by by Rebecca Lebowitz

illustration by by Rebecca Levinson

RISD students once again proved their innovation and imaginative genius, this time with the recognition of creative directors at the Gap.

This past Friday, the Gap's 54th and 55th rotating concept store began selling one-of-a-kind cardigans designed by RISD students and faculty. The San Francisco-based superstore, known for its classic, versatile and practical clothing, made an inspired choice by asking thirty apparel designers to rethink the simple cardigan, giving it a high-fashion edge, and, of course, each artist's own flair.
"We are thrilled to be working with this nationally acclaimed design school and are impressed with the designs the students created," said Ivy Ross, executive vice president, Gap Marketing, in a press release. "Fashion is meant to spark the imagination, and these truly original cardigans express the creativity and individual styles of a very talented group of up-and-coming young designers and artists."
The cardigans will be sold from February 27 until March 22--if they don't sell out by then, that is. And once they do, it can only be assumed that RISD's Benefit Street open market will be only more packed with visitors pushing through the crowd, in search of a RISD artifact.
There's more than $10,000 in a bag lost somewhere in the Blackstone River, and the man who left it there just got sentenced to ten years in jail. Alvin Murray stole the money from a Sovereign Bank in Cumberland last June. He handed a note to the teller that read: "Give me at least $10,000 or I'll blow your face off. After reading hand me back the note." A subsequent police chase ended with Murray diving into the Blackstone River. He didn't manage to escape. He did, however, manage to lose the bag full of money.
All that money is still unaccounted for. But any treasure seekers looking to dive in and take a shot at the $10,000 prize should know that the Blackstone River Coalition, a nonprofit group, reports that "the Blackstone River has come a long way, but, it is still not considered safe to swim in the River or to consume fish from the River. However, it is safe for canoeing and kayaking."
Substances found in high concentrations in the Blackstone River include fecal coliform bacteria, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and several heavy metals. The Blackstone is currently classified as a Class C river, "suitable only for boating and other secondary contact recreation" according to researchers at the University of Rhode Island.
If Class C rivers aren't your thing, there're plenty of landlubbing ways to get some quick cash. During episode 416 of NBC's "Fear Factor," couples completed a challenge where the girlfriend lay in a glass coffin filled with 400 rats while her boyfriend attempted to remove ten chicken's feet from the tank using only his mouth. The winning couple received an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. Modified car enthusiasts have been volunteering to be permanently tattooed with Dunlop Tires' logo since 2005, the International Herald Tribune reports, in exchange for a set of tires worth between $500 and $1000 dollars. And 22-year-old Natalie Dylan recently put her virginity up for auction. The top bid as of press time is $3.7 million. A quick dip in the Blackstone doesn't sound so bad at all.