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California Smoke Dims the Rhode Island Sun

Organizing for climate justice in the long shadows of the wildfires

Features, Oct 30 2020

by Elana Hausknecht

My first day of work in California was hard. I knew it would be hard when I signed up with Americorps …

Progressive Percolation

A selection of profiles on the state’s most forward-thinking politicians

Metro, Sep 25 2020

by Morgan Awner, Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo, Lucas Gelfond, Ricardo Gomez, Leo Gordon, Elana Hausknecht, Evie Hidysmith, Rose Houglet, Deborah Marini, Vicky Phan & Peder Schaefer

On September 8, progressive candidates across Rhode Island swept the local Democratic primaries, upsetting incumbent Democrats in a way that made …