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Refrigerators in the Future

Literary, May 19 2020

by Catherine Habgood & Tara Sharma

The house is ours for one month, the insides cluttered with wind meters and amphibian figurines.We eat the breakfast at the …

The Urgency of Shame

A conversation with writer Garth Greenwell

Arts, May 01 2020

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Evan Lincoln

Near the beginning of Garth Greenwell's first novel What Belongs To You, the narrator checks into a seedy hotel on the …

The EXTRA! Files

Features, May 01 2020

by Alana Baer, Ben Bienstock, Sarah Goldman, Tara Sharma, Ivy Scott, Wen Zhuang, Kion You, Leslie Benavides & Ella Spungen

Volume 40 of the College Hill Independent marks, strangely enough, our 30th anniversary. Thirty years of Metro reporting, 600 Weeks Reviewed, …

On Huikau

Tensions simmering in the melting pot

Features, May 01 2020

by Jacob Alabab-Moser

I have photos that help me recall the day my Aunty and Uncle took me to the summit of Maunakea around …

Consider the Lobster (Again)

Climate change puts RI lobsters in hot water

Metro, May 01 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Peter Brodeur was only a few miles away from his home on the Narrow River in Narragansett, a seaside community in …

O, It’s Manifold

Poems and Flash Fiction

Literary, Apr 24 2020

by Natalie Zummer

O, It’s Manifold I. They embalmed all the women in one Museum. Critics write, What a surfeit Of hidden beauty! Competence …

Week in State Feuds

News, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

States whose biggest beef with each other typically involves passing a pigskin have gone one step further during this global pandemic …

Lost in Translation

Providence public schools, multilingual pedagogy, and the coronavirus crisis

Metro, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

ENTERING: The language of achievement and deficit Two comprehensive reports researching the conditions in the Providence Public School District (PPSD) came …

The Breakers

Literary, Apr 17 2020

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

A proscenium play: Newport, Rhode Island. The set has lots of neo-baroque curlicues. Also metal pipes and gears, perhaps serving specific …

Week in Necessities

News, Apr 10 2020

by Alana Baer & Kaela Hines

RED SCARE IN A RED STATE Last week, with 112 votes in favor, none against, and one abstention, the Scottish Parliament …

Looking for Love in the Pleasurebot Years

Literary, Apr 10 2020

by Jaime Serrato Marks

creation story [2020-2024] VC flicked through four dating apps every night looking for someone to hold. He promised, in his bio …

Shelter from the Storm

Gov. Raimondo needs to open up hotels, dorms to people experiencing homelessness

Metro, Apr 09 2020

by Peder Schaefer

The front-page headline of the Providence Journal on April 4 proclaimed, in bold type: Raimondo: Stay home, or ‘more people will …

Success Stories

Succession and the soap-satire

Arts, Mar 27 2020

by Cate Turner

Last October, then-presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “struggling” to get into a buzzy HBO show …

It's Personal

The Low-Tech Future of the Future of Learning

News, Mar 27 2020

by Asher Lehrer-Small

At Springfield High School in Southern Vermont, the entryway stairs not only lead students inside the school building—they serve as a …

Flesh Without Blood

Grimes, Digital Embodiment, and the Distinction Between Live and Recorded Performance

Science & Technology, Mar 13 2020

by Andy Rickert

​ Grimes delivered her performance at The Game Awards in traditional cyberpunk fashion. Hunched over a bulky computer terminal while lasers …

Cabbage: A Cultural History

Features, Mar 07 2020

by Alex Alverson

“Cabbage guy,” or the cabbage merchant, is one of the most iconic characters in Avatar the Last Airbender, an animated TV …

Keeping an Open Mind

A glimpse at the fight to decriminalize psychedelics

News, Mar 03 2020

by Will Allstetter

For most, magic mushrooms carry connotations of hippies, music festivals, and perhaps a previous roommate. But, in recent years, there has …

Race for Ward 1

The Independent's guide to the candidates

News, Mar 03 2020

by Peder Schaefer

Blue, yellow, and white campaign signs mark homes and businesses up and down Wickenden Street in the Fox Point Neighborhood of …

Detention, Incarceration, Deportation

The Wyatt Detention Center and the national prison-industrial complex

Metro, Mar 03 2020

by Leela Berman

PLACING THE WYATT IN CENTRAL FALLS The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility is located across from a park. A wide expanse …

On the Almost Liberating Possibilities of Moshing

A Personal Politics of Mosh Pits

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Jaime Serrato Marks

I was first introduced to moshing by the massive bruise on my coworker Dannyboi’s cheek. Dannyboi shuffled into the ice cream …

Two Rallies

News, Feb 14 2020

by Anchita Dasgupta & Peder Schaefer

University students organize against the rise of fascism in India As New Delhi witnessed Brazilian dictator Jair Bolsonaro, Chief Guest of …

This Land, This Land, This Land

Exhibiting visual narratives of Narragansett indigeneity and settler violence in the house Colonial Providence built.

Arts, Feb 14 2020

by Isabel Guarnieri

As a small crowd of us huddle on the cold stone staircase, Lynsea Montanari—a Narragansett visual artist—opens the night with a …

Mapping Capital

Urban disinvestment on the small screen

Science & Technology, Dec 06 2019

by Ella Comberg

Vince Staples’ music video “FUN!” opens on a digital rendering of the planet Earth. The camera zooms in rapidly—as many of …

Chile Despertó

Paula Pacheco Soto on the Chilean student movement in historical perspective

News, Dec 06 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser, Izzi Olive & Paula Pacheco Soto

October 26 Chile has long been heralded as one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America and an example of …

The Cold Shoulder

A flawed system is endangering RI’s homeless

Metro, Dec 06 2019

by Deborah Marini, Loughlin Neuert & Peder Schaefer

When Harry lost his home in October, he went to one of Rhode Island’s largest emergency shelters: Crossroads Rhode Island. He …

Save the BCSC

Alumni Stand in Support of Student Activism

News, Dec 06 2019

by Concerned Brown Alumni

We, the undersigned alumni of Brown University, write to express serious concern with the troubling atmosphere and recent heartbreaking student experiences …

Measuring the Small Animal of My Body

Weight loss in the era of Fitbits

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Dana Schneider

content warning: body image When I was in the third grade, everyone got pedometers from our teacher. They were small and …

Collected Poems (no theme)

Literary, Nov 15 2019

by Kanha Prasad, Jane Freiman, Isabelle Rea, Andy Rickert, Catherine Habgood, Sandra Moore & Gemma Brand-Wolf

Shades of Sick I woke up, sick of today, still a golden caterpillar, high as balls on buttery dreams. My open …

Making Dough

Thoughts on Mika Rottenberg’s surreal videos

Arts, Nov 15 2019

by Alana Baer

A kneaded piece of dough slides through a hole in the wall. Flattened bright-red fingernails are flattened. Human tears drip through …

Building Republic

Kyrgyz Systems of Accountability

News, Nov 15 2019

by Erika Undeland

On March 24, 2005, my mother and father cheered as demonstrators took over the White House of the Kyrgyz Republic. They …

God in the Dataset

Opening the black box of machine learning

Science & Technology, Nov 01 2019

by Andy Rickert

There will be no edges, but curves. -Tracy K. Smith The black box is a metaphor for a device whose inner …

Self-Made Men

Wanting and getting in Mad Men

Arts, Oct 25 2019

by Cate Turner

Wanting to be a man, or a certain kind of man, animates most of the heavy-hitters of ‘prestige TV.’ These shows …

Speaking Up

Negotiating Tulsi Gabbard’s place in the media landscape

News, Oct 25 2019

by Olympe Scherer

Some have never heard of presidential candidate US Representative Tulsi Gabbard [D-HI]. Others complain she’s making too much noise. In August, …

Clean Energy, Muddy Waters

Offshore windmills pose changes and challenges for fishermen

Metro, Oct 25 2019

by Peder Schaefer

From a distance, the Block Island Wind Farm looks innocent. The blades spin in lazy circles, and at night, red lights …

Shifting Gears

The United Automobile Workers strikes General Motors

News, Oct 11 2019

by Cate Turner

On September 15, nearly 50,000 United Automobile Workers (UAW) union members formed picket lines outside of General Motors factories across the …

Dirty Undies

Seeing and unseeing the thong in pop culture

Features, Oct 11 2019

by Isabel Guarnieri

I bought my first thong when I was 15. It was a cinnamon color with light blue polka dots, framed by …

Treading Water

Can the ProJo stay afloat in the Ocean State?

Metro, Sep 27 2019

by Ricardo Gomez & Peder Schaefer

Before ad revenue dried up, and before the financial crisis, and Facebook, and the smartphone, and Craigslist, the Providence Journal was …

Week in Veneers

News, Sep 27 2019

by Loughlin Neuert & Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

LOOKING PRESI-DENTAL The 2020 presidential race has opened with such an oversaturated field of candidates that sometimes distinguishing between them all …

From the Editors

FTE, Sep 27 2019

by ER

I was just solicited to write this. It’s what I get for coming to Conmag at peak copy hour, I guess. …

Catering Contract Concerns

An open letter on catering workers’ contract negotiations

Metro, Sep 21 2019

by Noa Machover & Nora Lawrence

Since September 2018, Brown University catering service employees have been negotiating their contract with the University in an attempt to unionize. …

Disney To Dust

Cultural nostalgia and cynicism in live action remakes

Arts, Sep 21 2019

by Tristan St. Germain

In 2019, the Walt Disney Company became the very first studio to release five films that each grossed over one billion …

Seeing Through Supplements

How the vitamin industry sells health

Science & Technology, Sep 21 2019

by Jennifer Katz

Whenever I have a problem, my parents believe vitamins are the solution: “Feeling tired from classwork? “There must be an iron …

Two Poems

Literary, Sep 21 2019

by Alana Baer

Cathy I hate missing sock mistake I hate rat raisin fluorescent forget and death and a plastic clothing hanger wet paper …

The Fourth of July Girl

Literary, Sep 21 2019

by Catherine Habgood

She emerges from the port-a-potty dripping wet. The blue plastic door swings a full one hundred and eighty degrees, shuddering the …

Beyond #MeToo

Transformative Justice on College Campuses

Features, Sep 21 2019

by Camila Pelsinger

content warning: sexual violence This week, the Features editors invited Camila Pelsinger B’20, Transformative Justice Student Coordinator, to author a piece …

Social Determinants

The DRC Ebola outbreak, explained

News, Sep 20 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Izzi Olive

“They were dying slowly—it was very clear. They were not enemies, they were not criminals, they were nothing earthly now—nothing but …

Providence Bites

Metro, Sep 13 2019

by Ella Comberg & Miles Guggenheim

Providence Can't JUMP by Ella Comberg I risk hyperbole when I say that the first time I rode a JUMP bike, …

Week in Video Giants

News, Apr 19 2019

by Alan Dean, Ricardo Gomez, Bilal Memon, Peder Schaefer & Aayushi Khowala

Stuck in the Tape Deck If the mediocre 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick The Last Stand had been released in 2004, …

Days of Our Lives

On soap operas and suffering

Features, Apr 19 2019

by Will Weatherly

Like the plot of any good melodrama, my relationship to The Bold and the Beautiful was a matter of fate, and …

Beyond Rubbers

A short history of male birth control

Science & Technology, Apr 12 2019

by Jennifer Katz

When patients come to Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, a Manhattan-based holistic women’s health psychiatrist, with complaints of low libido, insomnia, unstable …

Mattiello and the Machine

Nicholas Mattiello and the centralization of the Rhode Island House

Metro, Apr 12 2019

by Brionne Frazier

Nicholas Mattiello has been touted as the most powerful man in Rhode Island. This power stems primarily from his position as …

City Upon a Hill

A study in the geopolitics of elevation

Features, Apr 12 2019

by Jesse Barber

The Berkeley hills bound the city to the east. The ridge stretches up and down the eastern bank of the San …

Waving the Flag

Competition and community at the Providence Gay Flag Football League

Metro, Apr 12 2019

by Cate Turner

From a distance, the scene looks and sounds not unlike a standard fair-weather gym class. Players clad in mismatched jerseys dart …

From The Editors

FTE, Apr 04 2019

by Professor Mike Fink, Literary Arts + Studies & RISD

We received the following letter last week, which felt urgent enough to share: “A fortnight ago a handsome plaque or pennant …

Rhode Island is Famous for You

Crimetown, and the problem of Providence's mob narrative

Arts, Apr 04 2019

by Ella Comberg

My Italian-American father tells one of our family’s best stories. I heard it again recently after I asked him, mostly in …

Exit Interview with My Grandmother

On 76th between Columbus and Amsterdam, a ninety-two year old woman is reading Sally Rooney

Features, Mar 22 2019

by Lily Meyersohn

My grandmother serves me small lunches she likes to call gourmet. Ham, whole wheat, mustard, assorted cookies my mother brings my …

There's Still Something in the Water

The Public Health Crisis of Providence's Lead Pipes

Metro, Mar 22 2019

by Peder Schaefer, Deborah Marini & Ricardo Gomez

The Providence Water headquarters in Lower South Providence is wedged between Mashapaug Pond—contaminated, still, from toxic waste emitted by the old …

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

How Modern Monetary Theory reimagines government spending

News, Mar 15 2019

by Jesse Barber

A few weeks ago, a group of children confronted Senator Dianne Feinstein to plead for her to make a commitment to …

Captioning Fascism

Memes, misinformation, and political fatigue in Bolsonaro's Brazil

News, Mar 08 2019

by Adam Fertig

“Don’t worry, everybody, everything will get better after the 2014 World Cup.” This tweet has been immortalized in reaction GIFs, YouTube …

Week in Jam

News, Mar 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Gemma Sack

LOST IN TRANSLATION, ONCE AGAIN Ariana Grande, America’s sweetheart as of late, continued our country’s long-standing tradition of getting a tattoo …

Bad Lieutenant

Passing, clocking, and the curious case of Catalina de Erauso

Features, Mar 01 2019

by Cate Turner

Doña Catalina de Erauso does not have much of a place in history. He is a footnote to the Spanish Baroque …

Beyond Screens

In conversation with Khiara Bridges and Virginia Eubanks

Science & Technology, Mar 01 2019

by Julia Rock & Lily Meyersohn

content warning: maternal death "I’m literally dying,” Lashonda Hazard posted on Facebook early last month. The otherwise-healthy, pregnant 27-year-old had visited …

Six Men Spotted at the Glen Park Roller Rink and Rec Center

Literary, Feb 15 2019

by Will Weatherly

ROB It is hard to avoid looking at one another on the rink because you’re in a circle: somebody’s always following …

All In

Rhode Island legalizes sports betting

Metro, Feb 08 2019

by Peder Schaefer, Deborah Marini & John Graves

Ronny first came to what is now Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, RI—then a race track called Lincoln Downs—when he was …

State of Affairs

Protests build momentum in Sudan and France

News, Feb 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Jessica Bram Murphy

Media outlets largely focus on specific moments in time, framing events as singular instances while often ignoring their historical and political …

Week in Digital Drama

News, Feb 01 2019

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp, Maria Gerdyman, Annabelle Chace & Theia Flynn

"Facebook gains nothing from this meme" If you haven’t deactivated your social media accounts out of fear of breaches in privacy, …

Best Rhode Island Tweets of 2018

An Indy Listicle

Metro, Dec 21 2018

by Harry August & Ella Comberg

We never thought the day would come either. At the Indy, we pride ourselves on maintaining the kind of long-form, Leftist, …


Literary, Dec 07 2018

by Athena Zeros

the ground breaks too so please tell me my name even if my fullmouth stings of feathers the loudest thing the …

Top Down

An examination of the tradition of half-staff

Features, Dec 07 2018

by Jesse Barber

Mark Barnes, Chief Property Manager of the Rhode Island Capitol Campus, might get the email from the Governor’s Office at 3:00 …

Week in Sad Food

Metro, Nov 30 2018

by Gemma Sack & Jesse Barber

1-800-BUTTERBALL “Alexa, how do I cook a perfect turkey?” This year, for the first time ever, you may have heard this …

Glass House, Shattered

A walkthrough of Philip Johnson’s famed residence

Features, Nov 30 2018

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Alex Westfall

We visited Philip Johnson’s Glass House on a chilly Friday morning in autumn. After multiple failed attempts to reserve a visit …


Forty years ago, student journalists uncovered records of police brutality in Providence

Features, Nov 30 2018

by Ella Comberg & Lucas Smolcic Larson

content warning: graphic descriptions of police brutality In 1980, Steve Kohn returned to the offices of the Providence Human Relations Commission, …

Artificial Sweeteners

Providence navigates urban development

Metro, Nov 16 2018

by Peder S. Schaefer

Last week the Ordinance Committee of the Providence City Council voted favorably on a bill that would increase the building height …

Three Poems

Literary, Nov 09 2018

by Bria Metzger

here we collide Worry me at the tail edge of torn seams, Locked into conversation with the neighbors again About the …

Week in Puppets

News, Nov 09 2018

by Ella Comberg, Alina Kulman & Liby Hays

DANCE LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING “This is interpretive dance—also known as Mooch Moves—for my time in the White House.” Last Monday, the …

Through the Muck

Introducing an Indy series on climate change in RI

Climate, Nov 09 2018

by Harry August, Ella Comberg & Julia Rock

We have no idea how to think about climate. Over-dramatized headlines responding to last month’s United Nations IPCC report yell at …

Items I Lost or Else Forgot While Moving Through

Mourning and melancholia in their transit

Features, Oct 26 2018

by Lily Meyersohn

“Think of a word, any word. Let’s try coconut.” My old friend whose parents named her after a citrus gives me …

Walking on Eggshells

Tlatelolco, UNAM, and Mexico's resurgent student movement

Features, Oct 26 2018

by Jacob Alabab-Moser

content warning: state violence, gore, gender violence I am WhatsApping my friend Carolina on a Wednesday night in early October in …

Zoo (Dystopia)

A walk through the Roger Williams Zoo

Features, Oct 19 2018

by Jesse Barber

I have been dreaming about seeing a Snow Leopard. My infatuation with animals started before I was born, when my brother …

Our Kind of People

Crazy Rich Asians and diasporic representation

Features, Oct 05 2018

by Audrey Therese Buhain

There’s a particular moment in Jon M. Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians that has left me unsettled for the past few days. …

Health Services

Literary, Sep 28 2018

by Luke Perrotta

“Oh, honey.” The paper crinkles when I hop up on the shiny patient bed and face the nurse, whose nametag screams …

Critically Making a Campus

RISD’s Prov-Wash gets a new look, but for whom?

