More Riffs on RIPTA...


True: I support campus journalism; I support the expression of varying opinion; hell, I even support the BDH opinions for the most part...

False: I'm itching for editorial fisticuffs.

True: This BDH opinions piece embarrasses me as a Brown student. But mostly, it embarrasses me as a RIPTA rider.

True: I rely on RIPTA for reporting in Providence, for getting groceries, for reaching Central Falls + Pawtucket, and for shooting through the Thayer Street tunnel when I'm low on time. To prove my RIPTA-cred, I can recite Bus 42, 99, and 92's schedule (holidays included)  by heart.

False: There is such a thing as "bus culture," as told in the BDH: "bus culture is an easy and accessible way to become exposed to Providence's downtrodden reality." (trust me, you can achieve this through simple plain-ole  hominid culture?)

True: I think we should all ride buses. They improve our green footprint, they are convenient, and as opposed to his claims, they are generally on time.

False: One bus ride will transform your world awareness (at least, it shouldn't)

True: One bus ride might be an adventure. I give you...