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Aspirational Aesthetics

Arts, Apr 10 2012

by By Alexandra Corrigan

What kind of spaces do we make now? And how are they made? Architecture teaches, more purely than philosophy, what our …

Horoscopes 17 November 2011

Occult, Nov 28 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Oh, love. It's all you need. Isn't that right, @YokoOno? Easier said than done, sadly. So while we proclaim to be …

Crying Over the Eurozone

News, Nov 03 2011

by by Alexandra Corrigan

On Oct 19, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to her first child with the sitting French president. Brushing off media paparazzi, Bruni-Sarkozy …


Occult, Oct 25 2011

by by Alexandra Corrigan

Want us to figure out what your moon or rising sign is? Tweet @INDYOCCULT .CapricornGAGA: Money HoneyCapricorns are the most successful …

Occupy Providence

INDY BLOG, Oct 16 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Images from the occupation protest in downtown Providence's Burnside Park. To start the occupation, the hundreds of protesters  marched downtown. The …

The abortion bill scares me

INDY BLOG, Oct 14 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Today, the house of representatives passed the HR 358 -- the "Protect Life [of an unborn fetus rather than the mother's] …

October Horoscopes

Occult, Oct 06 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

We're here for your monthly horoscopes! Do you want to know your moon sign, rising sign, or have other anxieties we …

YOGA//PVD: a guide for all to yoga in Providence

LOVE, Sep 29 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Yoga, commonly known as only a practice here in the USA, was contentiously debated in ancient Indian philosophy. In Buddhism and …

The Oneness of Being

Sufism in downtown Manhattan

arts & culture, Apr 15 2011

by Dia Barghouti & Alexandra Corrigan

Last fall, controversy poured out of a block less than a mile from Ground Zero. News agencies voraciously covered the tension …

Form Follows Function, Which Follows Form

Arts, Oct 07 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

As a war of words rages on Fox News, the designs for the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center in downtown Manhattan …

PVD Talks: Sebastian Ruth, B'97

Arts, Oct 07 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

Sebastian Ruth started Community Music Works fourteen years ago with a small, year-long grant from the Swearer Center for Public Service. …

Original Pranksters

Arts, Sep 26 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

//September Gauguin Exhibit Invites New, Sillier Perspective on Post-Impressionists// [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="“I think,” he bragged, “it is a pretty …

drizzle-down economy

Metro, Apr 08 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

The Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) doubled Rhode Island’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in February 2009, granting it $20.07 …

A Year of Infidelities

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

If the last ten years have taught the fame-producing world anything, it’s that publicity is publicity is publicity. While good press …


Features, Feb 04 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

I had heard rumors about Condessa on Thayer Street, and her upstairs boudoir full of Lay-Z-Boys and Jesus figurines. And sure, …