Features, Sep 28 2018

by Jeremy Wolin

“Have you been? It’s very space-agey,” I overheard in my first week back in Providence. 20 Washington Place, better known to …

Week In Running

News, Sep 28 2018

by Harry August, Ella Comberg & Lucien Turczan-Lipets

Uptown Rats, Not So Whitebread World Billy Joel pointed out that the differences between the girls of the Upper East Side …

Do You Even Rift?

Literary, Sep 24 2018

by Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

Hellnoser Forums Rifter discussion and community news. We can deal with demons, but don’t be a dick. --- Quick Guides for …


Because bread is fundamental

Body, Sep 24 2018

by Emerson Tenney

There is a dichotomy surrounding bread, and this is especially true in the United States. Cultures all across the globe consume …


Getting dressed with glamour

Body, Sep 15 2018

by Cate Turner

The first piece of clothing I ever really loved was a calf-length dress I would now call slip-inspired. It didn't look …

Vocalizing Whiteness

Reversing Minstrelsy in Sorry To Bother You and BlacKkKlansman

Arts, Sep 15 2018

by Marianne Verrone

Within a week of Spike Lee’s autobiographical drama BlacKkKlansman being released, Boots Riley, director of absurdist dark comedy Sorry to Bother …

The House on Keene Steet

College Hill reads the zoning code

Metro, Sep 15 2018

by Harry August & Ella Comberg

Along College Hill’s Keene Street, identical teal blue signs placed in nearly every yard point to a street united. Unlike other …

“Private” Violence, Public Concern

Jeff Sessions’ Disregard for Decades of Women’s and Migrants’ Rights Activism

News, Sep 15 2018

by Erin West

“Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum.” In …

The Human Gaze

Photography, objectivity, and the National Geographic Twins

Science & Technology, Apr 20 2018

by Soraya Ferdman

This April, National Geographic published an issue dedicated entirely to the subject of race. On the cover was a photograph of …

Three Poems

Literary, Apr 20 2018

by Sienna Giraldi & Will Weatherly

into its own fixless dew-thighed-today i set out to find my missing vowels with me i have only the things you …

The Shame of the Cities

Renderings, reality TV, and obsessive urbanism

Arts, Apr 12 2018

by Ella Comberg

There’s an image of the proposed Providence streetcar that keeps me up at night. It depicts the corner of Empire and …

Behind the Braids

Students, farmworkers, and the Fair Food Program

News, Apr 12 2018

by Natalie Lerner

During spring of 2015, my first year at Brown, I participated in a campus-wide movement called #MoneyTalksAtBrown. This student-organized march and …


Literary, Apr 06 2018

by Emerson Tenney

My slanted strides put pressure forward Air in the space where we fog (our windows) collapsing downhill Letter paper folds over …

A Threatening Isolation

An evolution of attitudes toward bacteria in research and medicine

Science & Technology, Mar 23 2018

by Sam Fredericks

Alone in an agar dish, an E. coli bacterium lives just as it would in the bowels of a dog or …

Set in Stone

Examining the stakes of transnational monuments

Features, Mar 23 2018

by Jeremy Wolin

In 2016, the National Park Service, the National Capital Planning Commission, and the Van Alen Institute launched “Memorials for the Future,” …

To the Benefit of Few

The histories of the Providence Preservation Society

Metro, Mar 23 2018

by Kerrick Edwards & Ilan Desai-Geller

102 Benefit Street, the Gershom Jones-John Howland House, is built on land that was first developed by Abraham Whipple, a captain …

Week in Messy Politics

News, Mar 23 2018

by Julia Rock, Julia Petrini & Will Weatherly

Revolutionary Criminals People who work for the government in Rhode Island aren’t the best at playing by the rules. In the …

Summer After Moonlight

On why we are glad Call Me By Your Name didn’t win Best Picture

Features, Mar 15 2018

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber, Paula Pacheco Soto & Emma Lloyd

Queer films represent a break from mainstream cinema, which is usually intent on depicting heterosexual romance. In the past few years, …

Sick Days

Individualized healthcare and corporatized well-being

Science & Technology, Mar 15 2018

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Of the many protest signs from last week written in that perfect classroom-style, magic-marker-on-cardstock lettering, more than one read: “I’d take …

Week in Growing Industries

News, Mar 15 2018

by Soraya Ferdman & Marly Toledano

Reasons to Lyft After a long Saturday night and a few too many tequila shots, sometimes the only thing the uninhibited …

Love Never Fails

Car Seat Headrest and my twin fantasies

Arts, Mar 09 2018

by Cate Turner

The February release of Car Seat Headrest’s Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) wreaked more psychological havoc on me than any other …

Lessons on Corporeal Grammar

Body, Mar 09 2018

by Anna Hundert

There’s something unfailingly secure about reciting charts of conjugated verbs. Something about the rhythm, the way everything seems to fit neatly …

Week in Strange Competition

News, Mar 09 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Sydney Anderson & Eve Zelickson

Fighting for Fitness When it comes to national security threats, you’ve heard of North Korea, you’ve heard of Russia’s troll farms, …

The Hand that Feeds You

Columbia graduate workers give a lesson in labor

News, Mar 02 2018

by Will Weatherly

content warning: sexual harassment On February 1, a group of graduate workers and faculty at Columbia University gathered in front of …

In the Meantime

Providence public school students circumvent a doomed architecture

Metro, Feb 16 2018

by Ella Comberg

When Alice Rayner was a senior in high school, they wrote a blog post for “the Purple Pages,” a Tumblr account …

Week in Kingdom Animalia

News, Feb 16 2018

by Ivy Scott & Will Weatherly

Birdbrains “It is the things we love most that destroy us,” wrote Suzanne Collins in the third book of the Hunger …

Week in Civil Disobedience

News, Feb 02 2018

by Ella Comberg, Soraya Ferdman & Kayli Wren

#CHRISTIESTILLHATESTRANSPORTATIONLAWSGATE Four years after #Bridgegate flooded Twitter, Chris Christie’s name is once again under fire over a gate scandal. Then, it …

Barefoot: How to Live Well in Hard Times

A tribute to Mark Baumer

Metro, Feb 02 2018

by Erin West

The following are excerpts from Mark’s various work, pulled largely from his blog, Barefoot Across America. 1. Believe in the future: …

Singing a Different Tune

Grad Party and the queer storytelling of “Pretty Boy”

Arts, Feb 02 2018

by Anna Hundert

As a genre, the love song has a fraught history of reinforcing particular frameworks within the heterosexual matrix. The male singer-songwriter, …


Literary, Feb 02 2018

by Pia Struzzieri

“Tell me a story,” he says. They’re sitting crouched in the corner of the room. Amanda has upended a table so …

Inspiring Angels

Freakery and resistance in AIDS crisis performance

Arts, Dec 01 2017

by Cate Turner

In 1970s San Francisco, to be gay was often to be spectacular. The Angels of Light, a free theatre formed in …

Week in Post-Apocalypse

News, Dec 01 2017

by Mark Benz, Sophie Kasakove, Patrick McMenamin, Eve Zelickson & Will Weatherly

A Fizzling Housing Market Like a specter haunting Middle America, the remnants of Cold War industry are making for a strange …

The World Under Glass

Mars, money, and matter in Arizona

Science & Technology, Nov 17 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Once upon a time in the 1980s, a Texas oil magnate, an architect, a systems theorist, and a hippie-businessman-scientist re-made the …

A Constructed Divide

Puerto Rican migrants and the future of a people

Features, Nov 10 2017

by Soraya Ferdman

There are few things more difficult to talk about, even fewer to be hopeful about, than the future of my island. …

Five Movies on Small Screens

Science & Technology, Nov 03 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Rear Window (1955) University Building Auditorium I saw this for class. We were supposed to think about the male gaze and …

Bringing It Home

Rosa Parks’ house for public history and political action

Metro, Nov 03 2017

by Kerrick Edwards & Erin West

content warning: racism, police violence This coming March, Providence will become a home for a memorial to one of the most …

Edges and Borders

New luxury student housing on Canal Street

Metro, Nov 03 2017

by Ella Comberg

Rhode Island is building. New residential projects are popping up all over the state, but the bulk of development is concentrated …

Week in Royalty

News, Nov 03 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel, Sydney Anderson & Liz Cory

Purple Reign This week’s saddening use of zeugma ([zoog-ma] noun: a figure of speech in which a word applies to two …

The Lights Coming Down

An oral history of Aurora

Features, Oct 27 2017

by Will Weatherly, Sophie Kasakove, Maya Björnson & Nora Gosselin

If you live in Providence, it is likely that you have attended an event at Aurora at some point during its …

Emerging Borders

Independence struggles in Kurdistan and Catalonia

News, Oct 20 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

In the weeks leading up to the October 1 Catalonian vote on the region’s independence, tens of thousands of people flooded …

Week in Bittersweet Bites

News, Oct 20 2017

by Signe Swanson, Anna Hundert & Julia Tompkins

A Star Dies in “Holy Wood” Hugh Hefner is dead. He died of chronic old age on September 27 at the …

Synthetic Lovers

Love Dolls in companionship and subjugation

Metabolics, Oct 06 2017

by Maya Brauer

The supple texture of its simulated flesh yields to my fingers of flesh and blood. Gaze fixated upon something in the …

La Leyenda de la Llorona

Folkloric tales of the weeping woman and her wails

Occult, Oct 06 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

content warning: racial violence In the beginning, we sleep on the hot tongue inside some tropical animal. The sky blooms open …

Mi Puerto Rico

Features, Oct 06 2017

by Sebastián Otero, Soraya Ferdman, AnaSofía Velázquez & Ella Scholz

The Cuban writer and revolutionary José Martí coined the term= “patria es humanidad”––homeland is humanity. After Hurricane María hit my island, …

Week in Sad Developments

News, Oct 06 2017

by Katrina Northrop, Sydney Anderson & Julia Petrini

LOCK THEM UP! Remember last year when the words ‘email’ and ‘scandal’ were inseparable? When your friend mentioned emails over lunch, …

Dear Indy...

Features, Sep 29 2017

by Lisa Borst, Will Tavlin & Erin West

Dear Indy, Thoughts on PDA? LB: Despite long being an object of public scrutiny, regulation, judgment, and fantasy, the thing about …


What does it mean when East Asians go blonde?

Features, Sep 29 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

cw: racism, suicide A couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian bleached her hair blonde—again. The first time was back in March …


On the aesthetics of optimism

Science & Technology, Sep 29 2017

by Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

In 1984, William Gibson published his seminal cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer. The novel was a transformative event, and not only because it …

DACA Has Never Been Enough

Supporting justice for all undocumented people

News, Sep 29 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

On September 18, over 70 undocumented students disrupted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s news conference in San Francisco. They were protesting …

The Vietnam Syndrome

Losing the middle ground in Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War

Arts, Sep 29 2017

by Will Weatherly

cw: war, police violence, racism The speaker speaks and the truth still leakswhere even Richard Nixon has got soul... Neil Young, …

Twuz Dark

Literary, Sep 29 2017

by Ava Zeichner

As the soon-to-be hero grows older it ventures further from the peasant village. The peasants fear for it a little. They …

Week in Lifestyle Improvement

News, Sep 15 2017

by Soraya Ferdman, Eve Zelickson & Nora Gosselin

Aw Shucks Since when has keeping up with the internet age meant automating oyster consumption? I don’t know. But apparently it …

Swimming Through Emotional Worlds

A Conversation with Rachel Glaser

Arts, Sep 15 2017

by Anna Hundert

Rachel B. Glaser is the author of the short story collection Pee on Water (2010), the novel Paulina & Fran (2015) …

Pins Over Needles

Radical acupuncture in the Bronx and Providence

Metabolics, Sep 15 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

The year 1970 marked the height of a heroin epidemic in the United States. The drug detoxification program at Lincoln Hospital …

Zero Ground

Reflections on collective trauma

Features, Sep 15 2017

by Zack Kligler

The Atacama Desert, which spans 50,000 square miles on the Western side of the Andes, is known as the driest place …

Real Black Magic

Reclaiming Black indigenous spirituality

Occult, Apr 21 2017

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber

Black Girl Magic is more than a prominent Black Twitter hashtag, popularized in 2013. It is a real and growing movement …

Something's Gotta Give

The impending writers' strike and the problem with peak TV

Science & Technology, Apr 21 2017

by Noah Ezer

“West Board and East Council voted unanimously to move forward with a strike authorization vote,” begins television producer, director, and writer …

Indivisible Labor

Vermont’s migrant farmworkers organize for justice

News, Apr 21 2017

by Piper French

content warning: xenophobia, violent death Patricio Hernandez, Pato for short, lives and works on a dairy farm that sits just off …

Week in the Munchies

News, Apr 21 2017

by Zack Kligler, Julia Tompkins, Jamie & Chris Packs

KIDDIE MEAL It was 7PM, supper had come and gone, and our hero’s tummy had the rumblies, the phantom taste—his favorite …

Lost in the Mall

On the writer’s residency at the Mall of America

Arts, Apr 14 2017

by Signe Swanson & Will Weatherly

content warning: anti-Black policing “You'll need the tools for survival / And the medicine for the blues / Sweet treats and …

Farm to Bargaining Table

The farmworker fight against exploitation by fast food

Features, Apr 07 2017

by Mitchell Johnson & Erin West

“Wendy’s, escucha la voz del pueblo porque nosotros somos el pueblo y nosotros demandamos justicia,” farmworker Lupe Gonzalo announced to a …

Black Faces, White Spaces

Reflections on Dana Schutz's Open Casket

Arts, Apr 07 2017

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber

content warning: anti-Black violence On a gray and rainy Tuesday, I decided to make the pilgrimage from my home in Brooklyn …

Politics Down Under

Renegotiating Australian-Chinese Partnerships

News, Apr 07 2017

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

On Tuesday, March 28, after weeks of warming relations with The People’s Republic of China, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull abruptly …

Week in High School

News, Apr 07 2017

by Sam Samore, Josh Kurtz & Brionne Frazier

LET GRANDMA GO TO PROM Prom is an eternal category, cutting across boundaries of time and space. Prom has no age. …

Outside the Club

An interview with photographer Pedro Letria

Arts, Mar 24 2017

by Will Weatherly

Photos by Pedro Letria Pedro Letria is a Portuguese photographer whose work often deals with displacement, a subject stemming from Letria’s …

White Wall

A call to action

Metro, Mar 24 2017

by Vuthy Lay, Makoto Kumasaka & Cameron Kucera

On the corner of Benefit and College Streets, it would be easy to glance over the Radeke Façade, which looks like …

Sunken Places

The embodied horror of Get Out

Arts, Mar 17 2017

by Marianne Verrone

content warning: anti-Blackness, misogynoir “I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids—and I might even be …

Negligence is not Neutral

The ongoing plight of child refugees in Calais

News, Mar 17 2017

by Piper French

Fifteen year-old Khalid* has been trying to get to the United Kingdom for almost a year now. He left his family …

Representing Herself

Roxane Gay and the multiplicity of female experience

Arts, Mar 10 2017

by Brionne Frazier

Roxane Gay contains multitudes. She is a professor, author, comic book writer, professional Scrabble player, tweeter and pop culture aficionado. Her …

Beyond Dakota Access

FANG Collective brings the anti-pipeline fight home to Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 10 2017

by Zack Kligler

At 10AM last Thursday, three people affiliated with the FANG Collective, an activist group dedicated to environmental justice, locked themselves to …

Week in WTF is Happening in the UK?

