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Tuning Out Reality

A Farewell to The Real Housewives

Features, Mar 03 2020

by Cecelia Barron

I was 10 when I witnessed a physical fight for the first time. It occurred at a country club. Upset by …

Chile Despertó

Paula Pacheco Soto on the Chilean student movement in historical perspective

News, Dec 06 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser, Izzi Olive & Paula Pacheco Soto

October 26 Chile has long been heralded as one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America and an example of …

From the Editors

FTE, Oct 05 2019

by EC

Some of you may be familiar with that precious bagel store up Hope. On Monday morning, I watched an altercation there. …

Beyond the Candidates

An independent midterms rundown

News, Nov 09 2018

by Mara Dolan, Lucas Smolcic Larson & Paula Pacheco Soto

Here we thread together national stories, revealed not through House or Senate races, but through ballot measures and referendums, speaking to …

Taking Back the Wheel

Lessons from the First Student drivers' strike

Metro, Oct 26 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

Wafaa is eleven years old and attends Nathanael Greene Middle School. She and her younger brother were two of the almost …

From the Editors

FTE, Sep 24 2018

by HA & EC

We’re one week in and feeling the pressure. As Gatehouse media squeezes the ProJo dry and lays off reporters, the void …

Keeping Families Together (In Detention)

A "new" Flores Settlement and the move from family separation to family imprisonment

News, Sep 24 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

The names and biographical information stated below have been altered to protect the identities of the children and their mothers who …

Summer After Moonlight

On why we are glad Call Me By Your Name didn’t win Best Picture

Features, Mar 15 2018

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber, Paula Pacheco Soto & Emma Lloyd

Queer films represent a break from mainstream cinema, which is usually intent on depicting heterosexual romance. In the past few years, …

Chismeando con Ruben

A Conversation with Queer Xicano Chisme

Features, Mar 02 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

In English, the word chisme translates to gossip. Chisme is a cultural practice in Latin American and diaspora communities, an implicit …


Utility justice in South Providence and Washington Park

Metro, Feb 09 2018

by Cecelia Tamburro

Monica Huertas is a community activist and mother of four. She lives in Lower South Providence, and the health of her …

Rainbow Saviors

On the politics of (not) coming out

Features, Feb 02 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

cw: homophobia, sexual assault. The first accusation of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey surfaced on October 29, 2017 by actor Anthony …

La Lucha Sigue

Migrant protection after the TPS repeal

Metro, Dec 01 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

On November 6, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke scheduled the termination of the temporary protected status for Nicaraguan citizens, …

El Pueblo Unido

Lessons from the Chilean student movement

Features, Oct 20 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: police brutality Santiago de Chile, 2013. I clearly remember the first time I was arrested: it was a day …

Spreading Sanctuary

Queer refugees and the LGBTQ+ asylum process

News, Sep 22 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: anti-queer and trans violence, torture. There is no clear sense of when the raids began. Human Rights Watch suggests …

Bad Blood

Haiti and the mythology of AIDS

Features, Apr 21 2017

by Andrew Deck

The Windward Passage spans the distance between Port-au-Prince and Santiago de Cuba. It’s the strait left between the islands of Cuba …

Bedside Theater

Emma Sulkowicz and the politics of healing

Arts, Mar 03 2017

by Becca Hansen

At the Healing Touch Integral Wellness Center in Philadelphia, visitors come prepared to discuss their relationships, insecurities, deepest anxieties, and whatever …

Keeping the Fire With Us and the Resistance in Us

Reflections on the #NoDAPL movement

News, Mar 01 2017

by A collective of Native Americans at Brown (NAB) who went to Standing Rock

In response to the proposed construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in April 1, 2016, owned by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., …

Week in Minor Democratic Victories

News, Nov 18 2016

by Kelton Ellis, Andrew Deck & Jane Argodale

Heck Yeah Harris To temper your cynicism, if only just a little: last week, amid the presidential election’s literal upset, Kamala …

