Week in Review: 2 December 2011

by by Christina McCausland & Kate Welsh

I'm At the Pizza Hut
CIA spy networks in both Iran and Lebanon have recently been compromised despite their employment of stealthy and impenetrable espionage techniques, such as using the codeword “PIZZA” to designate planned meetings with their informants at a local Pizza Hut.

On November 23, Iranian government officials announced the arrest of 12 CIA spies allegedly working to track the Iranian military and nuclear programs. This announcement followed reports that Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has close financial ties to Iran, had unraveled the CIA’s Beirut spy network.

The Associated Press reports that, along with the infiltration of two Hezbollah double agents into the CIA, the group’s spy hunters used a simple cell phone analysis to pick out the CIA’s local assets. Apparently, Beirut-based Hezbollah, described by The US State Department as “the most technically capable terrorist group in the world,” only had to use “the latest commercial software,” searching for phones used suspiciously (such as always from specific locations and only for a short period of time) in order to find the spies in their midst—meaning that the U.S. spies used easily-trackable cell phones in conspicuous patterns.

This incident was not unannounced—in June, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, announced on television that two high-ranking members of Hezbollah had been exposed as CIA spies. Anonymous American officials told the AP that, since this announcement, which was officially denied by the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon, Hezbollah has been systematically picking off the agency’s foreign informants.

In Iran, the blow to the CIA’s assets was trumpeted in May, when Iranian intelligence minister Heidar Moslehi reported that over 30 U.S. and Israeli spies had been discovered. This announcement was initially ignored, but an Iranian television program followed up by showing images of websites used by the CIA as fronts to communicate with their spies. Relations between the U.S. and Iran have been poor for decades, and the spies captured were most likely tracking Iran’s alleged development of a nuclear weapons program, a charge that Iran denies. The U.S. spies were reportedly working in concert with Israel’s Mossad and other regional agencies.

According to ABC, the CIA has lost an unusually high number of spies over the last six months. These two most recent incidents, however, appear to be the most major setbacks. While the occasional loss of assets is normal in espionage, “when you lose your entire station, either in Tehran or Beirut, that’s a catastrophe, that just shouldn’t be,” Robert Baer, a former CIA officer, told ABC. “The only way that ever happens is when you’re mishandling sources,” he added. Other former CIA officials anonymously told AP that, in the agency’s shift in focus from counterintelligence against rival spy agencies to fighting terrorists, tradecraft has suffered due to the pressure for immediate results.

Though CIA officials had been warned about the vulnerability of their Lebanon assets earlier this year, and the chief of Hezbollah operations also runs the unit that focuses on Iran, it remains to be seen if anyone will take responsibility for this debacle. The fate of the specific spies rooted out in this incident is not public knowledge, but it is likely that the U.S.-paid assets have already been or will be executed. —CM

New World Order: Aliens
Each generation gets its own world-controlling cabal. For us, it is not the Knights Templar, the Masons, International Jewry, or Communists—it is extra-terrestrials.

During South Africa’s first ever UFO Science and Consciousness conference, held on November 24 in Johannesburg, organizer Michael Tellinger said, “There’s a battle for Earth by some interesting dark forces.  All the governments in the world are puppets and instruments to implement the will of a small number of individuals.  The royal political bloodline goes back thousands of years.” According to Tellinger, this “royal political bloodline” traces the ancestry of the world’s political leaders to the beginning of human history, when they were inevitably in contact with aliens.   He insists that extraterrestrials visited the planet in search of gold about 300,000 years ago, cloned their genetic makeup, and gave rise to mankind.  Ever since, they’ve been in contact with world leaders. Aliens—much like humans—have been plundering the world for gold for many years, Tellinger explained.

Thanks to its diamonds and gold deposits, South Africa is “at the heart of this,” Tellinger told The Citizen.

“South Africa has been dubbed as the cradle of humankind and the place where all life forms began, thus the reason [South Africa] was selected as the host for the UFO Science and Consciousness Conference,” he said.  “We have scientific evidence that there was physical life before humans which [sic.] were African knowledge keepers and custodians of secret knowledge.”

Laura Eisenhower, self-proclaimed surviving alien abductee and great-granddaughter of president Dwight Eisenhower, also attended the conference.  She agreed with Tellinger, telling the crowd that “extraterrestrials have been working with governments for a while,” signing treaties with them every decade.

Bigfoot expert Lloyd Pye told the crowd about an oddly shaped skull that he believes belonged to an alien, and hypnotist Jennifer Welch showed off her crystal skulls and a jade disc. She travels the world with them, attempting to use their psychic energy to help balance forces along the 31 degree meridian.

The event was well attended by people who have experienced UFO sighting all over

South Africa, according to the New Age.  For those who wanted more of a Martian fix, when they left the conference they could buy a piece of real estate on the red planet—certificate included. —KW