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Literary, Oct 11 2019

by Matthew Litman

All Al could talk about was how excited he was for dinner. He said his wife was cooking something special. “I …

We Can't Live on Books Alone

The Fight for Graduate Worker Power

Metro, Nov 09 2018

by Dylan Lewis

Brown University’s Graduate School recently bought two Facebook ads targeting their students’ unionization efforts, one titled “Do You Need a Union,” …

Week in Stunts

News, Oct 19 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Matthew Mellea & Liby Hays

ACCIDENTAL ALTERCATIONS In a dramatic reveal last Wednesday, Rhode Island’s very own Joe Trillo acknowledged that yes, okay, he may have …


FTE, Mar 09 2018

by EW

this past weekend three different men, on three separate occasions, called to me across a room full of people. i swear …

Bad Blood

Haiti and the mythology of AIDS

Features, Apr 21 2017

by Andrew Deck

The Windward Passage spans the distance between Port-au-Prince and Santiago de Cuba. It’s the strait left between the islands of Cuba …

Week in Minor Democratic Victories

News, Nov 18 2016

by Kelton Ellis, Andrew Deck & Jane Argodale

Heck Yeah Harris To temper your cynicism, if only just a little: last week, amid the presidential election’s literal upset, Kamala …

Fair Exchange Is No Theft

RI defunds its only needle exchange

Metro, Oct 28 2016

by Andrew Deck & Will Weatherly

On October 2, a group of monsters, superheroes, and drag performers gathered at The Dark Lady, a gay bar on Snow …

Week in Animal Control

News, Sep 30 2016

by Jack Brook, Kelton Ellis & Andrew Deck

DOGGED LOVE Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 11-year old Apollo, of Jacksonville, Florida, would beg to …

Notes on Gay Softcore Camp

When Gay Sex Loses its Politics

Arts, Sep 16 2016

by Andrew Deck

The first ‘gay-themed’ feature-length film I watched was Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Like many closeted eighth graders, I had turned …

Trace, Body, and Care

Into the Performance Archive with Joan Jonas

Arts, Nov 13 2015

by Andrew J. Smyth

May was something of an event for American performance art. On the occasion of the 56th edition of the Venice Biennale, …

In Which Contact Occurs

Features, Apr 03 2015

by Matthew Marsico

Samuel R. Delany’s 1975 science-fiction opus Dhalgren takes place in and on the outskirts of Bellona, a mysterious city in the …

Lost In Interpretation

News, Feb 27 2015

by Indy News

In a recent address at the country’s annual National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama invoked the name of an ancient atrocity in …

Three Velvet Boyhoods

Literary, Nov 21 2014

by Andrew J. Smyth

To have been delighted by a jumpsuit. An unusual circumstance in which to find oneself, granted, and perhaps even an uncomfortable …

The Kingdom of God Is Within You: A Closet Drama in Two Acts

Literary, Oct 31 2014

by Matthew Marsico

Thomas Engler replied, “Okay. The church was very Southern, very charismatic, sort of scorched-Earth. Weekly services in the high school auditorium. …

Learning the Language

Arts, Oct 03 2014

by Matthew Marsico

That has been all. Should I throw in my hand? I am giving myself one last chance to penetrate the Within …

Mutiny in Providence

Providence’s revolutionary socialists strike a separate path

News, May 02 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

It’s hard to foment revolution when you’re getting overthrown by your own comrades. Over the past few months, Providence’s revolutionary socialists …

Walking in the Ocean

Literary, Apr 25 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

Their last morning in the old man’s house, Alice woke and found George out of bed. She rose to her elbows …

A Labor Movement for All

union battles of disenfranchised workers in RI

Metro, Apr 04 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

Adrienne Jones, a bartender at the Providence Hilton, says she was regularly required to work 15-hour days without breaks. She tried …

Teachability of the Form

on MFA vs. NYC

Arts, Mar 07 2014

by Drew Dickerson

The MFA takes conceptual center stage of MFA vs. NYC, as it probably should. According to Poets and Writers (purveyors of …


Literary, Feb 14 2014

by Matthew Marsico

It felt like I was giving out. I was smoking again: first just a cigarette after dinner, then, one after lunch …

Understand the People, Understand Ourselves

an interview with Sheila Heti

Interviews, Feb 07 2014

by Drew Dickerson

Sheila Heti is a writer working across various forms, but it feels relatively safe to say that the conversation is her …

The Best Laid Plans...

