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As Never

Collecting Literary Correspondence in the Internet Age

Features, Apr 22 2016

by Ben Berke

“There’s been a recent boom in letter books,” Carol DeBoer-Langworthy tells me over a stack of writers’ correspondences she’s fished from …

General Salutation

Misremembering Roger Williams' Arrival in Providence

Metro, Apr 15 2016

by Ben Berke

Anyone with a Rhode Island driver’s license can tell you the story of Roger Williams’s arrival. In 1636, Puritan Massachusetts decides …


Reshaping Providence's Urban Forest

Metro, Mar 18 2016

by Ben Berke

In September 2007, the Providence Parks Department contracted a private company to fly a satellite over the city. The satellite photographed …

Rigor Mortar

In Conversation With J Hogue

Metro, Dec 04 2015

by Ben Berke

In the 1990s, Providence unearthed a long-neglected river, buried a rail yard, and started moving a highway out of its downtown. …

A Day in the Life

The Quantified Self and the Stream of Consciousness

Features, Nov 20 2015

by Ben Berke & Henry Staley

When Nicholas Felton lectured at RISD last month, he wasn’t giving the typical alumni success speech. The 1999 graduate was introduced …

Week in Necromancy

News, Oct 30 2015

by Ben Berke & Jay Mamana

On Zombies and Vampire Capitalism Politically interested visitors to the Highgate Cemetery in North London will spy some great names on …

In the Zone

The Dense Future of Student Housing

Metro, Oct 09 2015

by Ben Berke

On September 17, Mayor Jorge Elorza approved a zoning ordinance that will restrict the spread of student housing into single-family residential …

Outside the Mind's Eye

Misadventures in Visualizing Books

Arts, Oct 02 2015

by Ben Berke

“How do I know you again?” she asks me from the kitchen counter at her boyfriend’s party. She flashes a smile …