International Art Spam

Arts, Nov 04 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

Specimen: The Artist’s Museum begins with the impulse to collect and connect, bringing together large-scale installations, photography, film, and videos that …

Simple Properties

Science & Technology, Oct 28 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

A favorite bookstore has been marked “Permanently closed.” The taco place on the corner has a new photo. The geo-locational marker …

Fair Exchange Is No Theft

RI defunds its only needle exchange

Metro, Oct 28 2016

by Andrew Deck & Will Weatherly

On October 2, a group of monsters, superheroes, and drag performers gathered at The Dark Lady, a gay bar on Snow …

Week in Animal Control

News, Sep 30 2016

by Jack Brook, Kelton Ellis & Andrew Deck

DOGGED LOVE Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 11-year old Apollo, of Jacksonville, Florida, would beg to …

Notes on Gay Softcore Camp

When Gay Sex Loses its Politics

Arts, Sep 16 2016

by Andrew Deck

The first ‘gay-themed’ feature-length film I watched was Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Like many closeted eighth graders, I had turned …

Spaces We Might Not Have Inhabited

Fragments on Ambient Media

Arts, Apr 08 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

“This which yields or fills / All space, the ambient air wide interfus’d” –John Milton, Paradise Lost (1667) The term ‘ambient …

Black Boxes and Black Mirrors

Arts, Dec 04 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Athena Washburn

A black box is a unit, a unified system, or a discrete object which takes inputs and produces outputs but whose …

The Failed OG Was a GOP

When Music Taste Turns Political

Arts, Nov 20 2015

by Rebecca Blandon

News outlets have been prying into each bit of Dr. Ben Carson’s autobiography, vetting stories from his childhood in which he …

The Other Earth

Young Thug and the New Affects of Afrofuturism

Arts, Nov 13 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Alec Mapes-Frances

In a video posted online this September, French journalist Mouloud Achour (from Clique TV) and rapper Young Thug are sitting on …

Just Say No to Bad Art

On Protest and Renoir

Arts, Nov 06 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

Over the course of these past months, protesters have gathered outside of various cultural institutions including the Boston Museum of Fine …

Three Deserts

Notes on Cinematic Desolation

Features, Oct 23 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

I. For me, the desert has always been a fascinating thought-image within the Western imaginary, even if it’s exceedingly ambiguous or …

Tired of Art

Arts, Oct 09 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances & Athena Washburn

Robert Smithson,A Heap of Language, 1966 (Wikimedia Commons) In response to the 1970s energy crisis, citizens around the US began collecting …

"Too Much World"

On Hito Steyerl

Arts, Sep 18 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

At Artists Space in Tribeca, the disembodied voice of Bruce Lee booms from Hito Steyerl’s video Liquidity, Inc., amid the distant …

Culture Shock

A Short Timeline of Controversial Art

Arts, Apr 10 2015

by Max Genecov, Joshua Kurtz, Eli Pitegoff, Erin Prinz-Schwartz & Maya Sorabjee

To simply be offensive in one’s artistic practice is to engage in a hollow act of provocation. It is to be, …

Dirty Dancing

Metabolics, Mar 13 2015

by The Selection Committee

Editors' Note: To make the image larger 'control-click' on it and select 'view image.' …

The Supreme Court's Non-Decision Decision

News, Oct 17 2014

by Rebecca Mears

On Monday, October 6, the first day of its new term, the United States Supreme Court declined to review seven decisions …

The Next Frame

Occult, Feb 14 2014

by Arthur Schechter

The Italian renaissance got its name for a reason. Immense technological leaps and the consolidation of wealth and power resurrected archaic …


October 11, 2013

Arts, Oct 10 2013

by Becca Millstein, Grier Stockman & John White

Inventory. Taking stock. It’s a check-list, cross it off. Go to Venice, take a drive, come, and back again. We bring …

All The Way

Arts, Sep 19 2013

by Becca Millstein

It’s an august afternoon, sometime in the 1960s. Robert Schenkkan and his older brother are standing in the hot gravel driveway …