News, Mar 10 2017

by Sophie Kasakove, Lance Gloss & Will Weatherly

“The Pub is Closed, Long Live the Pub!” The walls of the nation-state are looking a bit knackered, but the walls …

What's So Funny?

On Migos, anti-Blackness, and representation

Arts, Mar 03 2017

by Noah Ezer

I. “My nigga just focus, I’m tryna paint you a picture. We stuck in the moment.” – Vince Staples, “Señorita” In …

Criteria for Membership

Racialized anti-gang policies target undocumented immigrants under Trump

Features, Mar 03 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

Daniel Ramirez Medina was asleep in the living room of his father’s home in Des Moines, Washington on the morning of …

Raising Prices, Closing Doors

RIPTA fare hike impacts Rhode Island's most vulnerable

Metro, Mar 03 2017

by Zack Kligler

content warning: mental illness, isolation, state-violence Blossom Segaloff lives on the East Side, in a small apartment in an affordable housing …

Keeping the Fire With Us and the Resistance in Us

Reflections on the #NoDAPL movement

News, Mar 01 2017

by A collective of Native Americans at Brown (NAB) who went to Standing Rock

In response to the proposed construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in April 1, 2016, owned by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., …

Foul Comix

X, Feb 17 2017

by Jack Lawler

Attorneys in General

The Attorney General's role in Civil Rights

News, Feb 17 2017

by Piper French

In 1986, then US Attorney for the southern district of Alabama, Jeff Sessions lost out on a judgeship for the US …

Crossing the Border

Germany's open door begins to close

News, Feb 10 2017

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

“Wir schaffen das,” insisted Chancellor Angela Merkel in late August of 2015 when she announced Germany’s open door policy to welcome …

Week in Superlikes

News, Feb 10 2017

by Sam Samore & Will Weatherly

FIRST DATE IN A DUNKIN’ DONUTS America loves an underdog. The New England Patriots are not an underdog. But Providence, RI …

Getting Closer

Changing feminisms on a Virginia 'Commune'

Features, Feb 03 2017

by Erin West

It’s 9:00 AM in Virginia. The sun has just started to dry the dewy fields of Twin Oaks, an income-sharing intentional …

Back in the Culture Wars

On the potential defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts

Arts, Feb 03 2017

by Ryan Rosenberg & Will Weatherly

Less than 24 hours before Inauguration Day, an unnamed source told The Hill that Donald Trump’s transition team had already been …

Rise Up

Providence responds to the inauguration

Metro, Feb 03 2017

by Piper French

On January 21, just after 1 PM, residents from across Rhode Island gathered in front of the State Capitol in response …

Know Your Earth

The Necessity of Earth Science Literacy: Two Perspectives

Science & Technology, Dec 04 2016

by Fatima Husain & Christopher Monschauer

In the weeks following the election, a few subjects have generated more interest than others, such as a purported Muslim registry …

Fear and Trembling

Metabolics, Dec 02 2016

by Anna Hundert

Content warning: sexual violence My fingernails grow about as fast as the continents drift. Sometimes I look down at the white …

El Comandante Has Died

News, Dec 02 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia & Sebastián Otero Oliveras

Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, died last Friday. His brother, Raúl Castro, currently the head of the Cuban government, …

Boxed In

Ending Solitary Confinement in Rhode Island

Metro, Dec 02 2016

by Gabe Zimmerman

Content warning: mental illness and suicide “It’s like being buried alive,” stated an inmate incarcerated in a solitary unit at Rhode …

Week in Apologies

News, Dec 02 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow, Will Weatherly, Zack Kligler, Liz Cory & Shane Potts

PUN-DER ROAD Bruce’s steed had never failed him before. Springsteen trusted the motorcycle, built for him piece by piece by his …

Holding Ground

Defending a home in Palestine

Features, Nov 18 2016

by Max Schindler

When asked what her family will do if the army demolishes the village, Soraya, 16, hesitates: “We’ll go to Yatta,” she …

Performing Intimacy

A conversation with Rashaun Mitchell

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Zack Kligler

As Rashaun Mitchell speaks to me over the phone I can make out below his voice the faint familiar hum of …

A Distance From The Moon

Coded empathy in Moonlight and American Honey

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Will Weatherly

Early in the film Moonlight, released this past week, a young boy named Chiron asks his mentor Juan how he can …


Exploring the limits of the home

Arts, Nov 04 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg, Dolma Ombadykow, Malcolm Drenttel & Jonah Max

Mall-House In 2003, artist and RISD graduate Michael Townsend devised a plan to create a luxury apartment in a 750-square-foot space …

Week in Election Prep

News, Nov 04 2016

by Hannah Maier-Katkin, Jack Brook & Eve Zelickson

DUMB-SHINE STATE If there is anything we’ve learned to expect from a presidential election year, it is that Florida will inevitably …

Fair Exchange Is No Theft

RI defunds its only needle exchange

Metro, Oct 28 2016

by Andrew Deck & Will Weatherly

On October 2, a group of monsters, superheroes, and drag performers gathered at The Dark Lady, a gay bar on Snow …

In a Million Different Pieces

A conversation with poet Rachel Zucker

Arts, Oct 07 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg

Before calling up New York City-based poet, teacher, and doula Rachel Zucker, I came across a line from her poem "The …

The San Antonio Four Fight for Innocence

Navigating racism, sexism, homophobia, and wrongful conviction in Texas

News, Oct 07 2016

by Zack Kligler

Content warning: sexual assault Anna Vasquez sits in the living room of her mother’s San Antonio home. The walls are wood-paneled …

On Territories

Features, Sep 30 2016

by Raphaela Posner

There’s always a moment in an art museum when I want to reach out and touch my companion. Often this urge …

Pit Fight

Making safer spaces in Providence punk and hardcore

Metro, Sep 30 2016

by Will Weatherly

The first Providence punk show I ever attended was a concert at AS220 last fall featuring Downtown Boys—a punk band whose …

Week in the Singularity

News, Sep 23 2016

by Eve Zelickson, Dolma Ombadykow & Hannah Maier-Katkin

FREEZE FRAME For those of you who still get your news from alt weeklies, you may not have heard the iPhone …

Feeding Time

Meditations on the Tasty Revolution

Metabolics, Sep 16 2016

by Anna Hundert

The hands arrive out of the off-screen space. They are disembodied, or rather un-embodied, as if having never belonged to a …

To Those Weaving Miracles from Duct Tape, Spinning Gold from Broken Records, Conjuring Love

A Graduation Speech

Features, Sep 16 2016

by Cherise Morris

I wrote this in May, four days before my graduation from Brown University, and delivered it at the Africana Studies Department …

Flying Signs

PVD's Moving Battles on the Criminalization of Poverty

Metro, Sep 16 2016

by Will Weatherly

On June 30, 2015, Michael Monteiro was issued a summons by a Cranston police officer while panhandling on a median on …

The Artist Formerly Known As...

Arts, May 12 2016

by Corey Hébert

Prince has never been a human. As he immortalized in I Would Die 4 U, he was not a woman, he …


Romantic forays into comparative linguistics

Science & Technology, Apr 29 2016

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

Español Spanish is my mother tongue (la lengua de mi madre). She tried to teach me when I was young with …

Week in Strange Bedfellows

News, Apr 29 2016

by Liz Cory, Madeleine Matsui & Piper French

Rights at Risk Controversy is swirling around the recent election by the Russian parliament of Tatyana Moskalkova to the position of …

Soft Systems

Arts, Apr 22 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg

On the East End of London in 1961, theater producer Joan Littlewood was thinking about ways to disrupt theater-going experiences that …

Sin of SimCity

Victory and failure in virtual urban space

Arts, Apr 22 2016

by Will Weatherly

To a 15-year old Providence Journal writer named Joseph Braude, it made a lot of sense: invite five of the candidates …

As Never

Collecting Literary Correspondence in the Internet Age

Features, Apr 22 2016

by Ben Berke

“There’s been a recent boom in letter books,” Carol DeBoer-Langworthy tells me over a stack of writers’ correspondences she’s fished from …

We Are Not Paris

State Violence in Turkey

News, Apr 22 2016

by Ilgin Korugan & Erin West

On January 10, 2016, over 1,128 Turkish and foreign academics, including Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk as well as US scholars Noam …

General Salutation

Misremembering Roger Williams' Arrival in Providence

Metro, Apr 15 2016

by Ben Berke

Anyone with a Rhode Island driver’s license can tell you the story of Roger Williams’s arrival. In 1636, Puritan Massachusetts decides …

Week In Short Supply

News, Apr 15 2016

by Piper French & Corey Hebert

Blowing it Off Venezuela is currently experiencing one of the worst energy crises in recent history. Though the South American nation …

Pain Killers

Opioid Use and Overuse in Rhode Island

Metro, Apr 15 2016

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

“We have a public health crisis that cannot be resolved by the criminal justice system.” July 9, 2015: Dr. Peter Karczmar, …

Week in Campaigning

News, Apr 08 2016

by Will Tavlin, Hannah Maier-Katkin & Jack Brook

Getting Colder Rhode Island kicked off its new tourism campaign last week only to face immediate international ridicule, accusations of financial …


Reshaping Providence's Urban Forest

Metro, Mar 18 2016

by Ben Berke

In September 2007, the Providence Parks Department contracted a private company to fly a satellite over the city. The satellite photographed …

Utah, In Time

Features, Mar 18 2016

by Ian Bowers

Muley Point Tent pitched in the red dirt, colorless in the wide desert dark, whipping from the tip of Muley Point …

Week in Modern Warfare

News, Mar 18 2016

by Wilson Cusack, Piper French, Jonah Max & Will Tavlin

Protocols and Transgressions On the night of March 1st two Israeli Defense Force troops found themselves in the Palestinian refugee camp …

The Right to Power

Fighting For Utility Justice In Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 11 2016

by Kimberly Meilun

“I want to make sure that National Grid will pay for my funeral please. Make sure that they will pay for …

Week in Rebranding

News, Mar 11 2016

by Maya Sorabjee & Piper French

Black is the Meanest Color Stand before his Cloud Gate in Chicago and watch your reflection twist across its curved surface, …

(Dis)remembered Cities

Ancient Indigenous Urbanism at Chaco and Cahokia

Occult, Mar 04 2016

by Robert Weiner

There is a hushed-up story of Native North America, of vast civilizations of enormous complexity and knowledge that spanned this continent …

Cannon Cloth

Thoughts on T-Shirt Guns

Arts, Mar 04 2016

by Mary Catherine Nanda

Walk into any Goodwill and you can find an anthology of cotton t-shirts that span a certain American experience. There’s Megan’s …

Overdue Notice

Labor Grievances in Brown University’s Changing Libraries

Metro, Mar 04 2016

by Erin West & Will Tavlin

In February 2016, Brown University completed its full scale renovations of the John D. Rockefeller Library’s ground floor. A new lobby …

Figurative Analysis

Waxwork and the Laboring Body

Metabolics, Feb 19 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg

When a wax figure of Nicki Minaj was unveiled in Las Vegas this past August, fellow rapper Azealia Banks tweeted in …

Providence College Protests

A Local Struggle Against Systemic Racism

Metro, Feb 18 2016

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

At 8:30am on Tuesday, February 16, a group of student activists, predominantly students of color, gathered in room 218 of Harkins …

We Are Not Disposable

Accountability and Irreversibility in Flint, Michigan

News, Feb 12 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg

In October of 2014, employees at the General Motors manufacturing facility based in Flint, Michigan began to worry. The employees at …

A Single Community?

Christiane Taubira and the Debate Over French National Identity

News, Feb 12 2016

by Piper French

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, individuals with dual citizenship who are convicted of terrorism in France will be soon stripped of their …

Week in Divas

News, Feb 12 2016

by Jane Argodale, Liz Cory & Corey Hébert

SLAY While most people who watched the Super Bowl 50 halftime show were blown away by Beyoncé’s fierceness, dancing, and profound …

Last Month in Oregon

White Terrorism and Colonial Dispossession

Features, Feb 05 2016

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

On Tuesday, January 26th, FBI and Oregon State Police officers finally arrested armed militants, including brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, who …

Week in Deliveries

News, Feb 05 2016

by Gabrielle Hick, Madeleine Matsui & Ryan Rosenberg

Come, Gone Turlock residents are wondering if the tennis elbow was worth it. Turlock sits smack in the middle of the …

Rigor Mortar

In Conversation With J Hogue

Metro, Dec 04 2015

by Ben Berke

In the 1990s, Providence unearthed a long-neglected river, buried a rail yard, and started moving a highway out of its downtown. …

A Day in the Life

The Quantified Self and the Stream of Consciousness

Features, Nov 20 2015

by Ben Berke & Henry Staley

When Nicholas Felton lectured at RISD last month, he wasn’t giving the typical alumni success speech. The 1999 graduate was introduced …

A Charming Zero

On Robert Walser's Microscripts

Features, Nov 13 2015

by Will Weatherly

Writing, by nature, is a physical trade. It has motion, exertion, exactitude. Handwriting is formed by the tracing of a pen …

Forgotten Worlds

Neglect and Fragility at the Ends of the Earth

Science & Technology, Nov 06 2015

by Camera Ford

Drifting Seaward Somewhere out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a giant floating garbage patch. But garbage continent might …

"Quel Monde!"

