New Music: Cool World, 9/21/11

by by Jonah Wolf

Lotta ride cymbal on the new release (three songs, 10 minutes) from local ("via Philadelphia/Baltimore via Orlando/New York") trio Cool World, recorded at Brown this past spring and released free on Bandcamp on the eponymous day. 9/21/11 seem to have words, unlike its predecessor Gaydream Nation, but damned if I can make them out. "Donuts by the Water (Before I Die)" has nifty strings, but even better is "Van Buren," led off by what could be the best four-chord guitar riff since Puddle of Mudd's "She Hates Me." "Italian Wedding" -- what great titles! -- offers some counterpoint between Sean O'Loane's layered guitar shrieks and Doug Poole's Beelzebub bass bumps before kicking in to a two-chord motorik groove.