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Fact and Truth

the ethics of representation from James Agee to John D’Agata

News, May 07 2012

by Emma Whitford

In the wake of the February publication of his book The Lifespan of a Fact, John D’Agata has been arguing that …

Do the Right Thing

Republican presidential candidates

News, Apr 21 2011

by Emily Gogolak, Ashton Strait & Emma Whitford

What to consider as the race begins: Wendy Schiller, US Politics expert and Professor at Brown, on the GOP The GOP …

Al Jazeera

the Arab world and popular opinion in flux

News, Apr 15 2011

by Emma Whitford

Al Jazeera is Arabic for ‘The Island’—a reference to the Arabian Peninsula, which is broken up into Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, …

Week in Review

News, Mar 25 2011

by David Adler, Anna Matejcek & Emma Whitford

Operation Odyssey Dawn-s Saturday, March 19 marked the beginning of Operation Odyssey Dawn—an assault led by American forces on the Qaddafi …

Week in Review: 3/3/11

News, Mar 06 2011

by Emily Gogolak, Ashton Strait & Emma Whitford

THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE FOR A RACIST BILLBOARDLast Wednesday, Texas-based anti-abortion group Life Always erected a racially charged billboard on the …

Temple As Symbol: Cambodia and Thailand Clash to Divert Attention from Internal Issues

News, Feb 25 2011

by Emma Whitford

A Hindu temple to Shiva—Preah Vihear to Cambodians and Khao Phra Viharn to Thais—overlooks a valley in the Dangrek mountain range …

The Moby Dick Marathon: A Podcast

Arts, Jan 30 2011

by Emma Whitford

The most wonderful thing about New Bedford's annual Moby Dick Marathon is that it is open to any and all conceptions …

Digesting the October Leak

army reports from the war in Iraq

by Emma Whitford & Ashton Strait

On October 22, 391,831 classified Iraq War logs were made public on the internet. The logs are written primarily by low-ranking …

Week in Review 10/7/10

News, Oct 07 2010

by Deepali Gupta, Ashton Strait, Natalie Villacorta & Emma Whitford

YOGIS FOR CHRIST!Next time you consider changing into spandex and easing into child’s pose, wrap your mind around this: yoga is …

The Food Supply Chain

News, Sep 30 2010

by Emma Whitford

Greg Asbed B’85, co-coordinator of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Campaign for Fair Food, says that CIW is about to …

From Alfalfa To Ivy

Features, Mar 04 2010

by Emma Whitford

Sitting in a booth with five Deep Springs transfers is equivalent to huddling with a quarter of the school’s entire student …


Features, Nov 19 2009

by Emma Whitford

On a summer day in 1987, three-year-old Audrey Santo fell into her family’s backyard swimming pool and suffered massive hypoxia. Unconscious …

Hard Times at Twin River

greyhounds and the future of Rhode Island gambling

metro, Oct 22 2009

by Emma Whitford

Until August 8, Twin River greyhound racetrack andcasino in Lincoln,Rhode Island was riding the tailend of a tradition brought to the …