On Literary Rivalries

Features, Nov 06 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

The Spanish Baroque poet Francisco de Quevedo clanked rapiers with lyric poet Luis de Góngora on the page, sparring over the …


(Dis)embodied Art

Arts, Nov 06 2015

by Adam Hunt Fertig

In 2007, Shannon Whisnant, from rural North Carolina, buys a storage locker at auction. Inside the locker, he finds a smoker …

Studs, Spikes, and Sprinklers

Hostile Architecture and its Woes

Features, Oct 30 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

Public spaces aren’t always so. In his 1990 book City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, Marxist urban theorist …

Source Text

Features, Oct 30 2015

by Katherine Long

The day I returned from Tajikistan, I ate half a Reuben. I put the other half of the sandwich in my …

Week in Necromancy

News, Oct 30 2015

by Ben Berke & Jay Mamana

On Zombies and Vampire Capitalism Politically interested visitors to the Highgate Cemetery in North London will spy some great names on …

From the Editors

News, Oct 24 2015

by Camera Ford, Shane Potts & Rick Salamé

In an ideal world, a publication might be able to publish all the perspectives on a given issue and give them …

The Seventh Day

Stories in My Cereal

Arts, Oct 23 2015

by Abbey Perrault

In 1898, a young doctor from Michigan removed a batch of disfigured granola from his oven. Flat, he observed. His failed …

Pastoral Fixation

The Rituals and Space of Religion and Superstition

Arts, Oct 09 2015

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

They are honest and well-meaning Christians of unhealthy constitutions, and melancholy tempers, who are so miserably harrass'd; who above all things …

In the Zone

The Dense Future of Student Housing

Metro, Oct 09 2015

by Ben Berke

On September 17, Mayor Jorge Elorza approved a zoning ordinance that will restrict the spread of student housing into single-family residential …

Strings Attached

Marionettes Take On Capitalism

Features, Oct 09 2015

by Piper French

Off the back roads of Glover, Vermont, forty minutes away from what most people would deem civilization, there is a grass …

Going Soft

Weight in Theory and Practice

Metabolics, Oct 02 2015

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

It might be my Catholic upbringing, but I’m often at least a little wary of things I enjoy. A sin, after …

Outside the Mind's Eye

Misadventures in Visualizing Books

Arts, Oct 02 2015

by Ben Berke

“How do I know you again?” she asks me from the kitchen counter at her boyfriend’s party. She flashes a smile …


Corporation Dollars Meet Taxpayer Dimes

Metro, Oct 02 2015

by Erin West

A man with a PawSox baseball cap held a poster board with a bold Sharpie message: “STOP THE STADIUM MADNESS.” His …

Mr. Bergoglio Goes to Washington

Pope Francis I and the Course of Catholicism in American Politics

News, Oct 02 2015

by Hannah Maier-Katkin

Pope Francis I arrived in Washington, DC on Tuesday, September 22. He was invited to speak at a joint session of …

Week in Extraordinary Measures

News, Oct 02 2015

by Liz Cory, Camera Ford & Julia Tompkins

Look Ma, No Hands You’re done with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. If we’re being real, you were …

The Philosopher's Wife

Literary, Sep 25 2015

by Sabrina Imbler

The American psychologist Harry Harlow designed an apparatus called the Pit of Despair, a steely, isolated trough designed to produce, in …

Barely Legal

The Volatile Chemistry of Synthetic Drugs

Science & Technology, Sep 25 2015

by Camera Ford

When the video starts, the woman is already on the ground. She is lying on her stomach next to the open …

Ashes and Digressions

Ruminations on Death

Features, Sep 25 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

Margaret Wise Brown, a children’s book author who generally shunned the company of children, is buried where she once lived—on a …

ASCII ME Another

How to Text Better

Science & Technology, Sep 18 2015

by Erin West

On October 6, 1960, the American Standards Association (ASA) inaugurated the mysterious “X3” committee; a group tasked with determining the standard …

ASCII Me Another

In Pursuit of Perfect Punctuation

Science & Technology, May 01 2015

by Erin West

On October 6, 1960, a committee from the American Standards Association (fittingly and mysteriously called the “X3” committee) drew up the …

Strange Absences

A Conversation with Junot Díaz

Arts, May 01 2015

by Mika Kligler & with contributions from María Eugenia Pabón

On the phone, Junot Díaz speaks more slowly than I thought he would. His books talk fast—Yunior, the Dominican-American semi-autobiographical narrator …


Funding Athletics at Brown

Metabolics, May 01 2015

by William Underwood & Sam Bresnick

On March 7, the Brown men’s basketball team concluded its 2014–15 season with a road loss to Harvard, the eventual Ivy …

From the Editors V.30 N.10

News, May 01 2015

by Rick Salamé, Stef Hayes & Zeve Sanderson

The Indy is about to go on summer hiatus and when it returns to newsstands in September we will no longer …

I Suppose

Literary, May 01 2015

by Rick Salamé, Kim Sarnoff, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Mika Kligler

I got tired of waiting, so I microwaved my bag of lentils and gave it to her. Did you hear, she …

Magic, Magyck, Magick

Occult, Apr 17 2015

by Anne Fosburg, Mika Kligler & Sam Samore

“Bring a small, empty tin-can and a pencil to beat it with,” read the flyer. “It will make an ominous and …

Week in Puns

News, Apr 17 2015

by Dash Elhauge, Malcolm Drenttel, Maya Sorabjee & Zeve Sanderson

Asset Management Fee Structure for Municipal Pensions “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can’t hit what your …

Culture Shock

A Short Timeline of Controversial Art

Arts, Apr 10 2015

by Max Genecov, Joshua Kurtz, Eli Pitegoff, Erin Prinz-Schwartz & Maya Sorabjee

To simply be offensive in one’s artistic practice is to engage in a hollow act of provocation. It is to be, …

Power Players

Negotiating the Future of the Middle East

News, Apr 10 2015

by Peter Makhlouf

Since the Iranian revolution, 1,672 Iranians have died in plane crashes. Iran has one of the most dismal aviation safety records …

The History of Life on Earth

The Work and Life of Elizabeth Fulda

Features, Apr 10 2015

by Eliza Dexter Cohen

Photo is reproduced courtesy of AMNH Special Collections The American Museum of Natural History keeps detailed records. The museum, founded in …

Laboring for Democracy

On the Minimum Wage in Rhode Island

Metro, Apr 03 2015

by Peter Makhlouf

Rhode Island has an NRA problem. And it has nothing to do with guns. Last June, the Rhode Island legislature passed …

The Thirst Ahead

Science & Technology, Apr 03 2015

by Camera Ford

One day in late February, the taps that carry water to São Paolo’s 20 million residents suddenly went dry. The effects …

Separation by Design

Metro, Apr 03 2015

by Erin West

This fall, the Providence Public School Department will open two new specialty high schools with the help of a $3 million …

Up In The Air

Metabolics, Apr 03 2015

by Zeve Sanderson

The court is its typical 94 feet long by 50 feet wide; the hoop stands ten feet tall; five from each …


A conversation with Providence Comic Consortium’s Walker Mettling

Interviews, Apr 03 2015

by Erin Prinz-Schwartz

Providence is a great city for certain things—coffee milk, noise music, gruesome bike vs. pothole accidents, and notably, indie comics and …


A Conversation with DARE's Fred Ordoñez

Interviews, Mar 13 2015

by Mika Kligler

Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) is a grassroots community organizing force based on the southside of Providence. Through door-knocking, …

The Art of Amusement

Metro, Mar 13 2015

by Sienna Zeilinger

The Providence Laughter Club meets downtown on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, on the sixth floor of 18 …


The Medical Repercussions of Segregation

Features, Mar 09 2015

by Jennifer Tsai

In medical school, class is scheduled for approximately 30 hours a week. This includes lectures on basic life sciences, histology, anatomy, …


An Afternoon with the Connecticut Wreckers

Metabolics, Mar 06 2015

by William Underwood

For Connecticut Wreckers owner and head coach Gary Peloso, women’s tackle football was never a likely landing place. “My wife saw …

Looking In

Transparent Surveillance in Providence

Metro, Mar 06 2015

by Erin Prinz-Schwartz

I’ve taken this bus line hundreds of times; once a week to work, half an hour each way, and short trips …


Features, Feb 27 2015

by Diane Exavier

Passage He arrived in Miami on a ship. One of his brothers had arranged the voyage, fashioning a plan involving a …

Courting the Couture

Metabolics, Feb 27 2015

by Kyle Giddon, Sam Bresnick, Stephanie Hayes, William Underwood & Zeve Sanderson

In honor of New York Fashion Week and the NBA All-Star Game’s alignment in New York City, the Indy takes a …

Downtown: Feels Like Home?

Metro, Feb 13 2015

by Erin West

Late in January, on a day that hit zero degrees with wind chill, I stomped my feet to keep warm outside …

Bacteria[s] R Us

Science & Technology, Feb 13 2015

by Camera Ford

Last week, a new study delivered confirmation of something that many of us had suspected for decades: the New York City …

Mundane Reasons

Emailing with Lydia Davis

Interviews, Feb 06 2015

by Mika Kligler

Lydia Davis lives in a converted schoolhouse in upstate New York. When I think of her, I think of her perched …

On Camera

Surveilling Protest

Metro, Jan 30 2015

by Cherise Morris

December 5, 2014 – “Heads up. It’s supposed to pour. So the protest may not last as long as you think.” …

From the Editors V.30 N.1

News, Jan 30 2015

by Rick Salamé, Stephanie Hayes & Zeve Sanderson

The ground freezes in winter and makes it hard to bury dead dogs and I think a new war will hit …

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Playing 'Gay' in Providence Professional Wrestling

Metabolics, Jan 30 2015

by Will Underwood

The South Attleboro Knights of Columbus auditorium is an unassuming building. Small with brown faux-wood siding, it is dwarfed by its …

After Whitman

Homosexual and gay poets talk back to Whitman

Arts, Dec 05 2014

by Will Fesperman

“What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whitman,” sighs Allen Ginsberg at the beginning of his 1955 poem “A Supermarket …

Black and Blues

Police brutality in Providence

Metro, Dec 05 2014

by Mika Kligler

On Thursday September 10, at around 9:30 PM, John Prince heard someone “hollering” outside his house on the Southside of Providence. …


Metabolics, Dec 05 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

We want you. Yeah, you, the one in the jersey. I couldn’t figure out why, but every fall, as financial institutions …

The Great Beyond

Infinity and humanity in Interstellar

Arts, Dec 05 2014

by Erin Schwartz

When I was little, I was afraid of the woods and outer space. My still-forming suburban consciousness might have already known …

Iron and Fields

A journey to the inside of the earth

Science & Technology, Nov 21 2014

by Camera Ford

The earth can seem impenetrable, unexplainable, whether you are flipping through the pages of an earth science textbook or staring up …

Set, Jump, Release

Reflecting on a basketball career

Metabolics, Nov 21 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

When I was young, I played basketball in the winter, soccer in the fall, baseball in the spring, flag football in …

A House Divided

Arts, Nov 14 2014

by Katherine Long

It's a leisurely 20-minute walk—25 if there's traffic at the Ledra Street checkpoint—between the two Museums of National Struggle in Nicosia, …


Literary, Nov 14 2014

by Mary Frances Gallagher

'prä-blm purse-laden arm grabs rough pulls back sharply fear rush of regret and a fast retreat questions of bruises he spits …

Black Yankee: Past and Present in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 14 2014

by Cherise Morris

Every time I talked with a family member or neighbor about my impending matriculation at Brown that summer, now nearly three …

Flavor of the Month: Activism

A conversation with Keith Cooper, founder of Providence Granola Project

Metro, Nov 14 2014

by Erin West

In the corner of my closet, the Treasu(RED) Gap shirt that was so cute during seventh grade sits dejectedly alongside its …

The Second Coming

On King James's return and Cleveland's salvation

Metabolics, Oct 31 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

We look up to the heavens: birds chirp, sunlight wrestles through the cloudy sky. As a soft piano ballad fades in, …

A Lack of Care

Why medical students should focus on Ferguson

News, Oct 31 2014

by Jennifer Tsai

You can’t ask your co-worker for narcotics the same way you can ask for extra Advil stashed in their purse or …

Set the Roof Aflame

Solar panels in historic Providence

Metro, Oct 24 2014

by Estelle Berger

The Providence Historic District Commission (PHDC) failed to show up to its own meeting. On October 14, Amy Greenwald and her …

What the Mind Scares Up

Fiction and reality in John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van

Arts, Oct 24 2014

by Raphaela Posner

I am sitting in the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA, admiring the proscenium decorated with Grecian women made of sheet …

Meditations on Fusion

Science & Technology, Oct 24 2014

by Katherine Long

"Music is like a drug; whoever acquires the habit can no longer devote himself to important activities. We must eliminate music …

The Celluloid Cage

Animal liberation at the movies

Arts, Oct 24 2014

by Will Fesperman

There’s a moment in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes that made me shiver. A human repeats the famous …

On Top of the Wave

Brad Troemel's athletic aesthetics

Arts, Oct 17 2014

by Erin Schwartz

Before coming onstage, artist Brad Troemel hits play on a YouTube music video. It’s a song called “Bewitched” by scenester electro-pop …

Corporate Parents

The Providence Journal and the death of independent media

Metro, Oct 03 2014

by Mika Kligler

It’s spitting in downtown Providence—there’s a damp glisten to the pavement as I pull up Fountain Street on my bike. I …

Conversations Not Had

Considering the media coverage of Ray Rice

Metabolics, Oct 03 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

On February 15, Ray Rice was arrested for domestic violence involving his then-fiancée, now-wife Janay Palmer. On May 21, prosecutors dropped …

Subtweet Me Like You Used To, Buddy

A ranking of the Buddy Cianci twitters

Metro, Sep 26 2014

by Erin Schwartz

It’s been said that Twitter is the agora of the digital age. If that’s true, Providence mayoral candidate Buddy Cianci’s Twitter …

When Pigs Fly

The Unlikely Victory of Smithfield Workers

News, Sep 26 2014

by Will Fesperman

It took three campaigns and over 14 years for workers at the largest hog slaughterhouse in the world to form a …

Dope Beats

Groovy advocacy and marijuana regulation at the cannabis caucus

Metro, Sep 26 2014

by Cherise Morris

“Oh you mean the thing with the moon bounce?” said every friend I tried to convince to come with me to …

Major League Literature

Metabolics, Sep 26 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman, Zeve Sanderson & Will Underwood

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (2011) Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding is about baseball in the way Good …

Week in Humanity

News, Sep 26 2014

by Zeve Sanderson & Eli Pitegoff

TITANS OF INDUSTRY You know the image: Leonardo DiCaprio standing at the bow of the ill-fated Titanic, arms spread wide-open, yelling …

Gaybors on Fire

Queer sights, sounds, and spaces in the Creative Capital

Metro, Sep 19 2014

by Cherise Morris

On the morning of August 1, 2013, dozens of same-sex couples said “I do” across the state of Rhode Island. Since …


Literary, Sep 12 2014

by Leah Steinberg

“You know I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while,” my sister said, sitting in the passenger seat with …

Making Space

an Interview with Yellow Peril Gallery Owners Robert Stack and Vanphouthon Souvannasane

Interviews, Sep 12 2014

by Erin Schwartz

To get to Yellow Peril Gallery, you take the ninety-two bus west, passing through downtown Providence and Federal Hill. Get off …

Pigskin Pigs

Race, Money, and the NCAA

Metabolics, Sep 12 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

The NCAA, a non-profit institution with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, is governed by a Board of Directors—eighteen college administrators and NCAA …

Ten More Years

Gang Sentence Enhancement Legislation in Rhode Island

Metro, Sep 12 2014

by Mika Kligler

Picture Atwells Avenue. A few minutes shy of 5 AM. The surveillance camera shows a young man sporting a baseball cap …

Video Games

technology and the future of basketball

Metabolics, May 02 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

Up, up, and away Nestled high up in the rafters of every NBA stadium, six cameras are slowly transforming basketball. In …

This Last Week

News, May 02 2014

by David Adler & Sam Rosen

CLIPPED It’s the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls this week, and people are making a big deal about it. There are …

Cookie's Junk Shop

Metro, May 02 2014

by Vera Carothers

On the side of Route 3 in Exeter, RI is a low building painted tongue pink with white trim. A sign …

In The Name of Science

monkey testing at Brown

Features, Apr 25 2014

by Will Fesperman

Around 38 monkeys live in research laboratories at Brown University. It is difficult to know for certain how many—the researchers won’t …

Spinning Off, Tuning In

political satire in the Middle East

News, Apr 25 2014

by Katherine Long

Comedian Bassem Youssef has often been called “Egypt’s Jon Stewart.” Youssef’s El Bernameg (literally, “The Show”), broadcast online and on Egyptian …

Your Worst Nightmare

the Red Bastard and bouffon clowning

Arts, Apr 25 2014

by Vera Carothers

At first, we see only his wagging tongue, set in a chalk white face with red-rimmed eyes. Playing striptease with wicked …

Steel-Framed History

Remembering the Barbizon Hotel

Features, Apr 11 2014

by Estelle Berger

High, arched windows define The Barbizon's second floor, each opening bound by a twisted iron railing marked with a cursive B. …

Student Union

labor organization in the NCAA

Metabolics, Apr 04 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

Student-athlete. The ordering stresses the primacy of scholastics over sports, and the hyphen suggests they are two parts of an inseparable …

Bad Girls Good Women

Providence Roller Derby

Metro, Apr 04 2014

by Mika Kligler

It’s a Monday night, and I’m at the Ocean Club, an indoor roller rink in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The sign outside …

We Were So Grand In The Fish Gut Versailles

Occult, Mar 14 2014

by Jennifer Avery

What is it like to live inside an egg? First there are the countless problems of the brittle porcelain calcium floor, …

Making Contact

Providence Dojo, American Dream

Metro, Mar 14 2014

by Katherine Solá

The United Martial Arts Academy on Branch Avenue is decorated with Muhammad Ali posters. Signs proclaim that “a black belt is …

Buy Me Some Peanuts

the new frontier of cracker jacks

Metabolics, Mar 14 2014

by Nicholas Catoni, Kyle Giddon, Lili Rosenkranz & Zeve Sanderson

Sitting and cheering for three hours is hard work. But stadium food isn’t just about sustenance—it’s about the identity of the …

