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Working Through Empathy

An interview with director Josh Oppenheimer

Features, Dec 02 2016

by Elias Bresnick

Josh Oppenheimer is an American documentary filmmaker best known for his films The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence. …

Surveil the Surveillors

In Conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Interviews, Mar 11 2016

by Elias Bresnick

In 2013, Glenn Greenwald published a series of articles in the Guardian outlining the stunningly invasive and widespread data-collection tactics of …

Week in Sponsorship

News, Apr 10 2015

by Jamie Packs & Elias Bresnick

Whopper of a Wedding Wedding announcement photos are surely the pinnacle of elegance. Typically set in some idyllic pastoral scene, or …

Week in Fools

News, Apr 03 2015

by Kyle Giddon, Elias Bresnick, Dominique Pariso & Dash Elhauge

Abandon hope, all ye who read! The scribes have played a ruse; These penmen hath concocted fibs Yet dare to call …

Albany, Albany

Shelly Silver and the Status Quo

News, Jan 30 2015

by Elias Bresnick

The events that culminated in the arrest this past Tuesday of long-standing New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver call to mind …

Week in Displacement

News, Nov 21 2014

by Sebastian Clark & Elias Bresnick

In Kindergarten, we called it “gimme, gimme.” Now we call it privatization. OPEN SEASON The Tanzanian government backtracked this week on …

Sinful Spectacle

Television reaches a point of desperation

News, Nov 14 2014

by Elias Bresnick

Last Tuesday, Nik Wallenda attempted a truly staggering feat. A luminary in the field of tight-rope walking, Wallenda twinkle-toed 1,000 feet …

Week in Irrationality

News, Oct 24 2014

by India Ennenga, Sebastian Clark & Elias Bresnick

SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM It’s 3 AM, you’ve been up all night working, and you’re hovering somewhere between vindictive frustration and …


Making sense of the Internet’s most recent infection

News, Oct 03 2014

by Elias Bresnick

In April of this year, the Internet spiraled into a panic after the discovery of a security bug called Heartbleed. Computer …

Pressing the Limits of Free Press

News, Sep 12 2014

by Elias Bresnick

In June of 1972, two little-known journalists working for The Washington Post were assigned to report on a burglary at Watergate, …