candidate for national office promised to bring about “Government 2.0” and claimed to …

Flying Light

tuning out in the sky

Science & Technology, Jan 31 2014

by Houston Davidson

As the jet lurches and pitches miles above Rhode Island, a professor of furniture design presses bored thumbs into his iPad. …

In the Know & in the Pews

Joy, Irony & the Rise of Atheist Church

Arts, Nov 26 2013

by Houston Davidson

Society for Ethical Culture 64th Street, Central Park West. 250 people are standing up in pews. Clapping. The demographic is that …

Week in Fantasy

News, Nov 04 2013

by Houston Davidson, Drew Dickerson & Emma Wohl

If you think you’re dreaming this, you can wake up now. And there’s no need to go back to sleep—because this …

Collect and Disseminate

An Interview with Brian Shimkovitz

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Houston Davidson

I met Brian Shimkovitz, the charming founder of Awesome Tapes from Africa (ATFA), a couple of summers ago. He was an …