Teachability of the Form

on MFA vs. NYC

Arts, Mar 07 2014

by Drew Dickerson

The MFA takes conceptual center stage of MFA vs. NYC, as it probably should. According to Poets and Writers (purveyors of …

Etched in Stone

Sports, Statistics, and Making Mount Rushmore

Metabolics, Mar 07 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

It looked like a casual conversation between friends as Steven Smith interviewed LeBron James in James’s Miami home. “Who’s your Mount …

A Week of Confusion

News, Feb 28 2014

by Vera Carothers, Sebastian Clark & Alex Sammon

Asking “what’s happening?” is often a mindless exercise in small talk. It doesn’t demand an answer. But this time, when you …

Week in Passion

News, Feb 14 2014

by David Adler & Alex Sammon

CYBERSEXY Some grievances of digifuckers: laptop heat on bare stomach skin, distorted speaker vocals, implied volume constraints, and frozen pixels. Always …

The Next Frame

Occult, Feb 14 2014

by Arthur Schechter

The Italian renaissance got its name for a reason. Immense technological leaps and the consolidation of wealth and power resurrected archaic …

Understand the People, Understand Ourselves

an interview with Sheila Heti

Interviews, Feb 07 2014

by Drew Dickerson

Sheila Heti is a writer working across various forms, but it feels relatively safe to say that the conversation is her …

How to Win a Super Bowl

Pete Carroll’s philosophy of coaching

Metabolics, Feb 07 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

During the summer of 2000, Pete Carroll, now the head coach of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, had his coaching …

The Recruit

Metabolics, Jan 31 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

Baton Rouge, LA. May, 2013. Dylan Moses is 6’1”, weighs nearly 215 pounds, runs a 4.46 second 40-yard dash, and has …

Booty Over Brains

Lily Allen's New Video Gets it Twisted

Arts, Dec 06 2013

by Grier Stockman

Last month, Lily Allen emerged from a preemptive retirement to box with the entertainment industry in the best way she knew …

The Week to Survive

News, Dec 06 2013

by Grace Dunham, Robert Sandler & Emma Wohl

WHAT IS CYBER MONDAY? TELL ME MomBigShopper12 12.1.13: Who else likes to order DVDs, electronic accessories, and brand-name sneakers on Cyber …

Action is Now

A History of Brown Student Activism

Metro, Nov 19 2013

by Megan Hauptman, Grace Healy, Cherise Morris & Julian Park

Students cycle through Brown in roughly four years. During their time here, student activists are cycled through study committees, working groups, …

Moving Through the World, Mostly Drunk, Looking for Pleasure

A Conversation with Brad Neely

Interviews, Nov 19 2013

by Drew Dickerson

A wounded Confederate soldier sprawls and bleeds across a corpse-strewn comic panel. To his dead comrade: “You probably don’t want to …

Hold My Junk

A 24-Hour Experiment

Arts, Nov 19 2013

by Estelle Berger

EMPTY SPACE IS TERRIFYING. Blank pages, rooms without furniture, classrooms without students—absence makes us feel alone. Vacant land hangs in limbo …


public art meets public space in Atlantic City

Arts, Nov 04 2013

by Erin Schwartz

IT'S THE SUMMER OF 2013, and I’m watching an ad for Jersey Shore tourism in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. That …

The Mindreaders

Providence from the Mind's Eye

Metro, Nov 04 2013

by Sam Lin Sommer

MOTHER MYSTIC’S APOTHECARY SHOP SOMEWHERE, NESTLED AMONG PUBS and pizzerias, the wise Susan Asselin was waiting for me. I had scheduled …


Arts, Nov 04 2013

by Ephemera

Week in Fantasy

News, Nov 04 2013

by Houston Davidson, Drew Dickerson & Emma Wohl

If you think you’re dreaming this, you can wake up now. And there’s no need to go back to sleep—because this …

I Need to Worry Less About You

an interview with Miranda July

Interviews, Nov 03 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Miranda July is a multi-disciplinarian working as director, actress, visual and performing artist, and writer. She has a digital art piece …


Literary, Nov 02 2013

by Charlotte Seaberry

The Mormons had overrun our neighborhood. We noticed it on Thursday. Michael was working at his dad’s gas station. He puts …

High Water Mark

a history of Olneyville

Metro, Oct 30 2013

by Vera Carothers

flooding in the '80s, Olneyville THE RIVER The river, 18 miles long, scrawls a child’s shaky letter “U” through the heart …


October 11, 2013

Arts, Oct 10 2013

by Becca Millstein, Grier Stockman & John White

Inventory. Taking stock. It’s a check-list, cross it off. Go to Venice, take a drive, come, and back again. We bring …

On the Outside

Homeless Advocacy in Providence

Metro, Oct 10 2013

by Erin Schwartz

I AM IN KENNEDY PLAZA on an evening in early October when I meet John Freitas. Gray-bearded, wearing a vacation t-shirt …

Cold Water

Shipping in the Arctic

Features, Oct 03 2013

by Simon Engler

THE EARLIEST SATELLITE PHOTOGRAPHS OF the Arctic in summer date to 1978. From above, the ice extends to the rim of …

In Love with Storytelling

An Interview with Jeffrey Eugenides

Interviews, Sep 27 2013

by Drew Dickerson

You can buy a copy of The Marriage Plot at Cable Car. Jeffrey Eugenides B ‘83’s third novel came out in …


Features, Sep 26 2013

by Sam Adler-Bell, Doreen St. Félix, Alex Ronan & Ellora Vilkin

On Saturday September 21, fifteen attackers laid siege on Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At press time, the official casualty …

Imagining, Together, The End

What We Think About When We Think About Climate Change

Features, Sep 26 2013

by Daniel Sherrell

WASHINGTON DC, 2002 ATMOSPHERIC CO2: 373 ppm Climate change was invented in 2002 by a man named Frank Luntz. Global average …

Born Free

Arts, Sep 19 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Half the crew of Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing does not exist, or at least goes uncredited. A quick glance …

Week in Grand Finales

News, May 03 2013

by David Adler

[start hero] [end hero] GIANT FINISH His legs are well-muscled, taut, rippling. He is nimble. When you hear his name you …

Music in Your Feet

The Appalachian Mountain Dance

Arts, May 03 2013

by Grier Stockman

[start hero] [end hero] When the cattle are loaded up and the auctioneer retires, the livestock hall in Ripley, West Virginia …

Pleasure Reading

Open Sesame, Read a Fucking Book

Arts, Apr 27 2013

by Emma Janaskie, Alex Ronan, Erica Schwiegershausen, Doreen St. Félix, Ellora Vilkin & Emma Wohl

Today, we decided we would stop. We took off our shoes, we did not go to work, we forgot about our …

Specters of Thatcher

Police State Magic

Interviews, Apr 27 2013

by Benson Tucker

“The first task of the Magician in every ceremony is therefore to render his Circle absolutely impregnable.” – Aleister Crowley Former …

Week in Little Things

News, Apr 27 2013

by by David Adler & Rick Salamé

Parks &Historical Recreation Here lies Mills End Park. A cup of soil, two feet in diameter, sitting between opposing lanes of …

Knives Down

by Lizzie Davis, Grace Dunham, Alexander Sammon & Benson Tucker

Like any city worthy of the title, Providence has a long and troubled history with knives. Precision instruments among humanity’s earliest …

Getting Good Governance

A Very Brief History of Providence's Library Reform Movement

Metro, Apr 19 2013

by Vera Carothers

[start hero] [end hero] There is a big red sign with Providence Community Library written in white block letters. Inside, the …

In the Hall of Mirrors

Fernando Pessoa Today

Arts, Mar 01 2013

by Vera Carothers

[start hero] [end hero] Fernando Pessoa was the author who tried to write the author out of writing. His works were …

This History Is Not Yet Ancient

the preliminary self-archiving of the Jewish city of Cochin

Features, Feb 26 2009

by Allison Zimmer

Yarmulkes are a sight unseen among the saffron hills and tea plantations of India. But when I visited Cochin, an Indian …

Where the Frontier Ends

News, Apr 26 2013

by David Adler

The real work, the heavy lifting, starts where the frontier ends. The pioneers, the Lewis and Clarks, just drew their index …

The Big Hunt

News, Apr 26 2013

by Erica Schwiegershausen

Mortality is rough. In the throes of old age, rich men find themselves faced with a crippling paranoia: what if no …

(Some) Figures of the Animal at Home

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by Maggie Milner

Their names were the names of heroines from the stories my mother told me in bed. She read to me every …


Arts & Culture, Apr 13 2013

by Robert Sandler

I’ve found bits of everyone in you. There is no more grass in my yard, only clover. Found a way through …

When We Wander Onscreen As Ourselves

arts & culture, Apr 13 2013

by Emma Miller

Chris Gethard is a mainstay at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. His anti-talk show, The Chris Gethard Show, …

The Rite of Spring

Arts & Culture, Apr 13 2013

by Robert Sandler

I went to see the turned-in feet of Le Sacre moving still, under the curtain. Pagan Russia still moving Nijinsky’s flatness. …

Spring Break

Arts & Culture, Apr 12 2013

by Lizzie Davis, David Adler & Benson Tucker

[start zoom] [end zoom] …

Providence Place

Metro, Apr 08 2013

by Benson Tucker

Place is all of the things that make somewhere have the same characteristics year after year. These maps illustrate some financial …

Self-Aware Game

Look, You're Inside the Machine

Arts & Culture, Mar 18 2013

by Milan Koerner-Safrata

Eminent game designer Tim Schafer recently asked himself a question: “Are games art?” His response: “Oh man, who cares.” But as …

Alberta's Black Gold

Tar Sands Prospects in Canada

Science & Technology, Mar 18 2013

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

There are places in Alberta, Canada, where dredged-up mud spans the horizon as far as the eye can see. Puddles of …


Preserving National Bodies

News, Mar 18 2013

by Mimi Dwyer

Hugo Chavez is dead. Cancer took him, finally, after months away from his country, after surgeries in Cuba, after the obligatory …

Week in the Future

News, Mar 18 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

(YOUR) MISSION TO MARS Private finances will be key to the future of space exploration. We’ve known that for a while …

Providence Place

Metro, Mar 15 2013

by Benson Tucker

[start hero][end hero] …

Hands on Rawhide

A Conversation with Sarah Bliss

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Grier Stockman & Claudia Norton

When you see Sarah Bliss in line at the post office, you probably can’t guess what she’s thinking. Sarah Bliss has …

A Story of this Nature

Literary, Mar 08 2013

by Jessica Giguere

Sebastian engaged in coitus at age18 in 1957. Two spawns were engendered from this act of passion. Sebastian was young. He …

Ballad on the Divergence Theorem

A Story of Love and Integrals

Science & Technology, Mar 08 2013

by Jeremy Wagner

The divergence theorem is employed in many branches of science. It states that the integral taken over a closed surface of …

Having It All

A Conversation with Jonathan Lethem

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Drew Dickerson

“Genre bending” is a term that has recently come into a strange sort of critical vogue. In light of literary fiction’s …

Ambiguous Direction

The Acquittal of Momčilo Perišić

News, Mar 08 2013

by Simon Engler

MOMCILO PERISIC IS FREE. On February 28, the Appeals Court of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in …

Week In Bovines

News, Mar 08 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

There's Something About Dinner HORSEMEAT IS—secretly, quietly—everywhere. Monday, British food regulator finds horsemeat in Taco Bell products in the UK. The …

Here I Am

Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by David Adler

[start zoom][end zoom] …

Is it Spring Yet?

Metro, Mar 08 2013

by Benson Tucker

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by Robert Merritt & Annie Macdonald

[start hero][end hero] …

Week in Plastics

News, Mar 01 2013

by David Adler

Print Out Your Ear Always begin with the infomercial. Does your newborn love eating dirt? Print him a pacifier! Are you …

What Happens When I Freeze Up

Robert Merritt Visits a Hypnotist

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Robert Merritt

First off, I love my job. Writing the Indy’s ‘Around the Town’ column is a sheer delight. For example, I got …

French Connection, RI

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Drew Dickerson & Mimi Dwyer

Adulte Terrible Like any attempt to periodize an artistic movement in its contemporary, the phrase “New French Extremity” is only about …

Woonsocket Insurrection

Dave Fisher's 21st-Century Candidacy

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Benson Tucker

Meet Dave Fisher, as I first saw him, in his campaign announcement video, titled "The Big Announcement." He looked like this: …

How to Save a Life

Talking to David Shields

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Drew Dickerson

The 2010 release of David Shields’s (B ‘78) Reality Hunger saw some of the greatest attention paid to a work of …

Heists 2000

News, Mar 01 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

It’s always been a three-act plot. First, the preparation. There’s the shoot-n-grab, but that’s too obvious; maybe the switch-n-swap, or better, …

Woonsocket Insurrection

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Benson Tucker

[start zoom][end zoom] …

The Woods of Lehigh Valley

Literary, Mar 01 2013

by Everett Epstein

The 4 p.m. light in room 213 cast the walls azure and the shadows—from the bed, table, lamp, and bulky RCA—a …

Optimize Your Valentine's Day

A Communication Guide

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by David Adler & Erica Schwiegershausen

You have champagne, chocolate, candles, and a copy of Casablanca. All the pieces are there, but now it’s go-time and your …

Present Time

A Conversation with CAConrad

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Will Fesperman

With painted fingernails and a large crystal hanging around his neck, he made a strong impression. A native of rural Pennsylvania, …

Week In Airplanes

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

Eligible Dirigible Last Friday, worldwide Aeros unveiled the Aeroscraft “Dragon Dream”—the company’s latest stab at a fully functional prototype. A gobsmacked …

Hidden Threads

Dressing The German Far Right

News, Feb 17 2013

by Simon Engler

IN GERMANY, FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISTS can now buy branded clothing on professionally designed websites. The market for neo-Nazi sportswear is booming. Thor …

The Problem With Portraits

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Grier Stockman

Last month, the British National Gallery opened an hour early so that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) …

Saving Babies

News, Feb 05 2013

by David Adler

In the year 1198, there were a lot of babies in the River Tiber. Unmarried mothers had few choices beyond depositing …

It Comes From Language

A Conversation With George Saunders

Arts & Culture, Feb 05 2013

by Drew Dickerson

George Saunders is the man of the proverbial literary hour after the January 8 publication of his book Tenth of December—which …

Massage Therapy

Ephemera, Feb 02 2013

by Robert Merritt

[start hero] [end hero] …

Say No To Cops

Police Tensions Flare in the West End's Cambodian Community

Metro, Feb 01 2013

by Benson Tucker & Emma Wohl

As its name suggests, the main thing that holds the West End together is geography. South of Federal Hill and west …

Waiting For It

An interview with improvisors TJ & Dave

Arts & Culture, Jan 22 2013

by Drew Dickerson

Every once in a while, an artist or ensemble emerges that reminds the medium of its own possibilities. Emerges is the …

The House on Broadview Terrace

Arts & Culture, Dec 18 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

A few days after hurricane sandy made her way, clumsily, morbidly, along the Atlantic Coast, a friend emailed my father a …

Depraved Writing

Literary, Nov 16 2012

by Charlotte Anderson

Joyce’s letters to Nora prove my foundational theory, which is this: writers are patently perverse creatures. Everything written is already a …

Journaling: An Interview with n+1's Mark Greif

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Drew Dickerson

In the fall of 2004, the first issue of n+1 was released, a triannual literary magazine featuring essays, criticism, and fiction …

Debate Politics

Why you don't see the Green Party on TV

News, Nov 16 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

On Thursday, November 1, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped a surprise, last-minute endorsement of President Obama. The expression of support …

Interviewing My Hero

Tim Preseley

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Robert Merritt

I met Tim Presley in New York a few years ago while I was pretending to be a reporter. It was …

Future Histories

Modernism & Preservation in Providence

Arts & Culture, Nov 11 2012

by Mimi Dwyer

Providence is a film set. Its two-dimensional skyline reads like a greatest-hits list of the last century’s architectural design principles—the 1913 …

War and Forgetfulness

Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge

Arts & Culture, Nov 11 2012

by Dan Sherrell

Nuon Chea, the genocidaire, tells the court he needs a hat. The air conditioning, apparently, is making his head cold.After a …

You Can Find it in the Bathroom

A conversation with Mothers News founder Jacob Berendes

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Benson Tucker

Mothers News is a free newspaper published monthly in Providence, Rhode Island. Though it has comics, and ads, and reports, and …

Hallowed Whisperings

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Grace Dunham, Robert Merritt & Alex Ronan

A while ago, I went to the Met with a boy my age, and also his mother. We were walking around …

Payasos Azules

Arts & Culture, Oct 28 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

The distance from the village to Colomba is “twenty minutes by pickup.” Described that way, always. As if there weren’t any …

Are You Sure This is Water?