Sun Falls Down

Russian Asteroids from the Ground Up

Science & Technology, Mar 18 2013

by Becca Millstein

“I looked up at the sky and suddenly the sky lit up with a bright light and something that looked like …

LA: Sex Sells

Literary, Dec 08 2011

by Becca Levinson

Ray Ray is nineteen years old and he mows the grass. The grass only needs to be mowed once a week …

Don't Call it a Comeback

Features, Nov 03 2011

by written & illustrated by Becca Levinson

A few years ago, a Brown University custodian saw something strange at University Hall. While working after hours in the Corporation …


Opinions, Mar 18 2010

by the Santos-Paglinawan Collective

Your correspondents slunk down to see the Whitney Biennial just last Friday, some three weeks after its opening, and so cannot …

Providence Talks

Metro, Mar 04 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Hipolito Rivera is a houseman at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Providence. He came here with his family from Puerto Rico …

In a Native Land

News, Feb 18 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Last Friday, as the Olympic torch made its way to Vancouver, a cultural center dubbed the Aboriginal Pavilion opened its doors …

Green For Green

Metro, Nov 05 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In a letter to the mayor’s office written last spring, a coalition of Providence non-profits, community members and local entrepreneurs presented …

The Killing of Oscar Grant

high stakes in relocation of Oakland’s police brutality trial

News, Oct 29 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In the early morning of New Year’s Day 2009, a group of police officers for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) …

Bargaining Committee

at the table with Brown Dining Services' Steve Derderian

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Steve Derderian has worked for Brown DiningServices for 20 years andworks at the stir-fryline at the V-dub. An Armenian immigrant,Derderian has …

Destruction > Creation > Preservation?

Smith Hill gets a makeover

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt & Jesse Strecker

In an ongoing project launched this summer, Providence’s Smith Hill Community Development Corpo-ration has transformed four foreclosed houses fromscenes of urban …

Arriba Centroamerica

Metro, Sep 28 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Sunday, August 20. Providence’sFestival Centroamericano isunderstandably loud. With camerain hand, we’ve joined a celebratorythrong at Roger Williams Parkfor the 188th anniversary …


tent cities in Providence

Metro, Sep 17 2009

by Jesse Strecker

For much of this past summer, a tent citynamed Camp Run-a-Muck stood out likea sore thumb in the Point Street bridge’siconic …

Week in Review

News, Apr 30 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

This is bull In Ireland this past Saturday, April 25, a bull got loose and terrorized a local supermarket.Entering in a …


News, Apr 23 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

TEACHERS HAVE MORE FUNThis past week two teachers in Massachusetts and Ohio should have been sent to the principal's office.In Salem, …

Providence For Sale

Metro, Apr 23 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Providence, along with the rest of Rhode Island, remains in the throes of a severe housing crisis. Eviction messengers march the …


News, Apr 09 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

Congratulations, I mean, never mindThis past week NYU and UCSD inadvertently played a joke on thousands of undergrad and graduate hopefuls. …


News, Mar 05 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

GAP DISCOVERS WHAT IT'S BEEN MISSINGRISD students once again proved their innovation and imaginative genius, this time with the recognition of …


Arts, Mar 05 2009

by Rebecca Sigel

I came out to my mother when I was 14. While she drove the car, I said, with the same inflection …


News, Feb 05 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

After a fifteen-year lull, the celebrity of Sunny von B√ºlow has been revived. As news of Mrs. von B√ºlow's December 6 …


Arts, Oct 30 2008

by Tom Iadecola

MARNIE STERN This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It …

Beautiful Wasteland, Idolized Junkyard

urban exploration in Providence

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Jesse Strecker

The door of the abandoned What Cheer Laundry Service building is covered with three posters. One is for a Rod Stewart …

Avert Your Eyes

Brown opera productions goes to hell and back

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Devin Beecher

Oh be merciful, ye Furies, ye spectres, ye angry shades!" Orpheus is on his way to the underworld to retrieve Eurydice, …