You Know How This Is

by Gabrielle Hick

published September 18, 2015

into the slow bend of an S-curve summer you bleed more lonely than you thought you would if you could ask Escher to draw out the calendar of your lives so that those histories might meet somewhere in the middle of the night you watch nervous people fill a hollow with their bodies of water fold your body into the shapes your muscles call out to a distance much greater than one day you swim to the ocean to stay afloat someone tells you when all you want to do is lie down deep dark into a field of grass without bending it a life is long and brittle you know that when someone tells you never love anything too much that some mouths are meant to be voids are the echoes between godwords tall words like sea sun salt highways and crawling into the beginning you imagine this must be how it feels to be hungry is an unsolvable problem when you begin again and again falling into the slow bend