D.T. Max on the legacy of David Foster Wallace

Arts & Culture, Oct 26 2012

by Drew Dickerson

On March 9, 2009, New Yorker staff writer D.T. Max published “The Unfinished,” a posthumous profile of David Foster Wallace. Wallace—who …

Walmart Has Sprung a Leak

Belated upheaval in the world's largest retail chain

News, Oct 26 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

Walmart does not take union action lightly. It does a lot to warp its two-million-plus employees’ perception of their rights from …

Hanging on Air

Airports as a venue for public art

Arts & Culture, Oct 21 2012

by Pierie Korostoff

This September, the Southwest Florida International Airport announced an addition to the terminal: the airport is acquiring “Dawn Forest,” a three-ton …


Features, Oct 21 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell, Belle Cushing, Grace Dunham, Mimi Dwyer, Avery Houser & Kevin Pires

IRA M. GOFF House, 62 John StreetI like the Goff House because it’s almost not one. It’s small and red and …

Wet, Hot, American

Michael Showalter in conversation

Arts & Culture, Oct 19 2012

by Drew Dickerson

I first learned of Michael Showalter B’92 during the initial run of Stella, a single-camera television show he put out alongside …

Week in Review

News, Oct 05 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout & Emily Gogolak

Mitt RomñeyOn the evening of September 29th, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appeared on the Spanish-language channel Univision to discuss the …

Quebec Student Strike

Interviews, Sep 28 2012

by Benson Tucker & X

After a winter semester of massive student strikes and repressive government reaction, Quebec university life may finally be returning to normal. …


Features, Sep 28 2012

by David Adler

Last Friday, in the calm, early hours of the morning, Delhi University prepared for Student Union elections. Stout men with heavy …

Marriage to a 'T'

Features, Sep 28 2012

by Will Fesperman

Owen still remembers being five years old and thinking that everyone was like Mr. Potato Head, his favorite toy. “I thought …

The Subject Sam

a conversation with Sam Lipsyte

Arts & Culture, Sep 22 2012

by Drew Dickerson

I first encountered Sam Lipsyte (’90) a little over a year ago after picking up The Ask, his third and most …

What The Fuck?

Interviews, Sep 21 2012

by Drew Dickerson

in 2009, standup comedian Marc Maron was fired from the radio and media network Air America after it cancelled his political …

Week in Review

News, Sep 21 2012

by Doreen St. Félix, Marcel Bertsch-Gout & Kate Van Brocklin

In Defense By Wednesday morning, a quiet had finally settled outside the Chicago Public Schools headquarters on 125 South Clark St. …

Game Camera

observing art through nature

Arts & Culture, Sep 21 2012

by Robert Merritt

About a week ago I opened the freezer door to take out a pizza and found my copy of Keith Richard’s …


Friction in Fur Coats

Science & Technology, Sep 21 2012

by Eric Axelman

“People have an idea of what scientists are like, and how scientists are supposed to act, and how scientists are supposed …

UPLOADING CULTURE: Variability and Immateriality in Video Art

variability and immateriality in video art

Arts & Culture, Sep 04 2012

by Jordan Carter

The walls of the Whitney are hijacked by moving images in the museum’s summer 2010 exhibition Off the Wall: Part 1—Thirty …

The Theory Monster: Fame + Foucault = Gaga?

fame + Foucault = Gaga?

Arts & Culture, Sep 04 2012

by Jordan Carter

The Theory Monster Fame + Foucault = Gaga? Britney Spears is my secret vice, but I’m proud to blast the Lady. …

Promise In The Present

faith and skepticism in Carol Becker’s micro-utopias

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Jordan Carter

Last Thursday, Carol Becker—writer, scholar, and Dean of Columbia University School of the Arts—gave a talk on micro-utopias to a micro-sized …


can a robot do your job?

News, Apr 25 2012

by Erica Schwiegershausen

For years, people have casually worried, or, in some cases, agonized, about a time when robots will replace humans in the …

Revival In Warwick

Mitt Romney and the missing middle ground

Metro, Apr 25 2012

by David Adler

Everyone packed into the lobby of Warwick’s Crowne Plaza Hotel last Wednesday knew that Rhode Island is a blue state. Their …

Legislation Wars

the paper battle over Rhode Island reproductive rights

Metro, Apr 25 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell & with reporting by Stoni Thompson

On Wednesday April 11, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee considered nine separate abortion-related bills. Although committee hearings were officially scheduled …

Week in Review

News, Apr 23 2012

by By Chris Cohen, Emily Gogolak & Erica Schwiegershausen

KICK IN THE ARSENICThe state legislature of Maryland acted last week to ban the use of arsenic-laced feed in poultry production. …

Week in Review

News, Apr 10 2012

by By Erica Schwiegershausen & Caroline Soussloff

STOP MAKING CENTSCanadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced last week that the Royal Canadian Mint will stop producing pennies this fall, …


Arts, Apr 10 2012

by By Drew Dickerson

In his cheekily-titled “Why Experimental Fiction Threatens to Destroy Publishing, Jonathan Franzen, and Life As We Know It: A Correction,” published …

Monkey Face

Literary, Apr 10 2012

by By Gregory Conyers

If the man in the West once lived somewhere else, he has forgotten about it.  The sky has soaked it up.  …


Arts, Mar 12 2012

by By Raillan Brooks, Jonah Wolf, Nick Shulman, Kate Van Brocklin, Eddie Friedman, Sarah Denaci & Will Peterson

THE ONE IN BETHESDA IS BETTERSince the summer of 2010, DC residents have suffered the indignity of DC Cupcakes, a TLC …


Interviews, Mar 12 2012

by By Sarah Rutherford

"Do you want a Hitler mustache?”Such was the offering to attendees of a political festival in Sweden last summer, where protestors …

Cash Rules Everything

Three perspectives on the rise of casinos in RI

Arts & Culture, Mar 12 2012

by Malcolm Burnley, David Adler & X

Betting Wars: Gambling taxes, Narragansetts, and the politics of casinos in Rhode Island On Tuesday, March 6, the Rhode Island House …

Molecular Brainstorming

The Emerging Theory of Neutral Constructive Evolution

Science & Technology, Mar 06 2012

by Eli Scheer

When you think about evolution, perhaps Darwin’s finches come to mind—and along with them, the idea that adaptations propagate in a …

Thrilling Food

Eating Bugs to Revolutionize the Food System

Metabolics, Mar 06 2012

by Katie Parker

Challenge: watch The Lion King and decide that bugs do not look tempting. The multi-colored, neon grubs, beetles, and caterpillars look …

"They Bump Hips"

Lacrosse and Native Americana

Sports, Mar 06 2012

by Drew Dickerson

On Saturday, February 18, over the course of an afternoon, Brown University’s Men’s Varsity lacrosse team faced off against the Iroquois …

Rebellion in Mali

Opinions, Mar 06 2012

by Ben Tucker

Over 100,000 Malians are reported to have been displaced since late January, in the wake of a violent insurrection in the …

Changing the Channel

Online media and the future of the television industry

News, Feb 26 2012

by Erica Schwiegershausen

Two weeks ago, the Super Bowl was broadcast live online for the first time ever. With about 2.1 million viewers watching …

Syria’s Central Concerns

Revolution and its contingencies

Opinions, Feb 19 2012

by Tyler Bourgoise

The last two weeks have been among the most violent in the Syrian Arab Republic’s 50-year history. The international community has …

John D’Agata Challenges the Benefits of Fact-Checking

INDY BLOG, Feb 18 2012

by Erica Schwiegershausen

Earlier this month, Harper’s published an excerpt from John D’Agata’s latest book, The Lifespan of a Fact. The book traces the …

When Do Their Sentences End?

Reentering RIPTA

Metro, Feb 15 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

On November 17 of last year, WPRIChannel 12 “Target 12 Investigator” Tim White reported that Rhode Island Public Transport Authority (RIPTA) …

Week in Review

News, Feb 15 2012

by Caroline Soussloff, Alex Ronan & Erica Schwiegershausen

Bad Ro(bo)mance For a generation taught responsibility with Furbys and Tomagatchis, whose dating rituals are facilitated and structured by websites and …

Life, the Universe, and Everything

The end of the world at the end of the Internet

Arts & Culture, Feb 15 2012

by Josh Sunderman

At the end of the Internet, there is LUElinks. Don’t try to find it. It doesn’t exist. But if you somehow …

Tapes for Sad Children: A Conversation with John Campbell

Arts & Culture, Dec 24 2011

by Ryan Lester

Webcomics are bizarre. The broad explosion in content and style whose shockwaves can be found in all the far corners of …

Radical Dance

Disability in dance

Arts & Culture, Dec 08 2011

by David Sanchez-Aguilera

You say a word, and then I’ll say a word, and we’ll make a sentence.” These lyrics reverberate through the rehearsal …

Un-Chartered Territory

Providence considers the future of public schools

Metro, Dec 08 2011

by Bobby Hunter

I arrived at the West Broadway Neighborhood Association in November, housed in a converted gas station, with no central heating. Despite …

Pivotal Points

US foreign policy refocuses on the Asian-Pacific

News, Dec 08 2011

by Erica Schwiegershausen

Last June, President Barack Obama laid out plans for the beginning of the USdrawdown in Afghanistan, pledging to pull approximately a …

Neck Deep

Three tales of student debt

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by David Adler

"Comes out to about $30,000,” she says with a sigh. “And it’s all on my shoulders.” Mali’o Kodis B’14 is among …

Tales of Pokémastery

Cards and critters

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

Newsflash: Charizard is dead. I had no idea. This was my first mistake when I tried to enter the Pokémon Autumn …

Star Wars: Episode China

News, Nov 17 2011

by by Erica Schweigerhausen

Chinese citizens reveled in nationalistic pride last week after a pair of unmanned Chinese spacecraft successfully performed the country’s first “space-kiss”—the …

College Hill Christians

Opinions, Nov 03 2011

by by Christopher Unseth

Many Christians on College Hill identify with the struggle to align a conservative Christian upbringing with the academic atmosphere of the …

Stogie Fever

Features, Nov 03 2011


Heap some tobacco onto a brown leaf, roll it up, stuff it nice and thick. Cut off its tip, poke a …

Bjork's Biotechnology

Arts, Nov 03 2011


The broadcast date was September 5, 2001. Charlie Rose picked up his cue card and considered his guest—he worried he had …

What Will The Museum of the Future Look Like?

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by by Catherine Grenier & translated from the French by Jordan Carter

The definition of museum:The 20th century museum of fine art was at once a museum, a generator of exhibitions and art-related …

Organized Labor Rally in Support of Occupy Providence

Metro, Nov 03 2011


There has been a fair amount of ambivalence and ambiguity about organized labor’s relationship to the Occupy movements across the country. …

Tunisia's Triumph

Interviews, Nov 03 2011

by interview by Malcolm Burnley

One Tunisian street vendor self-immolated in December, and thousands responded in revolution; one dictator was disposed of in January, and millions …

WEEK IN REVIEW 3 November 2011

Uncategorized, Nov 03 2011

by Ashton Strait, Amy LaCount & Avery Houser

Security ViolatedAccording to its website, the Transportation Security Administration’s primary role in the airline industry is to “electronically screen millions of …

WEEK IN REVIEW 27 October 2011

News, Nov 03 2011

by by Erica Schwiegershausen, Christina McCausland & Kate Welsh

BROOKLYN BUS SEGREGATION Bus segregation is back, and in Williamsburg of all places. Last week The New York World, a Columbia Journalism …

The NBA is Bleeding

Sports, Nov 03 2011

by by David Adler

In The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith professed the importance of “public diversions.” These diversions, he argued, are central to the …

Israel On Its Own

Features, Oct 27 2011

by by David Adler

When Doron Shiffer-Sebba first walked the fifteen minutes from his house in West Jerusalem to the Old City in East Jerusalem, …

Art and Everyday Life

Arts, Oct 27 2011

by by Jordan Carter

Since when did artists drive around in armored trucks? Mel Chin’s Operation Paydirt/Fundred Dollar Bill is a socially engaged art project that …

Danny Brown and Das Racist

Arts, Oct 27 2011

by by Michael Danziger & Tristan Rodman

Danny Brown entered the stage at The Met sporting a Mishka varsity jacket, skinny jeans, Jordans, and an emo combover. This, …

Who Are the 99%?

News, Oct 27 2011

by by Kyle Wynter-Stoner

BURNSIDE PARK, Providence. It is Saturday, October 15, at 5 PM. Signs dominate the landscape. Each one is a thread in …

WEEK IN REVIEW 20 October 2011

Week in Review, Oct 27 2011

by by Andrew Kaplan, Kate Welsh & Berry Elkinton

Plumber Credentials Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as media sensation “Joe the Plumber” of the 2008 presidential campaign trail, has returned …


Science, Oct 25 2011

by by Jessica Mitter

In the final scene of Inception, we are faced with the question, “Is this real life, or is it all a …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn “Apologizes”

Opinions, Oct 25 2011

by by Ben Tucker

On September 18, Dominique Strauss-Kahn spoke with Claire Chazal, the long-time evening news anchor for Télévision France 1, making his first …

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

News, Oct 25 2011

by by Erica Schwiegershausen

Although it’s hard to remember the days before Google was a commonplace verb, Google, Inc. was first incorporated in 1998 with …

Hey Providence, What is that?

Metro, Oct 11 2011

by by Sam Adler-Bell

Born on the Fourth of July, or thereaboutsAt the corner of Wickendon and Governor Streets in Fox Point, right in front …

We’re Not Blocking Traffic: We Are Traffic

Metro, Oct 11 2011

by by Julian Francis Park, Caroline Soussloff & Sam Adler-Bell

Reclaiming the Road for CyclistsCritical Mass—part social gathering, part collective action—is difficult to define, even amongst participants. There is no formal …

Arab Summer

News, Sep 19 2011

by David Adler, Kate Welsh & Erica Schwiegershausen

Lowdown on Libya Libya spent more than 40 years under the erratic rule of Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi before apro-democracy revolt pushed …

RIPTA Delays Decision on Service Cuts

Metro, Sep 19 2011

by Sam Adler-Bell

In June, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) proposed cutting the state’s bus service by 10 percent(reduced to sevenin more …

Week In Review

News, Sep 19 2011

by David Adler, Erica Schwiegershausen & Kate Welsh

What Are You Hungary For? Is it possible for bureaucracy to be sexy? The country of Hungary seems to think so. …

Alligator Rescued from the Woonasquatucket

Metro, Sep 19 2011

by Sam Adler-Bell

Imagine a teenage girl goes on vacation with her family to some subtropical Floridian tourist trap, bringing home, as a keepsake, …

The Metamorphofish

arts & culture, Sep 17 2011

by Annika “Fin”ne & “Dive”ana Dwyer

I’d just hit rock lobster in the coddled coves of Prawnvidence. The sunlight splashedacross my room, though I practically live in …

A Logical Choice

why it makes sense to repeal tax cuts for the wealthy in Rhode Island

Opinions, Apr 21 2011

by Aaron Regunberg

Rhode Island has a $295 million deficit. That’s a lot of money, and none of the solutions proposed thus far sound …

Week in Review

News, Apr 21 2011

by David Adler, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

4/20 Update Detroit is a decrepit city—its former industry in dark shambles, its slums rife with poverty. But don’t worry! Gubernatorial …

Food Fight

Seasoned Debate on Local Food and Big Agriculture

Metabolics, Apr 15 2011

by Fraser Evans

At the beginning of the year, a few of my housemates approached me with an invitation to participate along with them …

Family Planning & the Federal Budget Impasse

News, Apr 09 2011

by Erin Schikowski

As the Independent went to press, legislators on Capitol Hill were still struggling to agree on a budget for the remainder …

Underdogs through History

arts & culture, Apr 09 2011

by David Adler, Gillian Brassil & Erik Font

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3. Neve was already in a bad mood when she went …

