About This Week's Cover

by by Jonah Wolf

Anyone who picked up this week's issue of the Independent was first drawn to the stark cover by Cover Editor Annika Finne B'12. The Midnight Hour spoke with Finne over G-chat about how she combined geometric repetition with found maps to create a poignant tribute September 11 attacks' tenth anniversary.

The Midnight Hour: you there?

Annika Finne: Yes

having candle problems



MH: gotcha

so let's talk about the cover

how'd you make it?

AF: I started with two rectangles

just stroked rectangles on photoshop

that looked like the two towers

and then i multiplied them

rectangle explosion

then i made the little rectangles into two bigger towers

and then i messed around with the sizes of the rectangles to have scale variations

i wanted to use old maps of new york streets because of how geometrically the streets are laid out and it resonates nicely with the tower rectangles

the edges of the maps are defined by the edges of the island

so you get a nice organic shape at the bottom that becomes a flat rectangle as it moves up the page

MH: where did you get the maps?

AF: wikimedia commons public domain

i didn't want the two towers to be too in the foreground

so i put them off to the left side and inverted the colors

MH: did you start out knowing you wanted to do something about the twin towers?

AF: yeah really this cover is unique in responding to an illustratory prompt

but for an illustrator twin towers is possibly one of the best prompts you can get

iconic and beautiful simple geometric image that can and needs to be subtle

opportunity for poignancy

MH: i know malcolm had mentioned his admiration for the recent new yorker cover

AF: yeah that was a beautiful one

there have been a TON of beautiful illustrations coming out of 911 memorial

MH: yeah -- plus the different designs for the physical memorial (synergy with tim's article)

didn't you once live near "ground zero"?

AF: oh yeah

i lived in the pratt new school dorms on maiden lane

outside my window someone had written in soot "911 never forget"