Aim for the Stars

Yelp Reviewers Take On Providence

by Jamie Packs, Shane Potts & Kim Sarnoff

published November 13, 2015

Yelp is the democratic scream. Rate the restaurant, the local record store, the dental hygienist. People love your advice—from Yelp, we know that. That you and the world embed in each other, your words fly through each other. The relationships grow more robust each day—you log on, the economist checks the dataset, it’s growing, the data starts speaking. You log on, you’re putting the economist out of business. How is the dental hygienist with the gum pick? You know that. Where’s the record store? The economist knows you know that. We all sink and rise into each other’s webs. When you think where to go—your mental voice—it is now the voices of Yelp. 

Yelp speaks for the city, too. She wants to impress you with her sewer songs, building hum, her street give. And if she gives enough, vibrations run from concrete to feet, to your heart to your brain, where the shouts and songs are stored. And you shout out on Yelp, the songs she moved through you.


Rhode Island State House (4.5 Stars)

Providence City Hall (3.5 Stars)

Providence Public Library (3.5 Stars)

Waterfire (4 Stars)

Swan Point Cemetary (4.5 Stars)

Providence Train Station (3.5 Stars)

Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles (2.5 Stars)

City of Providence (4 Stars)