Can't Keep 'Em Down on the Farm Bill

Opinions, Apr 09 2011

by Benson Tucker

This Tuesday, students from ten mostly elite colleges and universities throughout the Midwest and northeast held protests against the latest farm …

Week in Review

News, Apr 09 2011

by Belle Cushing, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

Facebook Squahes "Third Palestinian Intifada" After receiving numerous complaints and appeals, including a request from the Anti-Defamation League—a US-based Jewish advocacy …

A Sense of Where You Are

poems about place

Literary, Apr 09 2011

by Sam Alper, Erik Font, Taylor Anne Lane & Micah Thanhauser

Pampa 1. There is nothing other than the pyramid of tires that seeks amnesty from the flatbed-truck-baggers lurching by, outside city …

Providence Bites

"digestible" news from around town

Metro, Apr 09 2011

by Emma Berry & Jonah Wolf

Fewer Kids—and they're not Alright Despite a crippling recession that left Rhode Island with one of the highest unemployment rates in …

Cinderellas on the Court

Why Underdogs in the NCAA Aren’t Actually Overcoming Odds

Metabolics, Apr 09 2011

by David Adler

No one roots for Goliath, and the sports world is no exception. Underdog stories are perennial headline grabbers, from the 1980 …

Week in Review

News, Mar 25 2011

by David Adler, Anna Matejcek & Emma Whitford

Operation Odyssey Dawn-s Saturday, March 19 marked the beginning of Operation Odyssey Dawn—an assault led by American forces on the Qaddafi …

A Cultural Footnote

the Japanese disaster

News, Mar 25 2011

by Benson Tucker

Fifteen months ago, Haiti experienced an earthquake whose immediate and long-term human consequences are nearly unfathomable. Around three hundred thousand Haitians …

High Profile

overhauling Rhode Island’s education system in the public eye

Metro, Mar 18 2011

by Emma Berry

Deborah Gist describes her entry into education administration as almost accidental. Originally trained as an elementary school teacher, she was teaching …

Week in Review

News, Mar 18 2011

by David Adler, Sam Levison & Anna Matejcek

In Putin’s Russia, Alcohol Drinks You! Russia’s parliament is currently grappling with a question that could force us all to re-examine …

Nate Dogg

soul thug extraordinaire

arts & culture, Mar 18 2011

by Erik Font

Listening to Nate Dogg is like driving slow with the top down along an LA sunset. It doesn’t matter if you’re …

Billboard Hits Remastered

arts & culture, Mar 18 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

The hamburger is ten feet tall—or it will be, once Johan Bjurman finishes with it. “The meat’s gonna be the hard …


Literary, Mar 10 2011

by Rebekah Bergman

There was a larva on the table from our mud pie or from the pounds and pounds of potatoes mom had …

Zen and Now

meditations on the Providence Zen Center and the Brown Contemplative Studies Initiative

arts & culture, Mar 10 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

In Providence, two influential and disparate iterations of Zen in the West stand within thirty minutes of one another: the Providence …

Midwestern Mayhem

madison fights for the right to unionize

News, Mar 10 2011

by Erica Schwiegershausen

"It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison,” remarked Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, describing the widespread protests in Wisconsin’s capital following Governor …

Sweat and Blood: Musical Theater with Girl Talk and Gwar

Arts, Mar 06 2011

by David Adler

That Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel was sold out on Friday, February 25, for Girl Talk, né Gregg Gillis, reflects little about the …

The Oak Tree Massacre: Sports Rivalries Then and Now

Sports, Mar 06 2011

by David Adler & Edward Friedman

On the evening of January 27, a man’s gruff voice came over the AM radio to football fans across the state …

Unrest Spreads in Ivory Coast

News, Mar 06 2011

by Erica Schwiegershausen

The three-month political stalemate in Ivory Coast has seen a surge in violence in recent weeks, raising concerns that civil war …

More Signs

Literary, Mar 06 2011

by Esther Nasty

I just finished some exceedingly demanding work on signs for a certain Brown academic department, reminding the prospective viewer of his/her …


Literary, Feb 25 2011

by Sam Alper

Characters:JUDY – Young and starved for company.BRY – Same.Night. The back porch of a country house, in the deep country, the …

Love Stories Throughout History

Features, Feb 25 2011

by Eve Blazo, Belle Cushing & Mimi Dwyer

LILITH AND ADAM: AN ARGUMENTThe legend of Lilith, Adam’s wife before Eve, found its first mention in Sumerian times. Lilith appears …


News, Feb 25 2011

by Malcolm Burnley, Emily Gogolak & Erica Schwiegershausen

SO LONG MR. PRESIDENT?The Arab world was dealt yet another shock on Sunday, when Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan, announced his …

Spreading the Cheese

Sports, Feb 14 2011

by David Adler

With Christina Aguilera holding the final note of the National Anthem for over 10 seconds, it was easy to forget who …

While You Were Out: Life in Providence in the Past Month

Metro, Feb 14 2011

by Emma Berry

THERE WAS SOME SNOWSome time in mid-January, the word “snowpocalypse” stopped being ironic. Birds had fallen from the sky only weeks …

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Arts, Dec 09 2010

by Amy Lehrburger

For a genre of mainstream entertainment, reality television is certainly large, and contains multitudes. In the last decade and a half, …

Bridge Over Digitally Rendered Water

Arts, Dec 09 2010

by Sonja Boet-Whitaker

The abandoned section of I-195, which crosses the Providence River just north of the Point St. bridge but south of WaterFire, …

Criminal Enterprises

wage violations grow in Rhode Island

by George A. Warner

When Miriam Medina took a cleaning job at the Macy’s department store in North Attleboro’s Emerald Square Mall last June, it …

Week in Review 11/11/10

obamania in Bollywood, FDA scare tactics, and cross-dressing kindergarteners

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Eli Schmitt & George A. Warner

Obama Goes to India On the heels of an election season defined by national mood and presidential inability to connect, Obama’s …

Reckless Abandon

abandoned homes, squatting, and direct revolutionary action

by Mimi Dwyer

On certain blocks of the south and west sides of Providence, burnt and dilapidated abandoned homes are as common as inhabited …

Week in Review 11/4/10

the kids aren't alright in New York and Iowa

by Ashton Strait & George A. Warner

A Rejected Letter to the Editors of the New York Law Journal In my distinguished career as a Personal Injury Attorney, …

A Media Gaff-edy

News, Oct 28 2010

by George Warner

Ed. Note – Any part of the play below reminiscent of the firing of Juan Williams by NPR is pure and …

Pumped up/Souped up

Food, Oct 28 2010

by Ann Crawford-Roberts

When I walk down foliage-littered sidewalks with the sound of crunching underfoot, when I close my windows at night and bury …

Why You Should Vote Chafee

Opinions, Oct 28 2010

by George Warner & Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Lincoln Chafee B’75 was eleven when he went to the 1964 Republican National Convention, with his father, then the immensely popular …

Partita Pistache

Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Valerie Hsiung

Prologue. Under normal conditions, it would not be possible to speak of the horses. They are any color here. Their actions. …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Leah Bromberg

(with an object)1.   (Of four-legged animals) to move or run with a regular bounding movement.2.   To cause (a horse) to canter …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Rebekah Bergman

This semester they start asking us about the thickness of glaciers. There is an earthquake in the Caribbean. Then an earthquake …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Sam Alper

BROTHERS OR USThere’s a dog barking somewherein the novel you’re readingimagine an ice sculpture of the Titanic being thrown at a …

Planting Doubt about Rhode Island's Name

Metro, Oct 27 2010

by Eric Johnson

As you drive along I-95 into the smallest state in the country, you might see a sign that says, “Welcome to …

Missing the Mark

Arts, Sep 26 2010

by Nathan Bergmann-Dean

Students at The New School for Social Research in New York City occupied the cafeteria of the student center in December …

Porcine Party

Metro, Sep 26 2010

by Margiana Petersen-Rockney

For early English settlers in New England, livestock was more than just a source of food. Roger Williams, founder of Rhode …

In Public

Features, Sep 24 2010

by Marguerite Preston

We have not always shopped in grocery stores. We have not always pushed shopping carts down fluorescent-lit aisles, past shelves and …

Twitter and the End of Historiography

Opinions, Sep 23 2010

by Charles Pletcher

On April 14, 2010, the Library of Congress announced on their blog that they would be archiving “every public tweet, ever, …

Unite HERE

Metro, Sep 22 2010

by George Warner

Joseph Mastrofrancesco, a tall, portly man from Fall River, has worked in manufacturing all his life. In 1988, he found his …

Hurrican Season

Features, Sep 10 2010

by Marguerite Preston

The hurricane started out as a Category 5 and hit land as a Category 3. It swept up the coast, leaving …

The Teachers Are Back!

Metro, Sep 10 2010

by Erin Schikowski

Central Falls High School (CFHS) was the source of considerable media attention last February when Superintendent Frances Gallo announced that every …

BLINDFOLDED BRUCES: Artistic Secrecy and The Bruce High Quality Foundation

Arts, Apr 08 2010

by By Jordan Carter

In an increasingly commercialized artistic era in which MoMA can purchase immaterial art objects—Tino Sehgal’s undocumented performance piece, The Kiss, and …


X, Apr 08 2010

by Marguerite Preston

It is opening night at Cook & Brown Public House. The tables are mostly full but there is space in the …

A Pair of Glasses

Science, Mar 18 2010

by Eran Hornick

Have you ever realized that there are optical properties in your fingers? Here, try this: put your thumb and pointer together, …

have your cake and feel good, too

Food, Mar 18 2010

by Valerie Kim & Nick Werle

When the Indian spice trade picked up in the 16th century in Europe, black pepper was said to be literally worth …


Arts, Mar 11 2010

by Nick Greene & Nick Werle

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which debuted March 5) takes the director's signature darkness as a lens for Lewis Carroll's famously …


News, Mar 11 2010

by Marguerite Preston

On January 21, on a cold morning in Copake, New York, Dean Pierson rose before dawn. Just as he did every …

From The Editors

From the Editors, Mar 04 2010

by Jordan Carter

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics came to a close this past Sunday. Over the course of about two weeks, national pride …

The Case Of The Desaparecidos

Features, Mar 04 2010

by Francesca Barber

Sons of bitches! Liars! Tell them the truth!” one of the 184 victims cries from behind the glass pane as she …

Providence Talks

Metro, Mar 04 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Hipolito Rivera is a houseman at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Providence. He came here with his family from Puerto Rico …

Commander In Briefs

Uncategorized, Feb 18 2010

by Crow Jonah Norlander

FESA OR QOMAING(or, OUT OF A JOB)By Crow Jonah NorlanderThe circumstances of Steve Nevile’s abrupt resignation from his role as Chief …

Terrorism! Environmental Destruction! Absolute Chaos!

Metro, Feb 18 2010

by George Warner

If Rhode Island were an addict, natural gas would be its drug of choice. RIPTA boasts that its trolleys run on …

In a Native Land

News, Feb 18 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Last Friday, as the Olympic torch made its way to Vancouver, a cultural center dubbed the Aboriginal Pavilion opened its doors …

Last Of The Kennedys

Week in Review, Feb 18 2010

by Marguerite Preston

Our government hasn’t been without a Kennedy serving in national office for more than 60 years. Ever since John F. Kennedy …

The Bull Moose And The Others

Features, Feb 16 2010

by Eran Hornick

I. We left the airport and caught a shuttle into town to get to the rental carfacility. We picked up our …

Downhill battle

Sports, Feb 11 2010

by Nick Werle

As the US Ski Team prepares to compete on the snow-starved slopes of British Columbia’s Whistler Mountain, its hopes are pinned …

Onions, Hot Sweet Onions

X, Feb 11 2010

by Nick Werle

I’ve heard people say they don’t like onions. This seems impossible. Onions are an essential ingredient in nearly every savory dish. …

Object of Affection

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Marguerite Preston

So many things the Eiffel Tower stands for, so many versions of love for so many kinds of lovers. What good …


Metro, Feb 04 2010

by George Warner

Rhode Island’s manufacturing legacy teeters between two historical facts: Rhode Island’s Slater Mill is the ‘birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in …

No More Dragons

Week in Review, Feb 04 2010

by Marguerite Preston

In 2004 Captain Bruce Muraski of Wisconsin’s Waupun Correctional Institution received a worrisome letter from ananonymous inmate. As the prison’s Disruptive …

The Theory Monster

Jordan Carter, Feb 04 2010

by By Jordan Carter

Fame + Foucault = Gaga?Britney Spears is my secret vice, but I’m proud to blast the Lady. She’s smart, arguably edgy, …

Glass House

Arts, Feb 04 2010

by Alex Verdolini

A preliminary question: If you went out and found a really good sculptor, sat him down and said, “Make me a …


Literary, Feb 04 2010

by Rachel Sanders

What I didn’t know when we both moved to Baltimore after graduation was that Fairfax Malley would become so concerned with phytonutrients. …

Sight To Be Seen

Literary, Feb 04 2010

by Kaela Myers

It wasn’t for the sex that I agreed to go on the sex tour. It’s not really the sort of thing …


Features, Dec 03 2009

by Emma Berry

The little boy’s nosebleed wouldn’t stop. He needed brain surgery as soon as possible to prevent a cluster of blood vessels …

NASA's Space Race Pit Stop

Science, Dec 03 2009

by Nick Werle

Long-time residents of Florida’s northeastern Space Coast, a region that includes the NASA launch pads at Cape Canaveral, can follow the …

Do the Genes Fit?

Science, Dec 03 2009

by George Warner

When genetically engineered (GE) crops were first commercialized at the end of the last decade, their potential seemed boundless. Scientists, politicians, …

The Pitchfork Effect

Arts, Dec 03 2009

by Nick Carter

Forget Theodor Adorno, Lester Bangs, Jon Landau, Greil Marcus, and Robert Christgau. The face of music criticism in 2009 is pale …


Arts, Nov 19 2009

by Several

by Gillian Brassil, Marisa Calleja, Jonas Delmar, Charles Harding, Bess Kalb, Maggie Lange,becca Levinson, and Erin SchikowskiA Christmas CarolTo remake this …


Science, Nov 19 2009

by Nick Werle

The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest machine ever built. The particle accelerator is a 17-mile ring that lies inside a …

No weddings, no funerals

News, Nov 19 2009

by George Warner

On Tuesday, November 10th, Governor Donald Carcieri vetoed a bill sponsored by Representative David Segal and Senator Rhoda Perry that would …


Sports, Nov 12 2009

by Rachel Sanders

These days, it doesn’t take much more than a mere whisper of steroid use to derail an athlete’s career. Although some, like …


Metro, Nov 12 2009

by George Warner

Louis Escobar and Robert Pearson have a combined146 years of dairy farming. Escobar was born the yearafter his father founded Escobars’ …

Let's Be Blunt

drugs beyond the locker room

Sports, Nov 12 2009

by Rachel Sanders

These days, it doesn’t take much more than a mere whisper of steroid use toderail an athlete’s career. Although some, like …

An Artistic Sandstorm Through the Middle East

museums and cosmopolitics

arts & culture, Nov 12 2009

by Jordan Carter

While sitting at the desk of his RISD office two years ago, the now ex-president of RISDRoger Mandlereceived atelephone call from …

Zogby Philosophy

Science, Nov 05 2009

by Nick Werle

Surgeons have their scalpels, biologists their microscopes, physicists their particle accelerators. Each tool is a symbol of its discipline forged in …

Green For Green

Metro, Nov 05 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In a letter to the mayor’s office written last spring, a coalition of Providence non-profits, community members and local entrepreneurs presented …

Not Free Love

Features, Nov 05 2009

by Erin Schikowski

Sandwiched between J. Walter Wilson and the Pembroke Walkway, Walter Hall recalls another period of the university’s history. The building is …

Paranoid Times

Arts, Oct 29 2009

by Rebekah Bergman

Under the aegis of the Providence Conspiracy League, Issue 1 of PARANOIA was Xeroxed on a $500 budget at Kinko’s in …

One More For the Rhode

highest rate of drug-use, lowest of needs-meeting treatment

Metro, Oct 29 2009

by Erin Schikowski

In May, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) published a study on drug use across the states. Based …

The Killing of Oscar Grant

high stakes in relocation of Oakland’s police brutality trial

News, Oct 29 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In the early morning of New Year’s Day 2009, a group of police officers for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) …

