ROTC Recommendations

Since the return of the Reserve Officer Training Core program to a handful of universities this past spring, ROTC has become a hotly contested issue on College Hill. This week, Brown University President Ruth Simmons issued a rebuttal to calls for re-instatement:

"In my view, while there are many varying perspectives on ROTC and on Brown’s engagement with the military, two aspects of this debate emerge clearly. The first is that, consistent with its stated policy of anti-discrimination, Brown should take a stand against discrimination against transgender individuals by the military. It should do so in all the long-tested and well-recognized forms available in matters of advocacy. In that regard, it is appropriate and necessary to advance the University’s position on this issue as soon as possible. At the same time, it is just as essential that Brown recognize and accept its responsibility to support and serve the country by educating leaders for the military who understand the importance of such values to a nation that can only be held together by mutual respect and persistent attention to matters of justice and equality."

Find the full transcript here.