"Analyst" Gen. McCaffrey Hypes Iran War to NBC in Private Briefing

Glenn Greenwald posted an excellent article today about the continuing role of Pentagon staff members trained in shaping media narratives.  General Barry McCaffrey, it seems, has been using his military status for profit by lobbying for defense contractors and promoting the military machine, sticking his name behind arms manufacturers with as few scruples as Peyton Manning in an Oreos ad.  Greenwald and the super sleuths at Salon acquired a PowerPoint which the honorable General presented to a group of NBC executive entitled: "Iran, Nukes & Oil: The Gulf Confrontation." Sounds informative! Check out slide 3: "Iran and the Gulf: Creeping Toward War."  I like this title scheme.  Could someone with editorial of authority please change the title of this piece to "Greed and Scumbaggery: Reasons We Will Never Not Be At War?" Seriously though, the slides predict "a significant probability of Iranian escalation in the coming 90 days," while also reassuring everyone that the United States is already moving warships to the Gulf to ensure peace.  In the event of confrontation, Israel's "forced option would be pre-emptive nuclear strike." The Power Point at once shows the Iranian forces as threatening and inept, warning that "Iranian miscalculation" could lead to a "major military confrontation," while assuring us that the U.S.A. is still the best ("Bottom Line: capable of destroying Iranian air and naval power and nuclear facilities in a six month campaign.") There's even a slide entitled "The Powerful US Global Economy" and a poll that shows Americans trust the Military more than any other institution. Ooh-rah.