Indy Enters The Tube

Today, The Indy ventured to WCBTV ABC5 Boston, to record a segment for the Sunday afternoon program Cityline (see: //

Immediately, I was led into a waiting room: think the dentist's office, but more botanical. Its amenities were inviting: free coffee, potted plants (not real ones), bronze statuettes on the shelf, and Ricky Martin on the tele. It goes without saying, I felt right at home.

From there, I was led into a second waiting room, descriptively named "The Green Room" (see: wallpaper). According to Wikipedia, the green room's origins date back to Brackfriar's Theatre in the 16th century. Typically, it's a room for performers to relax backstage. But with Christine Amanpour and Diane Sawyer glaring at you, it's hard to relax. Amanpour is probably just upset she doesn't work at ABC anymore.

Finally, I shot the interview in a plush chair across from Karen Holmes Ward, Cityline's anchor. She was kind, engaging, and even gave me a wink! (see: more famous winks -


-Malcolm Burnley B '12 is winking at you