As Demolition Begins, Shooters Fights Back

by by Jonah Wolf

Just as the Independent's last issue went to press with Muhammad Saigol's reminiscence of the former Shooter's nightclub on the Providence waterfront, came word that the building, abandoned since 2000, would finally be demolished, after which the site will be transferred from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Environmental Management. On Tuesday, a week into demolition, and with three more to go, the Midnight Hour stopped by to get this picture of the site. That same afternoon, the Boston Globe reports, a man working on the roof fell 40 feet down the building's elevator shaft, an occurrence we interpret as the building's last stand against its assailants (if not a warning to would-be trespassers throughout the city). Of course, this isn't the first case of violence at the club, as Saigol writes:

    The club made statewide headlines in 1993, including in the Providence Journal, when there was a fatal shooting in the parking lot after an altercation between two drunken patrons. Indeed, Shooter's was never a stranger to violence; an assault charged was once filed accusing a woman of using a stiletto as a weapon in the club.