Metro, Jan 31 2014

by Megan Hauptman, Rick Salamé & Abigail Savitch-Lew

Already this year in Rhode Island: the unemployment rate rose to the highest in the nation, the temperature oscillated between extremes, …

Moving Through the World, Mostly Drunk, Looking for Pleasure

A Conversation with Brad Neely

Interviews, Nov 19 2013

by Drew Dickerson

A wounded Confederate soldier sprawls and bleeds across a corpse-strewn comic panel. To his dead comrade: “You probably don’t want to …

Week in Fantasy

News, Nov 04 2013

by Houston Davidson, Drew Dickerson & Emma Wohl

If you think you’re dreaming this, you can wake up now. And there’s no need to go back to sleep—because this …

I Need to Worry Less About You

an interview with Miranda July

Interviews, Nov 03 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Miranda July is a multi-disciplinarian working as director, actress, visual and performing artist, and writer. She has a digital art piece …

In Love with Storytelling

An Interview with Jeffrey Eugenides

Interviews, Sep 27 2013

by Drew Dickerson

You can buy a copy of The Marriage Plot at Cable Car. Jeffrey Eugenides B ‘83’s third novel came out in …

Week In Trendy

News, Sep 26 2013

by Indy News

HOT TOPICS Dom Pérignon, Glastonbury, and VitaCoco have a few things in common. First: someone leading an extreme life of leisure …

Born Free

Arts, Sep 19 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Half the crew of Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing does not exist, or at least goes uncredited. A quick glance …

Week in Body Rot

News, Sep 19 2013

by Indy News

INSIDE OUT It starts with the skin. Pallor mortis, post-mortem paleness, affects corpses with light skin within minutes. As circulation stops, …

The Oracle

News, Sep 18 2013

by Indy News

EVERYTHING IS SPEEDING UP. It’s a common expression. But we’re not talking about 3G, Usain Bolt, or slaughterhouse processing times. We’re …

Having It All

A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Drew Dickerson

“Genre bending” is a term that has recently come into a strange sort of critical vogue. In light of literary fiction’s …

French Connection, RI

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Drew Dickerson & Mimi Dwyer

Adulte Terrible Like any attempt to periodize an artistic movement in its contemporary, the phrase “New French Extremity” is only about …

How to Save a Life

Talking to David Shields

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Drew Dickerson

The 2010 release of David Shields’s (B ‘78) Reality Hunger saw some of the greatest attention paid to a work of …

It Comes From Language

A Conversation With George Saunders

Arts & Culture, Feb 05 2013

by Drew Dickerson

George Saunders is the man of the proverbial literary hour after the January 8 publication of his book Tenth of December—which …

Waiting For It

An interview with improvisors TJ & Dave

Arts & Culture, Jan 22 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Every once in a while, an artist or ensemble emerges that reminds the medium of its own possibilities. Emerges is the …

Journaling: An Interview with n+1's Mark Greif

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Drew Dickerson

In the fall of 2004, the first issue of n+1 was released, a triannual literary magazine featuring essays, criticism, and fiction …

Are You Sure This is Water?

