by by Bess Kalb

Kaitlin, 9, Kyla, 5 and Jon
BK: Why are you here today?
Kyla: I don't know.
Jon: You did in the car.
Kaitlin: To lower taxes.
Jon: It's going to be them that bears the brunt of this.
Kaitlin: In the future.


Evan, 8, Marina, 9 and Vera, 4

BK: Is that Barney Frank?
Evan: No.
Marina: Yes.
BK: How do you guys feel about the job he's doing?
Marina: Bad.
Evan: I don't know.
Mother: If it were up to Barney Frank, Evan, you'll start your life in debt.
Evan: That's why we're protesting.
Marina: And term limits.
George MaCauley
BK: Does that sign reflect your mood today?
George: I'm mad as hell, and I'm not about to take it anymore.
Dan Forbes, "No Relation" (Brown '97)
BK: You don't fit in here.
Dan: I'm a financial planner.
BK: Do you protest much?
Dan: Never. I've never gone protesting before.
BK: Why today?
Dan: I came to observe.
BK: You left the office at three in the afternoon.
Dan: I have a lot in common with these guys. We want the same thing, basically.
BK: What's that?
Dan: We want to better our financial situation. We've all got kids to send to school.

Aviva, 11 and Isabelle, 8

Bess Kalb: What brings you out here today?
Aviva: The big stimulus.
BK: How do you feel about the stimulus?
Aviva: It's not making me happy.
Isabelle: Obama is not making me happy.

Victoria, "10th-grader"

Sign reads, "How Do You Like the Change So Far?"
BK: What kind of change would you like to see?
Victoria: I like change in general.
BK: What's wrong with change so far?
Victoria: I didn't make this sign. My friend did.
BK: Why are you holding it?
Victoria: The blue, see? (holds it to her shirt)
BK: Oh. It's the same color.
Victoria: I'm gonna go protest now.

Emily, 8 and Samuel, 10

BK: Why are you here?
Mother: To oppose Obama's trillion dollar budget. To cut the pork.
Samuel: For the pork.
BK: How do you feel about pork spending?
Samuel: I like pork.
Mother: No you don't. We don't like excess spending.
Samuel: I do. I like pork.
Mother: He's thinking about the pork you eat.
Samuel: I'm thinking about the pork you eat.

Philip, 4, Anne, 7 and Alexander, 9

BK: Your parents seem to be British.
Alexander: They're from England.
BK: This protest is modeled on the Boston Tea Party, when Americans ransacked British ships carrying tea.
Alexander: I don't think so.
Father: It's true. But we're over it.
Anne: I'm American but they're not.

Walter Thierfelder

BK: You're in Colonial garb.
Walter: Yes. I'm a militiaman.
BK: Why are you dressed like a militiaman today?
Walter: I've worn this for 25 years. I also wear armor.
BK: Could you expand on that?
Walter: I'm not dressed like a militiaman. I am in the Rhode Island Militia. Came out here to show support as our rights are slipping away. I'm very angry that our politicians aren't listening to us.
BK: Do you own a musket?
Walter: Several! For ceremonial arms parades.
BK: Oh. What's your rank?
Walter: I'm a Colonel as you can see.
BK: I see you're a decorated Vietnam veteran.
Walter: I served in the airforce back in the 1960s. Different ballgame.