The abortion bill scares me

by by Alexandra Corrigan

Today, the house of representatives passed the HR 358 -- the "Protect Life [of an unborn fetus rather than the mother's] Act". According to the Bill's sponsor, Joe Pitts (R-PA), the bill serves not to further an agenda but close a loophole in the regulations that prohibit federal funds according to the Affordable Care Act. Basically, he's trying to get the federal government to withold subsidies to any private insurance company that covers abortions -- in the case that it would protect the life of the mother. The bill isn't expected to pass the Senate and/or Obama's inevitable veto, but it still raises a bit of concerns about letting women die in hospitals, under the care of doctors, to prevent abortions. Women comprise 17.2% of all Representatives in the House in the 2011-2013 cycle. This is the first time that percentage has dropped since 1979.