D.T. Max on the legacy of David Foster Wallace

Arts & Culture, Oct 26 2012

by Drew Dickerson

On March 9, 2009, New Yorker staff writer D.T. Max published “The Unfinished,” a posthumous profile of David Foster Wallace. Wallace—who …

Wet, Hot, American

Michael Showalter in conversation

Arts & Culture, Oct 19 2012

by Drew Dickerson

I first learned of Michael Showalter B’92 during the initial run of Stella, a single-camera television show he put out alongside …

The Subject Sam

a conversation with Sam Lipsyte

Arts & Culture, Sep 22 2012

by Drew Dickerson

I first encountered Sam Lipsyte (’90) a little over a year ago after picking up The Ask, his third and most …

What The Fuck?

Interviews, Sep 21 2012

by Drew Dickerson

in 2009, standup comedian Marc Maron was fired from the radio and media network Air America after it cancelled his political …

Nerf War

urban taggers v. the law

News, May 11 2012

by Jamie Brew

Martyn Yang of Canberra, Australia says his blog, UrbanTaggers, as “dedicated to all things to do with toy blasters, be it …


Features, Apr 10 2012

by By Andrew Lee

There are tales of people taking psychedelic drugs and jumping out of buildings, going permanently insane, or accidentally overdosing. There are …


Arts, Apr 10 2012

by By Drew Dickerson

In his cheekily-titled “Why Experimental Fiction Threatens to Destroy Publishing, Jonathan Franzen, and Life As We Know It: A Correction,” published …

Abnormal Aptitudes

The Genetics of Academic Disposition

Science & Technology, Mar 12 2012

by Greg Sewitz

A new study by Princeton professors Benjamin Campbell and Samuel Wang probes the biological nature of what people love to learn. …

"They Bump Hips"

Lacrosse and Native Americana

Sports, Mar 06 2012

by Drew Dickerson

On Saturday, February 18, over the course of an afternoon, Brown University’s Men’s Varsity lacrosse team faced off against the Iroquois …

Tunisia's Triumph

Interviews, Nov 03 2011

by interview by Malcolm Burnley

One Tunisian street vendor self-immolated in December, and thousands responded in revolution; one dictator was disposed of in January, and millions …

Frankly, Somewhat Pro-Pun

Interviews, Nov 03 2011

by conducted by Jamie Brew

There are four kinds of people in this world. There are those who do not yet know Frank Lesser. Then there …

WEEK IN REVIEW 20 October 2011

Week in Review, Oct 27 2011

by by Andrew Kaplan, Kate Welsh & Berry Elkinton

Plumber Credentials Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as media sensation “Joe the Plumber” of the 2008 presidential campaign trail, has returned …

Politics Post-Coakley

boxstory, Feb 04 2010

by News Editor

We will remember the narrative of Massachusetts senatorial election in facial terms: Scott Brown’s rugged, graying boyishness contrasted against Martha Coakley’s …


boxstory, Nov 12 2009

by Lillian Mathews

A new amendment to Rhode Island law has clarifiedhow qualified citizens will obtain medical marijuanawithin the next year. Despite Governor Donald …


Metro, Nov 12 2009

by Lillian Mathews

A new amendment to Rhode Island law has clarified how qualified citizens will obtain medical marijuana within the next year. Despite …

Planting PVD

Providence embraces urban gardening

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Lillian Mathews

As far as cities go, Providence is hardly your typical"asphalt jungle."A growing presence of leafy greensand tomato vines has found its …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Drew Foster

Sometimes I go to Boston to see movies. I like getting on commuter trains, arriving in a bigger city within the …


Arts, Feb 05 2009

by Drew Foster

Sans Soleil Nobody makes movies like Chris Marker, which makes sense, considering he doesn't refer to them as movies. Calling Soleil …

Manifest Destiny in Khartoum

did buckleyism beget Omar Al-Bashir

News, Mar 06 2008

by Matt Prewitt

In 1969, a young Noam Chomsky sat down with William Buckley on the PBS show Firing Line to debate the motives …

Making Meaning out of Stardust

interpreting the great american songbook today

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Ben Ewing

I would like to think that had I come of age in the 1930s, I would still love the Gershwin, Arlen, …