The Republic of Dreams

navigating Bruno Shulz's Drohobych

Arts & culture, Oct 22 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Drohobych, Galicia, 1942. The region had changed hands many times over the preceding half-century—at the turn of the century, Galicia belonged …

Bargaining Committee

at the table with Brown Dining Services' Steve Derderian

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Steve Derderian has worked for Brown DiningServices for 20 years andworks at the stir-fryline at the V-dub. An Armenian immigrant,Derderian has …

An Excerpt From Eldritch

a play

Literary, Oct 09 2009

by Sam Alper

Everyone is a wizard, except for Father Levit, who is a priest.Wizards wear beautiful capes. They hold lengths of wood. Gabriel …

Answer Marks

Iverson's ink and his impact on the NBA

sports, Oct 09 2009

by Nick Carter

On September 10, Allen Iverson signed a one-year contract with the MemphisGrizzlies. A perennial basement dweller of the NBA’s SouthwestDivision,the Grizz …

Nobel Selections

the noblest nerds of 2009


by Nick Werle

Physics Were it not for this year’s Nobel laureates in physics, itis safe to say that no college student would find …

Science Roundup

this week in mammalia


by Nick Werle

This week, scientists learned who among themwill enter the Swedish Pantheon of Nobel science. But just because the lucky few are …


Opinions, arts & cultures, Oct 09 2009

by Gillian Brassil, Jonah Delmar, Tarah Knaresboro, Kaela Myers, Katie Okamoto & John Szymanski

Things, historically speaking, go badly when only one person is allowedto have an opinion.It’s how dictators happen, and Hugo Chavez’s variety …

Chalk It Up To Experience

how to win votes and fill asphalt at the Providence Street Arts Festival

Metro, Oct 09 2009

by Marguerite Preston

Remember when you were a kid and you couldspend hours sprawled on the sidewalk outliningflowers and dogs, drawing big-headed stick figures …

Raising Costs, Raising Fists

the fight for healthcare and workers' rights in Prov city

Metro, Oct 09 2009

by Samuel Adler-Bell

Last Thursday, more than 200 Brown Dining Service (BDS) workers,Providence union members, and students gathered before the steps of University Hall …

From the Editors 10/8/09

FTE, Oct 09 2009

by Joy Neumeyer

This mid-October, in between staving off deadly microbes (that handsanitizer seems too good to be true), debating whether Columbus is Friend …

Sporty Spice

how Semenya is challenging our notion of female athletes

Sports, Oct 05 2009

by George Warner

Caster Semenya runs fast—really fast. The 18-year-oldSouth African runner dominated the Women’sWorld Championship 800m race thisAugust, whenshe beat her nearest competitor …

Translation Versus Innovation

science research should do both


by Eli Scheer

Flip through last week’s Nature and you’ll noticeinteresting studies in a boring pattern. It’s either acool new idea without immediate utility …

Stop Breathing My Air

a brief history of the quarantine

arts & culture, Oct 05 2009

by Joy Neumeyer

Quarantines confine healthy people who may have been exposed to acommunicabledisease. The first known quarantines appear in the Old Testament, which …

A Local Celebration of Sustainability

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Erin Schikowski

Imagine it: Rhode Island as the first completely sustainable state in thecountry. Businesses, individuals, families, and communities would useresources no faster …

Destruction > Creation > Preservation?

Smith Hill gets a makeover

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt & Jesse Strecker

In an ongoing project launched this summer, Providence’s Smith Hill Community Development Corpo-ration has transformed four foreclosed houses fromscenes of urban …

Fruit Cup

Literary, Sep 28 2009

by Rebekah Bergman

FRUIT CUP Grasshoppers leapfrog While watermelon juice drips Off pretty pink chins. Grapes ripe to raisins On the porch. You like …


Literary, Sep 28 2009

by Rebekah Bergman

PHYSIOLOGY (The stubble on your chin is radio static) TINY ANTENNAE IN MY EYELASHES: What is the frequency of white noise? …


Literary, Sep 28 2009

by Ezra Miller

The Archaeologist He excavates my collarbone, the thin skinned recesses, plumbing my body’s sunken architecture. // St. Augustine in my breast …

Of Floating Poets and Sorrowful Whores

“Echoes of Heian-Kyo” at the Boston MFA

Arts & Culture, Sep 28 2009

by Alex Verdolini

The art of juxtaposition is subtle, difficult to understand. Put two colors,scents, or images beside each other without further explanation, and …

Arriba Centroamerica

Metro, Sep 28 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Sunday, August 20. Providence’sFestival Centroamericano isunderstandably loud. With camerain hand, we’ve joined a celebratorythrong at Roger Williams Parkfor the 188th anniversary …

40 Barren Years

still no birth control pill for men


by Rebekah Bergman

In the 1950s a young woman at the drive-in with her beau would have been understandably anxious about the expiration date …

Let Them Prove It

documenting human rights abuses in Russia

News, Sep 28 2009

by Joy Neumeyer

On a frigid Moscow morning in 1977, physicist Yuri Orlovwatched as the KGB men drove up to his apartment andexited their …


Literary, Sep 18 2009

by Kaela Myers

I’m in Atlanta and when I’m in Atlanta there’s always that feeling when you step out of the air-conditioning and all …

How Upsetting

who let the underdogs out? Oudin et al storm the US Open

Sports, Sep 18 2009

by Rachel Sanders

This year in particular has been a veritable soap opera for followers of protennis, from Roger and Rafa’s on-again/off-again rivalry to …

The Artifice of the Internship

are you (non) experienced?

arts & culture, Sep 18 2009

by Rebekah Bergman

Coffee cups and copy machines. Nervous smiles at stern superiors.Straining one’s ears to hear snippets of debates as meeting room doors …

Defunct Amusement Parks in Rhode Island

Metro, Sep 18 2009

by Erin Schikowski

So they never boasted any Top Thrill Dragsters or Kingda Kas, but still there is a certain aura of quaint charm …


tent cities in Providence

Metro, Sep 17 2009

by Jesse Strecker

For much of this past summer, a tent citynamed Camp Run-a-Muck stood out likea sore thumb in the Point Street bridge’siconic …

For the Record

Arts & Culture, Apr 30 2009

by Crow Jonah Norlander

Dat Kid From Cleveland Kid Cudi [G.O.O.D. Music], 2009 Mixtapes are the minor leagues of rap, and few wordsmiths ever get …

Providence For Sale

Metro, Apr 23 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Providence, along with the rest of Rhode Island, remains in the throes of a severe housing crisis. Eviction messengers march the …

Maria Meza

Metro, Apr 23 2009

by Lacy Roberts

El Rancho Grande sits just west of Olneyville Square. The tiny dining room is warm with orange walls and the smell …

Sex, Lies and Red Tape

Features, Apr 23 2009

by Joy Neumeyer

YAROSLAVL, RUSSIA At the "Achieving Your Dreams" club, Anya Alexandrova is fruitlessly trying to hold the attention of the 15-year-olds in …

A little piece of mind

Metro, Apr 16 2009

by Nick Werle

Just after he was diagnosed with AIDS in the spring of 2007, Bobbie Ebert was suffering from a fresh burst of …


Opinions, Apr 16 2009

by Beth Berger

Tina Fey is everywhere these days: writing and starring in television's best comedy, almost singlehandedly taking down Palin last fall (and …


Science, Apr 16 2009

by Emma Berry

Travis was 14 and, by all accounts, an all-American guy. He loved baseball and steak. He'd appeared in a commercial for …


Arts, Apr 16 2009

by Benjamin Bernstein

Few ladies bring the soul today like Sharon Jones. Frontwoman of Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings--an old-school funk band whose sound …

The Making and Taking of Space

Features, Apr 16 2009

by Alex Werth

1. There's been a kidnapping. We've taken a life-size reproduction of the main social chamber of Brown's future Creative Arts Center …


Arts, Apr 09 2009

by Rachel de Jong & Eli Halpern

Poetry is often a solitary pursuit. A poet may feel like he is writing in a vacuum, while his poet neighbor …

Abortion in Providence


arts & culture, Mar 19 2009

by Josh Sunderman

For any young woman riding there by taxi, the drive to Problem Pregnancy of Providence at 400 Atwells St. can be …


Arts, Mar 19 2009

by Stephanie Pottinger

In the past two weeks, musing over how Jamie Foxx got a puffy-eyed Ron Howard to feature prominently in the music …


Literary, Mar 19 2009

by Ghada Abdelquader

Pray to God so He might save you as I write. Bathe the pores of your skin with the mud of …

In a Jif: Easy and Delicious Do-It-Yourself Nut Butters

Features, Mar 12 2009

by Marguerite Preston

There are certain foods that only seem to exist within the realm of plastic packaging and brand names. We get them …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Drew Foster

Sometimes I go to Boston to see movies. I like getting on commuter trains, arriving in a bigger city within the …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Jordan Carter

The rising generation of African American youth is maturing in front of a media-driven society that actually displays a "hero"--a president …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Like Nietzsche's madman, the twenty-first century prophets are running out onto the streets, their lanterns burning brightly in the daylight. They …


Literary, Mar 12 2009

by Max Posner

The kitchen of an office. A nice office, where serious businessmen wear serious clothes and talk numbers. The lighting is mildly …


Science, Mar 05 2009

by Jordan Carter

They call him Mr. President. No, it is not Morgan Freeman or Dennis Haysbert, the other black men who only portrayed …


Arts, Feb 26 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Un Dimanche √† KigaliSet in the now-famous H√¥tel des Mille Collines (cf. Hotel Rwanda), Un Dimanche √† Kigali (A Sunday in …


Arts, Feb 05 2009

by Stephanie Pottinger

In these times, what most people might benefit from is not the industry's useless pandering to their tightened means, but a …


Arts, Feb 05 2009

by Drew Foster

Sans Soleil Nobody makes movies like Chris Marker, which makes sense, considering he doesn't refer to them as movies. Calling Soleil …


Literary, Feb 05 2009

by Alex Verdolini

i.a. mysterious confluence of parrotsThe eagle is an omen of victory. The owl is an omen of enlightenment and death. The …


Science, Feb 05 2009

by Erin Schikowski

So you've woken up 'in bits,' as they say, and it's just not one of those hangovers you can pretend to …


Arts, Nov 20 2008

by Alex Werth

Sultry emcee Velocity Chyaldd wrapped her fingers around the microphone, hands bound in leather and lace. "Who's ready for some burlesque, …


Arts, Nov 13 2008

by Alex Verdolini

As a Friend New Directions, 2008; 192 pp.The greatest difficulties of Forrest Gander's novel, As a Friend, lie in the first …


Metro, Nov 13 2008

by Alexander Guerrero

Citing the Modern Diner's (at 364 East Ave, Pawtucket) Lobster Benedict as possibly the most evolved diner food, he explained how …


Science, Nov 13 2008

by Erin Schikowski

Ever wondered whether you're related to the Biblical figure Aaron? (I mean, who hasn't?) With improvements in modern technology, the company …


Science, Nov 13 2008

by Rebekah Bergman

Two weeks ago, researchers in London found experimental proof for the proverbial "fine line" between love and hate. The emotions activate …


Science, Nov 06 2008

by Perrin Ireland

I. Once I saw a rabbit's body stripped away from the thin sack of its organs as it dangled upside-down. Both …


Features, Oct 30 2008

by Joy Neumeyer

When students at Liberty University checked their email on September 22, an exhortation to make history beckoned among the usual Facebook …


Literary, Oct 30 2008

by Sam Alper

[1]Location: On Lochman Lane, a hill on supposedly private property, overlooking downtown LA. Midday, sunny. Two young guys sit in the …


Arts, Oct 23 2008

by Stephanie Pottinger

For its inaugural Hip Hop Honors program in 2005, VH1 commissioned Nigerian-American painter Kehinde Wiley to render the likenesses of Ice-T …


Features, Oct 02 2008

by Joy Neumeyer

During last Friday's presidential debate, Senator Barack Obama pronounced that Americans currently face "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." …


Science, Sep 25 2008

by Erin Schikowski

Brown University Professor Dov Sax discovered, in his most recent research, that there are now more naturalized plant species in New …


Arts, Sep 25 2008

by Alex Verdolini

It should have been a flop. Just a week before "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever," Sotheby's gargantuan sale of new work …


Literary, Sep 25 2008

by Kaela Myers

Maxine is writing again. She's holed up in the treehouse. Every morning we leave her food in the bucket and though …


Features, Sep 18 2008

by Joy Neumeyer

Their faces smiled from bus stops, from escalators, from sidewalks, a vision of Russian purity alongside the leggy glitz of Sex …


Arts, Sep 18 2008

by Alex Verdolini

On Easter Day at the turn of the twentieth century, the Tsar Nicholas II presented the Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna with a …


Science, Sep 18 2008

by Erin Schikowski

The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi first named it the "flow state" in the 1990s, but we lay folk would more likely call …

A Home Away From Home

moving into the home show

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Aaron Cutler & Alex Eichler

One of your correspondents' fathers is a homebuilder. For years the youth has been regaled with tales of construction in rural …

Beautiful Wasteland, Idolized Junkyard

urban exploration in Providence

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Jesse Strecker

The door of the abandoned What Cheer Laundry Service building is covered with three posters. One is for a Rod Stewart …

Avert Your Eyes

Brown opera productions goes to hell and back

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Devin Beecher

Oh be merciful, ye Furies, ye spectres, ye angry shades!" Orpheus is on his way to the underworld to retrieve Eurydice, …

Heady Days, Vigorous Nights

an actor's memoir

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Aaron Cutler

The minute I saw that I'd been cast as a talking vagina, I knew that things were going well. The show …

How Low is the Exchange Rate?

Putin, Medvedev, and the future of Russia

News, Mar 13 2008

by Aaron Cutler

March 2 was a big day in Russia. Forty-two-year-old Dmitry Medvedev won the presidential election, with acting duties to be assumed …

An Island of a Man

Fidel fades into the red

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Liam Daniel Pierce

Fidel Castro's resignation on February 20 came less as a shock than as one of the most calculated anticlimaxes in history. …

Peeling The Onion

John Emigh and Peer Gynt

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Aaron Cutler

For more than 20 years, Professor John Emigh tried to direct Peer Gynt at Brown, but the Sock & Buskin board …

What Would Jesus Download

godtube wants you to watch it's videos—and find eternal salvation

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Joy Neumeyer

As red letters scribble his words across a black screen, an anxious young male voice who calls himself Josh rhetorically addresses …

If I Had A Rocket Launcher

war games for Cambodia's tourists

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Christopher Hudgens

The commando waited until we had driven several miles beyond Thunder Ranch before he turned to me from the front seat …

Some Bondage, Little Restraint

the sex workers' art show comes to Providence

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Alex Eichler

More than a week after the sex workers came to town, I'm still not sure how I feel about them. This …

The 68 Mile High Club

Virgin goes to the edge of space, for a price

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Flynn Berry

On January 23, a crowd gathered in the New York Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium to see the unveiling of …

Week In Review

News, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler, Liam Pierce, Max Emont & Robert Moor

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops, Talk Radio Flips Out "Unless America changes course, we could become the France of the 21st century," Mitt …

NBA All-Star Weekend

Metabolics, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler

1 Wallace Lewton, Ph.D. '08 in Comparative Literature, preparing a dissertation entitled "Limitless Balls: Updike, Márquez, Gombrowicz and the Role of …


A story

Literary, Feb 14 2008

by Alex Verdolini

1 I met her at the young girl's funeral. We were sitting in the tenth pew, I remember. Our island is …


Literary, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler

i work day and night in a tennis ball factory. i glue the fur onto the tennis balls. i stand in …

Paralysie Francaise

Or shit, it was a dream

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Alex Verdolini

THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY Directed by Julian Schnabel [Miramax Films/Pathe Distribution, 114 minutes] It's not so easy to make …

In Need of New Blood

When it comes to donor discrimination, blame the feds

Opinions, Feb 14 2008

by Robert Moor

Staring up into the dusty rafters of Brown's Sayles Hall, I lie on my back and feel the blood drain out …

The Vagina Dialogue

Take off that underwear

Opinions, Mar 17 2005

by Christi Laquer & Scott Kolp

Eve Ensler says she is worried about the vagina. So are we. To paraphrase Eve Ensler's introduction to her acclaimed theatrical …

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Arts & Culture, Mar 14 2003

by Ryan Vanderboosh

It’s kind of wonderful the way kids scare the adults who created them. So for anyone who’s ever enjoyed not so …